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Rockshox | Charger 2.1 RC2 Kit Lyrik/Yari/Pike Lyrik/Yari A1+/2016+; Pike 29+ B1+/2017+


ROCKSHOX CHARGER 2. 1 RC2 KIT LYRIK/YARI/PIKEUPGRADE YOUR FORKSometimes your fork just needs a little upgrade so it performs better. The RockShox Charger 2. 1 RC2 damper upgrade kit allows the fork to ride higher in the travel on compression while keeping the tires planted to the ground for unmatched control. It features independent high and low-speed compression adjustments and it includes complete ride-side internals. FeaturesIndependent adjustments with high and low-speed compression ...


Garmin | High-speed Multi-charger Charger


Garmin High-Speed Multi-ChargerDon’t let being away from a standard power outlet keep you from having your Garmin devices charged for the ride. This High-Speed Multi-Charger plugs into your car’s 12-volt power outlet and utilizes two high-speed USB ports to charge your Garmin, smartphone and many other devices. Perfect for that last-minute charge of your Garmin on the way to the group ride or trailhead. Compatible with Garmin Edge, Forerunner and most other devices. Stay charged ...


Push Industries | Rock Shox Charger 2 Comp Fits All Lyrik, Pike & Boxxer RCT3 & RC2 Char


Push Industries HC97 for Rock Shox Charger 2/2. 1Plush and ControlledThe new HC97 Compression System is manufactured and hand assembled in-house by the legendary suspension technicians at PUSH Industries. It replaces the stock compression assemblies found in the popular Rock Shox Pike, Lyrik, and Boxxer forks equipped with Charger 2 or 2. 1 dampers. The HC97 provides increased traction and small bump sensitivity with higher levels of stability and control all while giving riders more ...


Bosch | Standard Charger 4A


Bosch Standard 4AChargerUpgrade your E-bike battery charger and get back out on the trails sooner. The Bosch Standard 4A charger is nearly twice as fast as the Bosch Compact 2A charger and cuts charge times almost in half. The Standard 4A Charger is compatible with Bosch Active Line, Active Line Plus, Cargo Line, Performance Line and the Performance Line CX E-bike batteries. Features 4 amp charging current Almost twice as fast as compact 2A charger ...


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Gloworm | Charger 45W

$28.94 19% off $36.00 msrp

GloWorm ChargerUpgrade your charge on your GloWorm lights with the Gloworm Charger. Available in either a 20-watt or a 45-watt configuration, the GloWorm Charger is designed for use with the Power Pack Battery range. This charger uses a USB-C connection and plugs into a traditional wall socket. FeaturesAvailable in 20w or 45 wUSB C charger For use with Power Pack 20w charger: charges Power Pack 5 in 2 hrs 40min and Power Pack 10 in ...


Orbea | Smart Charger RS 4-2A 42V US


Orbea Smart Charger RSMORE POWER! If you’re looking for a spare or replacement Orbea Smart Charger then you’re in the right place. This Orbea Smart Charger variant is specifically designed to work with Orbea bikes equipped with Shimano EP8 motors or the range extender battery for Shimano EP8 equipped bikes. It supports 100V-240V charging input and delivers 42V output at a 2A-4A rate (depending on which battery is being charged). FeaturesCompatible with Orbea Shimano EP8 ...


Specialized | Pedal Assist Battery Charger Black

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SPECIALIZED PEDAL ASSIST BATTERY CHARGERKEEPING IT CHARGEDThere's no use having a rechargeable battery if you can't keep it fully charged. The Specialized Pedal Assist Battery Charger lets you charge your Turbo battery with this high-output, custom Li-Ion charger. It has an output of 42V4A and has a Rosenberger plug with light indication of the charging status. FeaturesCustom Li-ion charger that has a high outputRosenberger plug and light indication of the charging statusOutput: 42A4A | ...


Light and Motion | External Battery Charger Black


LIGHT & MOTION EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGERKEEPING THINGS LITHaving a light on your bike will help enhance your visibility at night and during the day. It's always a good idea to have lights. These lights will need to be charged every few hours of use. The Light and Motion External Battery Charger will charge the Light & Motion 2, 3, and 6-cell battery packs. The charger includes outlet adapters for US/JP, UK, EU, and AUS. FeaturesDesigned ...


Norco | BMZ Battery Charger BMZ Battery Charger


Norco BMZ Battery ChargerCharge it upWe all lose chargers from time to time, or simply just need a secondary charger as a backup. No matter, we’ve got your back with Norco’s BMZ battery charger for BMZ equipped Norco bikes. Charge up your bike and get back to ripping your local trails. FeaturesDesigned for Norco e-bikesOnly compatible with BMZ equipped bikes | Norco | BMZ Battery Charger BMZ Battery Charger