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Knog | Oi Bell Large Brushed Silver


Knog Oi Luxe Bell LargeKnog set out to create a bike bell that looked clean and sounded incredible. The result was the Oi Luxe Bike Bell. The Oi Luxe bell features a low-profile design that wraps around the handlebar. If you’re not looking for it, you might not even notice it on a pair of handlebars. You are currently looking at the large-sized Oi Luxe bell which fits on mountain and road bike handlebars near ...


Knog | Oi Large Bell Brass


Knog Oi Large Bell Insert catchy disco lyrics about €˜ringing bells' here Does somebody want to tell Knog their "Large" bell isn't very large? Eh forget it. Why kill their dreams? But if you want a bell with a large and beautiful ring, we've got just the thing. Not only does this Large little bell produce an angelic pitch, but it's also sleek and unobtrusive. It also has slots for convenient cable routing, and it's ...


Mirrycle | Incredibell Bellini Bell Black


The Bellini is the smallest bell around and features the same rotating dinger as the Original Incredibell. Dome Diameter: 33mm (1. 3") Fits handlebars with 21mm - 22. 6mm (. 83" - . 89") outside diametersp> | Mirrycle | Incredibell Bellini Bell Black


Lezyne | Classic Brass Bell | Black | Medium


Lezyne classic brass bellDing Ding, here I come! Politely alert fellow riders, pedestrians, and vehicles to your presence with the distinctive ring of the Lezyne Classic Brass Bell. This classic, compact design is made from high-polished brass, mounted to a machined aluminum base. A simple O-ring attaches the bell to a variety of tube sizes and shapes, elegantly complementing all styles of bikes. FeaturesSharp, definitive, loud ringHigh polished brass with aluminum baseO-ring mounting ...


Lezyne | Classic Brass Bell - HM Black/Black


Lezyne Classic Brass BellComing through! Let other riders and walkers know you are there with the Lezyne Classic Brass Bell. Whether you are taking precautions around a blind corner or trying to pass those walkers who take up the whole trail, the classic brass bell is the perfect tool for the job. This small but mighty bell lets out an impressive ring with its brass bell and striker. The aluminum base mounts to any bar ...


Mirrycle | Incredibell Omnibell Silver


The Omnibell has an adjustable band clamp. Its ingeniously designed dinger can be rotated to any position. This gives you flexibility in mounting the bell anywhere on your handlebar, making it very convenient to use either your thumb or another finger to ring the bell. Dome Diameter: 34mm (1. 34") Fits handlebars with 22mm - 31. 8mm (. 87" to 1. 25") outside diameters. | Mirrycle | Incredibell Omnibell Silver