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Black 42 Cm Drop Handlebar


Ritchey | Comp Butano Drop Handlebar | Black | 42cm, 31.8, 118mm drop, 73mm reach | Aluminum


RITCHEY COMP BUTANO DROP HANDLEBARTHE STANDARDWhether you're building a new bike or you're looking for some extra comfort, you should look at a good set of handlebars. Handlebars play a significant role when it comes to your riding comfort. The Ritchey Comp Butano Drop Handlebar is the standard for which Ritchey performance is based on. They are race-worthy components that are priced for casual cyclists. The Butano is a short and shallow compact flared drop ...


Surly | Truck Stop Drop Handlebar | Black | 48cm, 31.8, Aluminum


Surly Truck Stop Drop HandlebarKeep on Truckin’Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, the Surly Truck Stop Drop Handlebar is ready for whichever type of riding you want to get into. The bar offers multiple hand positions and 30mm of rise which will put you in a nice comfortable upright position. The three different width options will give all riders an option that is comfortable for their shoulder width. Features30mm of rise is great for tall riders ...


Ritchey | Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar | Black | 44cm, 31.8mm, 65mm reach, 80mm drop | Aluminum


Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop HandlebarThe Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar is a ground breaking handlebar with a super wide 36° drop flare. Aside from the unmatched ergonomic comfort and stability afforded by this wide flare, it also allows for plenty of space for handlebar packs. When riding in the drops, the Beacon doubles down on comfort with a very shallow 80mm drop and a shorter than usual reach. The Evo-style top section offers broad support ...


ENVE | Aero Road Bar Compact Drop | Black | 40cm


ENVE Aero Road Bar Compact DropThe ENVE Aero Road Bar Compact Drop is an aerodynamically optimized road handlebar that features compatibility with the latest electronic groupsets. Its aerodynamics have been proven in wind tunnel tests to be a fast set of handlebars that also aids the rider effortlessly achieve an optimized aerodynamic riding position. It also features a unique compact geometry, thoughtful ergonomics, and ENVE’s Integrated Bar End Plugs which give it a clean finish. ...


Spank | Wing 12 Vibrocore Drop Bar 44cm Width, 12mm Flare | Aluminum

$103.99 20% off $129.99 msrp

Spank Wing 12 Vibrocore Drop BarVibrocore finally hits the dropsSpank originally created their Vibrocore Technology to give their aluminum mountain bike bars the same ride characteristics of more expensive and stiffer carbon bars. Besides from their alloy bars with Vibrocore coming in at a lower price point for their customers than carbon bars, Spank also doesn’t create any carbon products because they believe that components shouldn’t be made from not recyclable materials. We think that’s ...