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Jagwire | Pro Universal Disc Brake Hose | Black | 3000Mm


Jagwire Hyflow Universal Brake Hose Jagwire Hyflow Universal Disc Brake Hose is available in colors to add a splash of style to your ride. Features One hose is long enough for use with both front and rear brakes (cut to fit) Please note: This item is one-half of a two-piece kit. You also need a Jagwire Quick-Fit kit, specific to your make/model of brakes, to make a complete set of replacement brake lines | Jagwire ...


Shimano | Sm-Bh59-Sb Disc Brake Hose | Black | 1700Mm

$34.99 20% off $43.99 msrp

Shimano SM-BH59-SB Disc Brake Hose Eventually, your hydraulic fluid will begin to wear out and will need to be replaced. Along with replacing your fluid, you should also consider replacing your hydraulic hose to keep your brakes working properly. The Shimano SM-BH59-SB Disc Brake Hose is a replacement hose for Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes. It is compatible with the BR-R785 brakes. Need Shimano Mineral Oil? Shop for it here:SHIMANO MINERAL OIL (50ml)Features Includes brake hose ...


Sram | Force 1 Hydraulic Front Disc Brake - Post Mount Left, 1X Brake Only, 950Mm Hose

$169.99 45% off $312.00 msrp

SRAM Force CX1 Hydraulic Brake The new SRAM Force CX1 groupset is a complete high-performance 1x11 cyclocross drivetrain and braking system created by blending the best of SRAM’s revolutionary XX1 mountain bike and road technologies. This phenomenal single-ring, 11-speed complete drivetrain is lighter, simpler, and tougher while offering a clean look and optimal gear selection for cyclocross. Leave the competition behind this season with a little help from SRAM FORCE CX1. Harness the power ...


Shimano | Bh90-Sb Brake Hose Kit Single | Black | Sm-Bh90-Sbls 2000Mm, Saint

$46.99 14% off $54.99 msrp

Shimano SM-BH90 Brake Hose Need a new brake line? This is a replacement Hose Kit for 2011 and newer Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes. This kit includes supplies for one brake. Need Shimano Mineral Oil? Shop for it here:SHIMANO MINERAL OILCompatible models include:XTR BR-M9000XTR BR-M9020XT BR-M8000SLX BR-M7000XTR BR-M980XTR BR-M988XTR BR-M985XT BR-M788XT BR-M785SLX BR-M675Deore BR-M615ZEE M645 (choose Saint SKU)Saint M820 (choose Saint SKU)Not all models may be listed. Check the service manual ...


Sram | Guide Hose Kit - S4 Calipers | Black | For S4 Calipers

$24.99 49% off $49.00 msrp

SRAM Guide Ultimate Hose Kit, 2016 Guide I'VE GOT HOSEHydraulic disc brakes are a wonderful thing that has revolutionized the way riders ride their bikes. Riders can ride more aggressively on and off the road and are able to push their limits. They require special hydraulic fluid and a hydraulic hose. Both of these things will wear out eventually with regular use and will require replacements. The SRAM Guide Ultimate Hose Kit is designed to ...


Shimano | Bh90-Jk-Ssr Disc Brake Hose Kit For Dura-Ace R9170 Road Disc, 1700Mm


SHIMANO BH90-JK-SSR DISC BRAKE HOSE KITSHIMANO BH90-JK-SSR Disc Brake Hose Kit includes all necessary olives, barbs, nuts and fittings. The kit can be used for either the front or rear brake. The hose will have to be trimmed down to work with the front brake. Need Shimano Mineral Oil? Shop for it here:SHIMANO MINERAL OILFeatures Genuine Shimano disc brake hose for Dura-Ace BR-R9170 disc brakes1700mm length Kits include all necessary olives, barbs, nuts and fittings. ...


Tektro | Hydraulic Brake Hose Kit | Black | 1800Mm

$26.99 10% off $29.99 msrp

Tektro Hydraulic Brake Hose Kit The Tektro Hydraulic Brake Hose Kit comes with a 1800mm brake line, two barbs, two olives, two compression nuts, and a lever cover. The kit can be used for either the front or rear brake. If you are using the kit for your front brake you will have to cut the hose length with a hydraulic line cutter. FEATURESFits Tektro Hydraulic brakes Works with front or rear brake Comes with ...


Avid | Elixir Disc Brake Hose Kit | Black | 2000Mm

$34.50 25% off $46.00 msrp

Avid Elixir Disc Brake Hose Kit Replacement hose kit for Avid Elixir disc brakes. The kit includes the brake hose, along with all the barbs, olives, and fittings you need to perform a complete replacement. Once installed, the brake will have to be bleed before it can be used. Features2 Meters in length (2000mm)Includes fittings Works with all Avid Elixir disc brakes Black or white color | Avid | Elixir Disc Brake Hose Kit | ...


Sram | Code R Disc Brake | Black | Front, 950Mm Hose, No Disc

$125.00 25% off $167.00 msrp

SRAM Code R Brakes Using SRAM's latest braking technology, the CODE R just got a facelift. With an all new, forged dual-diameter, four-piston caliper, CODE R comes through with increased power, and without compromising control or feel. With a simplified design that doesn't break the bank, CODE R maintains the CODE family values of reliability, strength, and exceedingly convenient serviceability. Now featuring the fade-free braking of Taper Bore Technology and the sleek and powerful ...


Sram | Level Ultimate Disc Brake, B1 | Black | Rear, 2000Mm Hose, B1

$199.00 30% off $285.00 msrp

SRAM Level Ultimate Disc Brake The Lightweight Heavyweight As the master of both weight and power, the SRAM Level Ultimate boasts a sleek and durable design that shed every gram it could while remaining strong and powerful. The carbon fiber lever blade offers crisp and clean pulls, and the new two-piece, two-piston caliper provides superior heat management and smooth piston actuation. The Level Ultimate gives you complete control right at your fingertips. Features Modern XC ...


Sram | Level Tlm Disc Brake, B1 | Black | Rear, 2000Mm Hose, B1

$135.00 26% off $183.00 msrp

SRAM Level TLM Disc Brake The Lightweight Heavyweight Sumo wrestler power in a marathon runners body and packed with 2015 World Mountain Bike Championship winning brake technology, SRAM Level TLM brakes have now arrived for the XC and trail oriented rider. They pack the same stopping power as the burlier DB3's but are assigned a much lighter weight class. Feel the power at your figure tips upon first squeeze in the no-nonsense approach of the ...


Sram | G2 Ultimate Disc Brake A2 | Grey | Rear, 2000Mm Hose, A2

$189.00 37% off $302.00 msrp

SRAM G2 ULTIMATE DISC BRAKE A2NOTHING HELD BACKGoing fast on the trails can be excited, but nothing is more important than being able to stop quickly and under control. Hydraulic disc brakes provide the best stopping power for your mountain bike. The SRAM G2 Ultimate Disc Brake is one of the lightest four-piston hydraulic disc brakes ever. It features more caliper stiffness and a new pad compound with bite and pivot bearings for crisp lever ...


Sram | Rival 22 Disc Brake/shifter Right 1800Mm Hose, Disc Brake, Post Mount

$239.00 27% off $331.00 msrp

SRAM Rival 22 Hydraulic Brake and Shifter SRAM's Rival group might get pushed around by its lighter, more popular older siblings from time to time, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come from the same family. Sure, it weights a little more, but performance wise, it has SRAM's legendary efficiency built into its DNA. The SRAM Rival 22 Shifter is modeled after SRAM's best-in-class Red 22 shifter. Using the same Ergo Fit design as the ...


Sram | Force Etap Axs Hrd Shift/brake Lever Front, Flat Mount, 950Mm Hose

$315.00 10% off $350.00 msrp

SRAM Force e Tap AXS HRD Shift/Brake Lever and Disc Caliper MAY THE FORCE EVER BE IN YOUR FAVORWhen SRAM Red e Tap came out, it took the cycling world by storm. Riders were able to use electronic shifting without having to worry about those silly cables and junction boxes. SRAM took it one step further with their new drivetrain. The SRAM Force e Tap AXS Hydro Groupset offers all of the advancements available, including ...


Magura | Tubing Mt 2/mt Sport/2500Mm

$47.52 20% off $59.40 msrp

Magura Hydraulic Brake Hose Too Swift On My Toes To Get Caught Up With Brake Hose Whether you're replacing old brake hoses or you're building up a fresh new ride, you'll want some good hydraulic disc brake hoses. The Magura Hydraulic Brake Hose is designed for use with the Magura MT Sport, MT2, Marta, and Louise hydraulic disc brakes. It includes all the required mounting hardware. Features For use with Magura MT Sport, MT2, Marta, ...


Sram | Disc Brake Code Silver Stealth Disc Brake Code Silver Stealth - Aluminum Lever, Stainless Hardware, Reach/contact Adj , Swinglink, Black ...


SRAM Disc Brake Code Silver Stealth 4-Piston A Sleeker, More Modern Ride Stopping power is an important part of riding a bike. If you're able to go fast on your bike, you should be able to stop fast too. The SRAM Disc Brake Code Silver Stealth features a new stealth body that brings the hose closer to the bar, alloying for a sleeker, more modern ride. They feature a tool-free reach adjust that is quick ...


Magura | Lever Blade Mt5E Closer Higo-Closer And Tubing

$75.65 20% off $94.57 msrp

Magura Lever Blade MT5e Closer Replacement Parts We all know that stuff happens. Maybe you dropped your bike or you crashed during an epic jump. Whatever the reason is, you can always find spare parts to replace the broken ones. The Magura Lever Blade MT5e is a disc brake lever blade for e-bikes. It is designed to work with MT5e brakes and has a moto-inspired design. Features Specifically designed for Magura MT5e brakes Manufacturer's part ...