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Lezyne | Composite Side Loading Flow Cage | Black | Left


Lezyne Composite Side Loading Flow CageThe Lezyne Flow Cage SL features a side loading design that allows easier bottle removal from one side without compromising overall bottle grip. Makes bottle access much easier in smaller compact frames. Lezyne uses a composite matrix material and features ovalized mounting holes to adjust the placement on the bike frame. Choose between left sided and right sided entry. To elaborate a bit more, left side loading means that the ...


Foundation | Alloy Water Bottle Cage Black | Aluminum

$6.80 15% off $8.00 msrp

Foundation Alloy Water Bottle CageStaying hydrated is one of the most important things when you're riding a bike. Even if you're just cruising down the trail at a leisurely pace, you still want to hydrate yourself. The resilient Foundation Alloy Water Bottle Cage has a secure design that offers a tight grasp on a wide range of bottles. Who would've thought a water bottle cage was a thing of wonder? Stay hydrated and pedal away ...


Specialized | Rib Cage II Black | Composite


SPECIALIZED RIB CAGE IIHIT 'EM IN THE RIB CAGEYou should always have water with you while you're riding. You won't get too far if you're dehydrated. One of the best ways to carry water with you is with a water bottle cage. The Specialized Rib Cage II is a sleek and lightweight bottle cage that is designed for aerodynamics. It is Specialized SWAT compatible which allows for storage and tool integration and the tuned compression ...


Specialized | Cascade Cage II Black | Polycarbonate


SPECIALIZED CASCADE CAGE IIWater bottle cages allow riders to carry water on their frames easily. Staying hydrated is essential to be able to ride long distances. The Specialized Cascade Cage II is a lightweight composite cage that is reliable and durable. It has high bottle retention and grip that is designed to be sleek. It can hold short bottles and tall bottles. At only 50 grams, what could be better?FeaturesComposite construction that is lightweight and ...


Foundation | 78 Composite Water Bottle Cage Black | Plastic

$6.60 45% off $12.00 msrp

FOUNDATION 78 WATER BOTTLE CAGEFunction and Fashion Unite to Help Keep You HydratedBottle cages may not be the bike part that gets you super excited, but when the need to hydrate on your ride hits, a stocked bottle cage or two becomes one of your bikes favorite features. Beyond functionally carrying your water, the Foundation 78 Water Bottle Cage has a clean aesthetic that accentuates the lines of your favorite ride. The design creates a ...


Lezyne | Flow Cage Black | Composite


Lezyne Flow CageThe Lezyne Flow Cage is constructed of durable, fiber reinforced Composite Matrix material for high strength, and low weight. X-Grip architecture and dual upper bottle catches hold the bottle securely over rough terrain. The wide opening on the front allows for easy on-the-bike bottle access. FeaturesClaimed Weight: 48g | Lezyne | Flow Cage Black | Composite


Arundel | Looney Bin Cage Black | Composite


ARUNDEL LOONEY BIN CAGEIf you're crazy, then you might want to be in the looney bin. However, if you're crazy about cycling and like to use irregular water bottles on your bike, then you might want to use a Looney Bin. The Arundel Looney Bin Cage is built to handle a wide variety of bottle sizes, whether it be a narrow water bottle or a wide Gatorade bottle. This water bottle cage is perfect for ...


Blackburn | Tallboy Cage Black | Aluminum


Blackburn Tallboy Cage Because it's usually necessary to keep both hands on the bars, the Blackburn Tallboy Cage becomes a third arm for holding that tasty 16oz. canned beverage and keeps it chilled until the climbing ends and it's time to celebrate. Why not carry one with you and have a cold frosty one when it's time to revel in your accomplishment? Sometimes additional celebrating is necessary, so leave the koozie at home and load ...


Blackburn | Wayside Side Entry Cage Black | Composite


Blackburn Wayside Side Entry Cage Blackburn's Wayside Side Entry Cage addresses a common complaint with modern full suspension bikes. It aligns the cage design so the bottle can come out of the right or left side, rather than the top. Nothing extra is needed, that's just how this bottle rolls. And since it's Blackburn, you know your bottle isn't coming out unless you want that to happen. Blackburn Wayside Side Entry Cage Specifications: Standard 65mm ...


Arundel | Bando Cage Black


ARUNDEL BANDO CAGEStaying hydrated while you're riding is of the utmost importance. You won't make it far on your bike without a sufficient amount of water. The Arundel Bando Cage is a water bottle cage that uses a band to keep your water bottle safely secured. The cage functions normally without the band but holds your bottle with minimum security. For maximum security in extreme riding conditions, you'll the band installed. It weighs only 51 ...


Dawn to Dusk | Kaptive 14 Cage Black Carbon


Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 14 CageNever lose a bottle over rough and bumpy terrain with the Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 14 Cage. It requires 14lbs of grip force to release a bottle so that precious water bottle is going nowhere unless you use the force. This cage boasts 6 unyielding arms that are 120mm (4. 7”) tall and wrap around the body and the bottom base supports bottles with a 3 mm thick bottom shelf. ...


Dawn to Dusk | Sideburn 8 Cage | Black Carbon | Left Access, Carbon


DAWN TO DUSK SIDEBURN 8 CAGEFROM DUSK TILL DAWNSmaller frames still deserve water bottle cages, but it can be difficult to fit one in there. Side-load cages make it easier to fit a water bottle in smaller frames or frames with tighter spaces. The Dawn To Dusk Sideburn 8 Cage is a great performing cage that provides effortless side access while being budget-friendly. It is ideal for limited space frames and riders that like to ...


Dawn to Dusk | Kaptive 8 Cage Black Carbon


Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 8 CageNever lose a bottle over rough and bumpy terrain with the Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 8 Cage. It requires 8lbs of grip force to remove your bottle so that precious water bottle is going nowhere unless you use the force. The funneled edged lip around the opening allows for easy and blind insertion. It features a 30-degree slope on either side of the cage, which gives you a choice of ...


Dawn to Dusk | Kaptive 10 Cage Black Carbon


Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 10 CageNever lose a bottle over rough and bumpy terrain with the Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 10 Cage. It requires 10lbs of grip force to release a bottle so that precious water bottle is going nowhere unless you use the force. This cage boasts 6 unyielding arms that are 120mm (4. 7”) tall and wrap around the body and the bottom base supports bottles with a 3 mm thick bottom shelf. ...


Lezyne | Carbon Team Cage Black/Red


LEZYNE CARBON TEAM CAGELIGHTEN UPThere's always room to remove the grams from your bike. You can even get lighter bottle cages. The Lezyne Carbon Team Cage is an elegant water bottle cage that weighs in at 24g. It has a full carbon construction and has a minimal design. It is tested to securely hold bicycle water bottles and will fit all bicycle frames with standard bottle cage mounts. FeaturesLightweight at only 24g per bottle cageRigorously ...


Foundation | Bottle Cage With Tool Kit Black | Composite

$35.00 30% off $50.00 msrp

Foundation Bottle Cage with Tool KitNever leave on a ride without your water or tool kit again. The Foundation Bottle Cage and Tool Kit is a standard frame-mounted water bottle cage with an integrated tool kit. The tool kit features an array of wrenches, a flat head screwdriver, a patch kit and more. The water bottle cage can fit a variety of water bottle sizes and the extra-large ribs secure your water bottle so it ...


Lezyne | Cnc Cage Aluminum Black/Hi Gloss


Lezyne CNC Aluminum CageThe Lezyne CNC Aluminum Cage is a high-quality water bottle cage that is made entirely out of CNC machined aluminum alloy for a lightweight but durable construction. The cage fits a wide range of water bottle types and sizes due to its handy rib and top-catch design. Weighing in at just 39 grams and sporting a flashy neo metallic finish, the Lezyne CNC Aluminum Cage is a great addition to any bike. ...


Blackburn | Outpost Cargo Cage Black | Aluminum


BLACKBURN OUTPOST CARGO CAGEHaving water bottle cages on your bike is necessary, but sometimes you want to carry an oddly sized bottle with you or a bag instead. The Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cage allows you to securely strap down odd sized bottles and other gear like bags and clothing. It mounts to two standard bottle cage bosses and has three sets of mounting holes to fit different size frames. It has included silicone backed webbing ...


Salsa | Side Entry Water Bottle Cage | Black | Left or Right 2 Piece Design | Aluminum


SALSA SIDE ENTRY WATER BOTTLE CAGE Easy Bottle Access in Tight Spaces Frame designers are not always overly concerned with where you will carry your water. But, for those who don't want to carry a hydration pack, having a spot for your water bottle can be a make-or-break feature. With Salsa's Side Entry Water Bottle Cage carrying your bottle even in your compact frame is within reach. Designed with a two-piece construction so that you ...


SRAM | GX Type 2.1 10 SPD Rear Derailleur | Black | Short Cage, Exact Actuation

$61.99 6% off $66.00 msrp

SRAM GX 2x10 Ride Your Way, Far And Wide For every bike, there's a rider. A rider who builds it. A rider who knows it. A rider who's always ready to take the bike somewhere new. Introducing GX, the drivetrain for people who love to ride without restraint. From beginner to expert, GX delivers personalized gear choices that take you as far and wide as you want to go. Engineered in Germany with 1x and ...


Microshift | ADVENT X Rear Derailleur | Black | Medium Cage, only for ADVENT X, 10-Speed


MICROSHIFT ADVENT X REAR DERAILLEURREADY FOR ADVENTUREShifting performance is incredibly important while you're out on the trails. The ability to shift from high gears to low gears quickly will help save your legs on those tougher climbs. The microSHIFT Advent X Rear Derailleur delivers high performance without high-end headaches. It is a 10-speed rear derailleur that has a ratchet-and-pawl clutch that provides chain security and can be turned on and off with a switch. It ...


Shimano | 105 RD-5701 10SP Rear Derailleur | Black | 30T Max, 10 Speed, Short Cage

$47.99 14% off $55.99 msrp

Shimano 105 RD-5701 10sp rear derailleur The 10 speed SIS 105 rear derailleur integrates the wide link design prominently featured in both Dura-Ace and Ultegra derailleurs to not only promote quick shifting, but to preserve the pivots for greater durability and long term crisp shifting performance. Shimano's 105 group is perfect for riders who are looking for performance components, but don't have a race level budget. Features 10 Speed compatible Wide link design to reduce ...


Shimano | XT RD-M786 10 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black | Medium Cage

$78.99 24% off $103.99 msrp

Shimano XT RD-M786 10 Speed Rear DerailleurFeaturing Shimano's innovative Shadow clutch technology, the Deore XT rear derailleur is designed for today's aggressive style of trail and all-mountain riding. By maintaining chain tension, the Shadow system eliminates chain slap and lowers the chances of dropping your chain. Other improvements include reduced noise and rotational drag as well as a low-profile pulley cage for better clearance over harsh terrain. Why choose an XT derailleur over a ...


Shimano | Ultegra RX RD-RX800 Derailleur | Black | GS Cage, 34 Tooth Max

$78.99 33% off $117.99 msrp

Shimano Ultegra RX RD-RX800 DerailleurShimano has given the Ultegra R8000 rear derailleur an updated design that pushes road bike capabilities to encompass a broader range of riding styles. The Shimano Ultegra RX RD-RX800 Derailleur expands the potential of the Ultegra R8000 by combining chain stabilizing features with the same performance characteristics found in Shimano’s road drivetrain. The Shimano Ultegra RX RD-RX805 Rear Derailleur uses Shimano's SHADOW RD low profile design, which ...


Shimano | 105 RD-R7000 Rear Derailleur | Black | SS Cage, 30 Tooth Max


Shimano 105 RD-R7000 Rear DerailleurShimano has redesigned the 105 line of components to keep it up to date with the ever-evolving industry standards. The Shimano 105 RD-R7000 Rear Derailleur utilizes Shimano’s low-profile Shadow parallelogram design, which reduces crash vulnerability and improves shifting performance. The new construction matches the force from the hand to reduce shifting effort and also allows for more flexible cable routing options. With the RD-GS option, you’ll be able ...


Shimano | Altus RD-M310 7/8 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black | Long Cage, 7/8 Speed

$19.99 28% off $27.99 msrp

Shimano Altus M310 7/8 Speed Rear Derallieur The Shimano Altus rear derailleur features an advanced light-action, long-cage design with Teflon-coated bushings. What sets the Shimano Altus derailleur apart from other rear derailleurs is its unique 13 tooth upper and 15 tooth lower pulleys that provide a 43 teeth chain wrap capacity (more than conventional 11 tooth pulleys) and enable them to rotate with less friction. Features: Advanced light-action design Teflon-coated bushings ...


Shimano | Deore RD-M591 9 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black | SGS, Long Cage


The Deore series is a staple of the Shimano lineup, offering outstanding performance at an affordable price. Proven technologies deliver durability and reliabilityVersatile design, on or off roadDouble Servo-Panta mechanism for smooth consistent shiftsLight weight aluminum/steel construction, approximate weight 292 gramsOptimized for use with Shimano 9 speed. NOT compatible with Shimano Dyna-Sys 10-speed MTB Components. Maximum front difference: 22TMax Rear Sprocket: 34TTotal Capacity: ...


Foundation | 87 Composite Water Bottle Cage Black | Plastic

$7.20 40% off $12.00 msrp

FOUNDATION BOTTLE CAGE 87A Svelte Bottle Cage to Match Your Sleek RideSure, a stock bottle cage may hold your bottle alright, but why not add a touch of beauty and function to your bike with our Foundation Bottle Cage? Beyond functionally carrying your water, these cages have a clean aesthetic that accentuates the lines of your favorite bike. Further, the swept design creates a flexible cage that makes accessing your bottle quick and easy while ...


Specialized | S-Works Carbon Rib Cage III Carbon/White


SPECIALIZED S-WORKS CARBON RIB CAGE IIILIGHTWEIGHT AND AERODYNAMICWater bottle cages allow you to easily carry your water bottle with you on your bike. Not all cages are created equally though, so if you're looking for the lightest cage possible, then you'll want a carbon fiber cage. The Specialized S-Works Carbon Rib Cage III is made from Specialized FACT carbon that provides a balance between strength, optimal bottle retention, and low weight. The super-low bottle position ...


Lezyne | Flow Cage SL Right Enhanced Blue | Composite


Lezyne Flow Cage SL Right Enhanced The Lezyne Flow Cage SL Right Enhanced features a durable, fiber reinforced Composite Matrix construction, making it ultra-reliable for the long miles ahead. It's optimized for easy bottle access in smaller more compact frames, where conventional bottle cages aren't too convenient. It's designed to hold your bottle with a secure fit that won't lose it over bumpy terrain. Features Right handed configuration | Lezyne | Flow Cage SL Right ...


Blackburn | Clutch Side Entry Cage | Matte Red | Right


Blackburn Clutch Side Entry CageWith suspension designs getting more complicated and top tubes getting lower, the available water bottle space on frames has become smaller and smaller. A side loading cage allows you to maximize your current allotted water bottle space. The Blackburn Clutch Cage is an incredible side loading carbon cage which is vigorously lab field tested to make sure it securely holds the bottle no matter how bumpy it gets. The Clutch Cage ...


Specialized | Roll Cage Black, Charcoal | Aluminum


SPECIALIZED ROLL CAGETHEY SEE MY ROLL CAGE, THEY HATIN'Water bottle cages are essential to holding a water bottle on the frame of your bicycle. Without them, a water bottle would just fall victim to gravity and hit the ground. However, some frames are tighter than others, so fitting a water bottle in the frame could be tough. That is where side-loading cages come into play. They allow for easy access to your water bottle from ...