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Black 150 Mm Saddle


WTB | Rocket Chromoly Saddle | Black | 150mm


WTB ROCKET CHROMOLY SADDLEOh no no no I'm a rocket manWhether you're cruising the trails, exploring the gravel roads, or bombing down the mountains, you're going to want a comfortable saddle underneath you. The WTB Rocket Chromoly Saddle is a highly versatile saddle designed for gravel, cross country, trail, enduro, and bikepacking. It features a narrow nose and midsection that means no chafing on those longer rides and it has thick padding and a swooped ...


Sqlab | 611 Ergowave Cro-Mo Saddle | Black | 150mm Wide X 280mm Long, Cro-Mo Rails

$89.99 10% off $99.99 msrp

SQLAB 611 ERGOWAVE CRO-MO SADDLEDOING THE WAVEWhether you're cruising the bike paths or shredding the trails, you'll want to have a saddle that matches your body and style of riding. With the right saddle, you'll be able to ride farther, faster, and more comfortably. The SQLab 611 Ergowave Cro-Mo Saddle is designed for off-road riding. The wave-like shape and raised rear section provide perfect rearward support and optimal pressure distribution. The saddle also features padding ...


WTB | Volt Titanium Saddle | Black | 142mm


WTB VOLT TITANIUM SADDLEHIGH VOLTAGE! Perhaps one of the most popular WTB saddle in the bike world, the Volt is built for a variety of riding styles including gravel, cross country, trail, enduro, and bikepacking. The WTB Volt Titanium Saddle is shaped for speed and comfort. It features medium padding thickness and subtle curves as well as an upward curved tail and gentle drop to the nose that provides something to push against while pedaling. ...


Sqlab | 611 Ergowave Carbon Saddle | Black | 130mm Wide X 280mm Long, Carbon Rails

$179.99 10% off $199.99 msrp

SQLAB 611 ERGOWAVE CARBON SADDLELIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLEThere are numerous benefits to having the proper saddle on your bike while you're riding. If you have a saddle that fits your body and riding style, then you'll be able to ride farther and ride more comfortably with less fatigue and pain. The SQLab 611 Ergowave Carbon Saddle is designed for off-road cycling and perfectly meets the demands of all-mountain and enduro riders. It features a wave-like shape ...