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Wolf Tooth Components | Headset | Black | Oxide Bearing 52mm 36x45 Fits 1 1/2"


Wolf Tooth Headset Black Oxide BearingReplace the bearings in your Wolf Tooth headset and enjoy precise steering and control. The Wolf Tooth Headset Black Oxide Bearing is made from chromium steel for durability and has a black oxide coating for corrosion resistance. This bearing fits 1 ½” steerer tubes and has a 52mm outer diameter. FeaturesMade from chromium steel Black Oxide coating reduces corrosion52mm outer diameter Cartridge Bearing Angle: 36x45 Fits 1 1/2" steerer tubes ...


AheadSet | Semi-Cartridge Bearing 1-1/8" | Black | 1-1/8"

$10.99 21% off $14.00 msrp

Aheadset Semi-Cartridge Bearing 1-1/8" Aheadset was spawned with one goal in mind; minimize the number of unique parts in order to maximize interchangeability among headset configurations. To accomplish this, Aheadset created a certain commonality amongst parts, making the Aheadset system adaptable to a number of unique headset configurations. From traditional models to ZeroStack for threaded or threadless 1" or 1 1/8" models, the Aheadset system features 21 unique parts that enable 11 ...


Wheels Manufacturing | PF30 to Shimano BB | Black | PF30 to 24mm, Abec-3 Std Bearing


Wheels Manufacturing PF30 to Shimano BBInstall 24mm Shimano cranks into PF30 frames without an adapter with the Wheels Manufacturing PF30 to Shimano Bottom Bracket. The threaded design equates to easy installation, removal, and maintenance. Choose from Enduro ABEC 3 Seals bearings or Enduro ZER Ceramic Hybrid bearings options. Both have dual silicone VV seals which will ensure a long life of service and are the lowest drag seal available on the market today. Features:Weight: 153g ...


Chris King | ZS49 Upper Headset Bearing | Black | ZS49

$76.50 10% off $85.00 msrp

Chris King ZS49 Inset Upper Headset w/ BearingChris King designed the first sealed bearing headset in 1976. Thirty-four years later, the King headset remains a benchmark for quality. No other bicycle component can claim the precision, performance and absolute reliability of a Chris King headset. At Chris King Precision Components, they manufacture each headset in their own facility to exacting standards, using quality-at-the-source methods to minimize waste. Even the sealed, cartridge style ...


Park Tool | SBK-1 Suspension Bearing Kit Suspension Bearing Kit


Park Tool SBK-1 Suspension Bearing KitThe Park Tool SBK-1 is a professional grade suspension bearing kit that has all you need to install and remove cartridge bearings for suspension pivots. This kit includes 27 machined and hard anodized metal guides which allows for a wide range of compatibility with most bearing inner and outer diameters. The all metal construction of the bearing press makes for a durable construction and effortless use. FeaturesIncludes extractor cups/drifts for ...


Cane Creek | 40 Series Headset Bearing Kit 42mm/52mm 45X45


Cane Creek 40 Series Headset Bearing KitWorn out bearings are a major bummer. We all know this. So if you Cane Creek 40 series headset bearings are wearing out, getting dry, crunchy, or grimy, you should grab a new bearing kit. These cartridge bearings offer the signature Cane Creek smoothness and reliability. FeaturesSize 42mm/52mm 45X45Black oxide bearings sold as pairCompatible headsets Cane Creek 110, 40, and 10 Series | Cane Creek | 40 Series Headset ...


Cane Creek | 40 Series Replacement Bearing 52mm Zinc Plated, Each


Cane Creek 40 Series Replacement BearingAt some point we all need to service our headset bearings, fortunately, Cane Creek headset bearings are easy to service and replace. The replacement bearings feature a corrosion-resistant zinc-coating for longevity. The machined steel-cartridge bearings are plenty durable, ensuring countless miles of usage. Full cross-compatible throughout current and legacy product families, such as 10, 40, and 110 series headsets makes sourcing replacement parts ...


Cane Creek | Hellbender Headset Bearing 52mm


Cane Creek Hellbender Headset BearingThe Hellbender is a precision machined low-profile retrofit upgrade bearing that Cane Creek designed for their Slamset Heasets. They're designed to work well in a variety of conditions, and use a specialized waterproof grease. FeaturesWeight 19. 4-29gSize 41, 42, or 52mm | Cane Creek | Hellbender Headset Bearing 52mm


Wheels Manufacturing | PF30 to BB30 BB Blk, PF30 to BB30 Spindle, Abec Bearing


Wheels Manufacturing PressFit 30 Bottom BracketThe heart of every bottom bracket is the bearings themselves. That is why Wheels Manufacturing utilizes Enduro brand bearings in all of their PF 30 offerings. This USA bottom bracket features Enduro ABEC 3 sealed bearings with dual silicone seals to keep dirt and grime out of your bearings. They will extend the life of the bearings and reduce the need for maintenance. It is a direct replacement for SRAM, ...


ABI | Ceramic Grade 3 Sealed Bearing 6001, Llb, 12 X 28 X 8


ABI Ceramic Grade 3 Sealed Bearing Trick your ride with ceramic bearings. All measurements are in millimeters ABEC 5 precision cartridge bearing CERBEC USA Grade 3 Si3n4 Silicon Nitride balls 52100 high carbon Chromium alloy races Races receive 3 cryogenic treatments and a rust proof Magnetite finish "VV" type 2-lip non-contact Silicone labyrinth seals Nylon/graphite retainer To choose the appropriate bearings for your application, match the bearing ID number, for example, "6903" with the ...


DT Swiss | Aluminum Freehub Body Aluminum, 240/350/440, Stainless Bearing


DT Swiss Aluminum Freehub replacement for select star ratchet DT Swiss and Hugi hubs. If your cassette has mangled up your freehub body and rendered it useless here is the replacement to get you back out on your bike in no time. Features:Aluminum, 240/350/440, Standard and Stainless Bearing mountain freehubs will work for 142x12mm axles (including the 340 series hubs)Mountain freehubs accept Shimano/SRAM 8, 9, 10 Speed cassettes and Shimano Dynasys 11-Speed mountain cassettesAluminum, ...


SRAM | Predictive Steering Hub Bearing Set Qty 2 A1


SRAM Predictive Steering Hub Bearing Set The SRAM Predictive Steering Hub Bearing Set is engineered for unprecedented stiffness and precision. The large diameter TORQUE TUBE axle creates an unbreakable bond, locking the lowers in place and maximizing torsional stiffness; this stops the fork from ever shifting during the ride. It features super smooth rolling SPEEDBALL bearings that provide a lower rolling resistance and faster revolutions. Features Dedicated hub interface for the inverted ...