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Black 2.6 Inch Tire


Pirelli | Scorpion Enduro R 29" Tire | Black | 2.6" | Rubber

$52.59 41% off $89.90 msrp

Pirelli Scorpion Enduro R 29" Tire The Pirelli Scorpion Enduro R 29" Tire features a medium profile tread design with added traction and reliability for uncompromising performance over a variety of terrains. Smart GRIP Compound is an advanced compound developed using motorsport experience The tread on Pirelli Scorpion Enduro R 29" Tire was developed for use on the same wide range of terrains as the Scorpion™ Enduro M. The Scorpion™ Enduro R is the perfect ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhr Ii 27.5X2.6" Tires 2.6, Dc/exo/tr | Rubber

$75.75 25% off $101.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHR II 27. 5 X 2. 6" Tire One of the highest regarded tires in MTBThe Maxxis Minion DHR II welcomes the intense conditions and daunting terrain of trail riding. Borrowing the same side knob design from the Minion DHF, the Minion DHR II has widened them for more support and unrivaled cornering capacity. Where the DHF features channeled knobs for better traction, the DHR II's ramped knobs were designed to improve acceleration ...


Pirelli | Scorpion Enduro S 29" Tire 2.6", Black

$52.59 41% off $89.90 msrp

Pirelli Scorpion Enduro S 29" Tire The Aggressive Enduro Tire Tires play a significant role in your performance and ride quality. With the right tires, you'll be able to conquer any terrain. The Pirelli Scorpion Enduro S 29" Tire is designed for extreme and loose conditions, from dry loam to sticky mud. It has a tall profile and widely spaced tread pattern that cuts into and grips any kind of loose or soft terrain. The ...


Specialized | Butcher Grid Trail 2Br T9 29" Tire | Black | 2.3" | Rubber

$52.00 13% off $60.00 msrp

Specialized Butcher GRID Trail 2BR T9 29" Tire Slice through some single-track with the Specialized Butcher Grid Trail 2BR T9 29" Tire. Designed for aggressive trail to downhill riding, the Butcher GRID features a profile similar to the Maxxis DHR2 with wide center blocks that dig in hard under braking and acceleratingand large cornering knobs. GRID Trail technology provides sidewall protection from pinch flats and features additional bead-to-bead protection and sidewall stiffness for ...


Continental | Mountain King V2 27.5" Tire 2.3" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / Tr


CONTINENTAL MOUNTAIN KING V2 27. 5" TIREThe type of tire you're using while mountain biking can either positively or negatively affect your performance. Different tread patterns will perform better or worse depending on the terrain you're riding. The Continental Mountain King V2 is designed for riding in hilly terrain and is perfect for mountain bike touring. The tread pattern features a continuous central tread and grippy outer lugs that provide superior grip. It works best ...


Schwalbe | Nobby Nic 29" Tire 29"x2.6", Performance

$61.38 7% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 29” Tire The Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 29” Tire is a popular trail and all-mountain tire that features Schwalbe’s performance line Addix compound. Featuring moderately large center blocks in a unique, alternating tread pattern, the Nobby Nic throws down loads of traction in various terrains and It’s large shoulder lugs provide excellent cornering abilities. The Addix performance compound offers loads of grip and traction and is exceptionally ...


Wtb | Vigilante 27.5" Tire | Black | 27.5X2.5", Tcs Light Hg, 60Tpi, Tritec, Sg2 | Nylon

$78.95 10% off $87.95 msrp

WTB Vigilante 27. 5" Tire A versatile tire that is confident in a variety of terrains. The WTB Vigilante 27. 5" Tire has an aggressive tread pattern, with medium-height knobs, siping on all tread, and a mud shedding design, the Vigilante is an all-mountain and enduro machine. The WTB Vigilante 29" Tire was designed with tightly spaced cornering knobs that bite into corners and a spaced out and balanced center tread maintains the traction. It ...


Specialized | Eliminator Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T9 29" Tire 29"x2.3"

$52.00 25% off $69.99 msrp

Specialized Eliminator Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T9 29" Tire Well-Balanced Tread Pattern When it comes to enduro riding, you'll want tires that can handle it all. You'll need a tire that can accelerate fast, corner well, and handle loose terrain. The Specialized Eliminator GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9 29" Tire features a tread that combines an aggressive block design with a well-balanced tread pattern. Its transition knobs help bridge the traditional channel between the center ...


Teravail | Kessel 29 Tire | Tan | 29"x2.4", Durable Casing, Tubeless | Rubber

$63.75 25% off $85.00 msrp

TERAVAIL KESSEL 29" TIREDOING YOUR RIDE IN LESS THAN TWELVE PARSECSWhen you're riding in the dirt, the type of tires you use play a significant role in your performance. The tread pattern will affect your ride quality and traction. The Teravail Kessel 29" Tire is an aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro tire. It features tall, angular lugs, an open tread pattern, and dual-compound rubber that work together for exceptional grip on loose, technical terrain. With ...


Schwalbe | Johnny Watts 29 Tire 2.35" Per, Double Defence, Raceguard Addix

$45.94 30% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Johnny Watts 29 Tire The Schwalbe Johnny Watts 29 Tire is like no other. It unites smooth rolling on hard ground with longevity and puncture protection. It also features a versatile tread for a wide range of use from asphalt to off-road. The blocks feature large contact areas for excellent rolling, little vibration and high durability. These features make the Schwalbe Johnny Watts 29 Tire steady and forgiving cornering behavior on hard ground, which ...