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Microshift | Bar End Shifters 2/3 X 10 Speed Shimano Road

$88.99 14% off $103.95 msrp

Microshift Bar End Shifters Microshift Bar End Shifters are versatile for lots of your bike builds, from vintage restores, to modern time trial rigs, to retro cyclocross builds. The 9-speed black and silver pair would look great on my 1980 Fuji, just saying. Microshift shifers work with Shimano and Shimano compatible drivetrains. The micro-indexed front on both these shifter options works with double or triple cranksets. The 9 speed option is indexed or friction 9 ...


SRAM | Aero SL-500 Bar End Shifters 11SPD 11 Speed Front/Rear Friction | Aluminum


SRAM Aero SL-500 11 Speed Bar End Shifter Set The SRAM Aero SL-500 11 Speed Bar End Shifter Set delivers exceptional performance in a bar-end style. As a long-standing option for road bike shifting, the bar-end shifter is accepted by cyclists across the cycling spectrum for its simplicity and classic style. The SL-500's Bar End's shifting blades are made from a lightweight alloy for long-wearing dependability and precise shifting performance. An optimized ergonomic shape optimizes ...


Shimano | Bs79 10-Speed Bar End Shifters | Silver | 10 Speed, Double or Triple


Shimano Dura-Ace BS79 10 Speed Bar End Shifters The bar-end shifter is a timeless staple in the cycling world. Its simple, yet precise design gives the rider exceptional drivetrain control and looks damn good too! From the retrogrouch to the time-trialist, the bar-end shifter has a place across the spectrum of cyclists worldwide. Shimano's Dura-Ace BS79 10 Speed Bar End Shifters continue Shimano's spotless reputation for manufacturing top-tier modern bar-end shifters. The BS79 shifter is ...


Shimano | SL-Bs77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters 9SP, Works with Double/Triple


Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End ShiftersReady To ShiftWhether you're building up a brand new touring bike or you're replacing your old bar-end shifters, you'll want to get the best bar-end shifters around. The Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters are compatible with double or triple-chainring cranksets. The right shifter is friction compatible and both shifters include cables, housing, and mounts. Friction-toggle right leverFD/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road Double, Mountain Triple, ...


Microshift | Right Bar End Shifter 9 Advent 9-Speed, ADVENT Compatible Only

$48.99 9% off $53.99 msrp

Microshift Right Bar End Shifter 9 AdventA mix of classic and modern techMicroSHIFT’s Bar End Advent shifter pairs the classic shifting of bar end technology with modern wide-range cassettes and derailleurs. It delivers reliable 9-speed shifting at the push of a lever. Support for both an index and friction mode allows you to tune the shifter while the unique torque bolt lets you adjust the shift effort to fit your preference. Of course this wouldn’t ...


Microshift | 10-Speed Bar End Shifters 10Speed , Shimano Mountain

$88.99 25% off $119.99 msrp

Microshift 10-SPEED MTN Bar End Shifters MicroShift Bar End Shifters are just what the minimalist ordered! These low-profile thumb shifters are perfect for everything from your retro-inspired townie build to a bikepacking rig built to withstand the apocalypse. Simple operation and a classy, straightforward aesthetic are matched with efficient performance and the versatility of switching between friction or indexed shifting (for the rear shifter). The front shifter operates in a micro ...