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Saris | Mtr Hitch Rack Add-On | Black | 2 Bike Add-On

$452.00 30% off $649.99 msrp

Saris MTR Hitch Rack Add-On The Saris MTR Hitch Rack has been designed with versatility at its core, the MTR (modular tray rack) can transport a variety of bikes and can be easily customizable with add-on trays to bring your whole collection of shredders or ride-share with friends. Each MTR rack is built from American-made steel and aluminum for maximum durability. Roomy wheel trays swallow bike tires up to 5 inches wide for a stable ...


Thule | Helium Platform Xt Hitch Rack | Silver | 2 Bike | Rubber

$679.96 22% off $879.95 msrp

Thule Helium Platform XT Hitch Rack Introducing the Thule Helium Platform XT Hitch Rack, a premium hitch rack designed for easy transport of one or two bikes. This rack is available in on eor two-bike configuartions and leaves ten inches between the bikes on the two-bike model to avoid bike-to-bike contact. Metal wheel trays hold the bikes secure, and folding and adjustable arms grip your bike by both tires with a rubber-coated arm, securing your ...


Thule | Helium Pro 2 Bike Itch Rack | Black | 2 Bike | Rubber

$383.96 20% off $479.95 msrp

Thule Helium Pro 2 Bike Hitch Rack A Rack That's Ultra-Light Hitch racks don't always have to weigh a ton. If you're looking for a durable hitch rack and is lightweight, then you'll want the Thule Helium Pro 2 Bike Hitch Rack. At only 19 pounds, the Helium Pro 2 is one of the lightest racks out there. It features 7" of spacing between bikes, has superior bike stability and fit with an integrated anti-sway ...