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Rockshox | High Pressure Fork & Shock Pump Hp Suspension Pump

$34.99 27% off $48.00 msrp

Rockshox High Pressure Fork & Shock Some of the current rear shock offerings on the market, such as the Rockshox Boxxer World Cup, require an air pressure above 300psi. The Rockshox High Pressure Fork and Shock pump, which is capable of reaching up to 600psi, is purpose built to meet these requirements. It has a rotating hose which can make getting to the valve and putting the gauge in a good line of site much ...


Lezyne | Digital Shock Drive Pump Black/gold


Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump raising the bar in pump technology The Digital Shock Drive sets new standards in shock pump technology with precision and portability. It features an exceedingly compact and lightweight aluminum construction with a cleverly integrated hose that threads into the handle while stored. Highlighting the Digital Shock Drive is the ultra low-profile digital gauge that's built into the pump's aluminum body. This unique and innovative design keeps the pump extremely ...


Specialized | Air Tool Shock Pump Black


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL SHOCK PUMPPrecise inflation Keeping your suspension pumped up properly will maximize your riding efficiency and performance. If your suspension is pumped up too high or not enough, it will hinder your performance. The Specialized Air Tool Shock Pump is a high-pressure pump that fills up shocks quickly and precisely. It has a flexible hose that is shock-oil resistant. It has a compact design so it's easy to take along with you on ...


Foundation | Digital Mini/shock Pump Black | Rubber

$30.24 20% off $37.80 msrp

Foundation Digital Mini/Shock Pump Convenience plus quality The perfect riding pump to throw in your bag or strap to your bike. The Foundation Digital Mini/Shock Pump is a convenient shock and tire pump that features a digital LCD display and is made out of durable 6063 aluminum alloy. Digital Mini/Shock Pump has a double function for inflating tires or suspensions and comes with a presta adaptor. A micro adjust button allows you to precisely find ...


Foundation | Dual Chamber Mini Bike Pump Black


Foundation Dual Chamber Mini Bike Pump Small and compact in design, frame pumps are designed to be mounted or strapped to your bike’s frame and readily available in the event of a flat tire when out on the trail. The Foundation dual chamber Mini Bike Pump features an CNC machined aluminum body, a compact length, and a lightweight construction. The dual chamber design allows for a larger stroke volume, making inflating your tires a breeze. ...


Fox Racing Shox | Digital Pump W/ Bleed 350 Psi Long Swivel Head


Fox Digital Shock Pump w/ Bleed Precision pressure adjustment The Fox Digital Shock Pump w/Bleed Button is the perfect accessory for your favorite Fox shock or other brand of suspension component. This shock pump features a whopping max of 350 PSI, allowing it to achieve the higher max pressures available for certain rear shocks (including the Fox DPX2). While achieving the higher pressure is great, knowing the exact PSI for your shock is essential in ...


Specialized | Air Tool Uhp Pump Polished


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL UHP PUMPInflate rear shocks in seconds Suspension can be a complicated thing. If you have your suspension pumped up too much or not enough, then your bike won't ride as efficiently as it can. The Specialized Air Tool UHP Pump is designed for ultra high-pressure suspension and goes up to 300 PSI ten times faster than regular shock pumps. It features a two-stage head with a micro air bleed for setting the ...