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Leatt | 4.5 Body Protector Pro Men's | Size Small/medium In Black


Leatt 4. 5 Body Protector Pro Protect yourself before you wreck yourself Introducing the Leatt 4. 5 Body Protector Pro, five protective guards integrated into a unique one-piece base layer with CE certified protection for the chest, back, shoulders and elbows. The chest protector is constructed using hard-shell plates layered over 3DF soft impact foam for a quality design that is comfortable and ventilated. The 2021 4. 5 Body Protector Pro features CE certified level-two ...


7Idp | Flex Youth Body Protector | Size Large/extra Large In Black


7IDP FLEX YOUTH BODY PROTECTORUnfortunately, accidents happen while your young rider is out ripping it up on the trail. There are ways to stay protected while out on the trails, and that includes wearing a body protector. The 7i DP Flex Youth Body Protector offers customizable shoulder protection with the option to carry a water bladder instead of having a spine protector in the back. It uses the same impact hardening foam that is found ...


Poc | Poc | Ito Joint Vpd Air Protector | Size Large In Uranium Black


POC POCITO JOINT VPD AIR PROTECTORUN POQUITO POCITOWhen you're out riding aggressively, you need aggressive protection. Elbow guard and knee guards are great ways to keep your joints protected in the case of an accident. The POC POCito Joint VPD Air Protector provides knee or elbow protection for children. They feature VPD Air material for protection that is also lightweight and well ventilated. The material moves easily with the body for ultimate freedom of movement ...