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Black 42 Cm Handlebar


Zipp | Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar | Beyond Black | 44 CM, 31.8, A1 | Aluminum

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ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL-70 XPLR HANDLEBARALL ROADS LEAD TO COMFORTAn often overlooked component when it comes to your hand comfort is the type of handlebars you use. Handlebars come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with some feeling more comfortable than others. The Zipp Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar is designed for gravel, dirt, tarmac, or whatever you want to ride. They are made from lightweight and durable 7050 aluminum and have shallow and ...


Fi'zi:k | Cyrano R3 Bull Aluminum Handlebar | Black | 44 cm

$89.99 10% off $100.00 msrp

Fizik Cyrano R3 Bull Aluminum Handlebar Fizik is a brand that represents the competitive fire that burns deep within each and every one of ourselves. Whether you're racing at the local pro circuit or a cycling enthusiast commuting from point A to point B. We all have that competitive edge that makes us push ourselves beyond our limits from time to time. With its new line-up of performance oriented components, Fizik's revolutionary spine concept guideline ...


Ritchey | Comp Venturemax Handlebar | Black | 42cm | Aluminum


Ritchey comp Venturemax Handlebar Don't let the odd shape throw you off, the Ritchey Venturemax Handlebar was made for adventure. It features a bio-bend design that is intended to ride wider than typical drop bars and provides multiple hand positions for increased comfort and control. The VentureMax is just as applicable on a cross country tour as on cross country singletrack. There's definitely a unique look and feel to this bar. Features Evo sweep of ...


Zipp | Service Course SL-88 Handlebar | Beyond Black | 42cm, 31.8 | Aluminum


ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL-88 HANDLEBARA TRADITIONAL ROAD RACER'S BARThe handlebar you use while you're riding plays a significant role in your comfort and performance. With the right handlebar, you'll be able to ride farther with less pain. The Zipp Service Course SL-88 Handlebar has a longer 88mm reach and a deeper 130mm drop. It also features a 14° ramp angle that provides a smooth transition to the brake hoods. The bars are made of 7050 ...


Specialized | Expert Alloy Handlebar | Black | 44cm | Aluminum


Specialized Expert Shallow Alloy HandlebarPerformance and comfortThe Expert Shallow Handlebar is a premium aluminum bar ideal for smaller hands or riders who spend most of their time climbing. The bars feature an ergonomic top perch with smooth transitions to alleviate pressure on your hands and improve comfort. The 2015 butted aluminum construction is light, strong, and durable and the forward-facing section of bar is optimized for dual cable routing. The Shallow bars are compatible with ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.9 24F Carbon Drop Handlebar | Black | 40cm, 31.8mm, 24 Degree Flare


WHISKY NO. 9 24F CARBON DROP HANDLEBARA MODERN RACING STYLED DROP BARCarbon fiber is a wonderful material that is lightweight, durable, and helps reduce vibrations. It can easily be woven into any shape, so you can have carbon wheels, bars, and a frame. The Whisky No. 9 24F Carbon Drop Handlebar is designed to reduce vibrations, which helps reduce your hand fatigue. They are equally at home on pavement, gravel, or a cyclocross course. They ...


Ritchey | Comp ErgoMax Drop Handlebar | Black | 44cm, 31.8, 128mm drop, 73mm reach | Aluminum


Ritchey Comp ErgoMax Drop HandlebarThe Ritchey Comp ErgoMax Drop Handlebar enjoys a rich history of handlebar design and development and combines it with the modern demands of discerning riders who enjoy riding varying surfaces. It’s designed to enhance control and comfort when riding along loose surfaces and is ideal for gravel riding since it places the hands in a wider, more stable position while in the drops. The Ergomax handlebar also features drops with a ...