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Black 1 1/8 Inch Fork


Surly | Disc Trucker 700C Fork | Black | 1 1/8", 9Mm | Steel


SURLY DISC TRUCKER 700C FORKJUST KEEP TRUCKIN'Disc brakes are a wonderful thing. They perform better in wet conditions and can dissipate heat better than rim brakes. The Surly Disc Trucker 700c Fork is a 100% Cro Moly steel fork with curved blades and has disc brake mounts. It features extensive mounting options with threaded eyelets in four locations. This is so you can mount racks and fenders on your bike with ease. The fork has ...


Surly | Cross Check Fork 700C 1-1/8" | Black | 700C, 1 1/8" W/ Mid-Blade Eyelets | Steel


Surly Cross Check Fork Made for touring, the Cross Check fork has room for 700c x 45mm tires and fenders. The ultra strong 4230 Cro Moly steel absorbs the small bumps of the road. Surly incorporated fender eyelets at the dropouts, cantilever brake pivots, and through- leg mid- blade eyelets for mounting a rack. Axle to Crown: 400mm Rake: 44mm Steerer: 300mm Weight: 2. 3 lbs | Surly | Cross Check Fork 700C 1-1/8" | ...