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Problem Solvers | Universal Der. Hanger Black

$19.99 12% off $22.90 msrp

The Problem Solvers Universal Hanger should be in everyone’s tool bag. If your existing derailleur hanger breaks, the Universal Hanger replaces the drive-side nut on your quick- release skewer so you can get the majority of your gear range back. Compatible with most rear-facing-horizontal and vertical dropouts Replaces the drive-side nut on 5mm quick-release skewers Anti-rotation feature ensures the derailleur stays in place during use CNC-machined AL-6061 with steel hardware | Problem ...


Sram | Universal Derailleur Hanger Aluminum, Black


SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger Universal compatibility! We’re huge fans of simplicity, especially when it comes to component compatibility, threaded bottom brackets and full length cable housing come to mind. Well, there’s a new member of the headache free component group, SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger. Behold, it’s the ultimate derailleur hanger that’s compatible with countless bikes. If you’ve got a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger compatible bike and need a new hanger then we’ve ...


Niner | Derailleur Hanger | Black | Air/jet Carbon & Rdo 135Mm


Niner factory replacement derailleur hanger. This derailleur hanger fits the following frames with quick release axles: Air 9 carbon, Jet 9 RDO, and Air 9 RDO. | Niner | Derailleur Hanger | Black | Air/jet Carbon & Rdo 135Mm


Niner | Cx Derailleur Hanger | Black | Rlt 9 Alloy, Bsb 9 Rdo


Niner CX Derailleur Hanger Your hangar is bent. Sometimes it's a mystery. Other times you know exactly what happened. We won't ask, but we certainly suggest replacing it. A straight and strong hanger is the only way to ensure smooth and crisp shifting. Features: Fits Niner RLT 9 and BSB 9 Frames | Niner | Cx Derailleur Hanger | Black | Rlt 9 Alloy, Bsb 9 Rdo


Orbea | Terra/avant/orca Disc Hanger 12X142, Black


Orbea Terra/Avant/Orca Disc Hanger A derailleur hanger is something we don’t give much thought to until it breaks, and we have to replace it. The good news is that the hanger did its job, which is to break. Better the hanger than your frame or derailleur. If you have somehow managed to break your derailleur and are need of a new one, Jenson has you covered. This particular hanger is designed to fit the Orbea ...


Wheels Manufacturing | Wheels Mfg. Derailleur Hanger - 160 | Black | Wilier

$6.40 80% off $32.00 msrp

WHEELS MANUFACTURING DERAILLEUR HANGER - 160Derailleur hangers will break from time to time, but that's so your derailleur itself will not break. The derailleur hanger 160 is designed to work with a couple of Eddy Merckx models and many Wilier models. Eddy Merckx EMX5 2011 - 2013EMX7Wilier Cento 1 2012Cento 1 SL 2012Contro 1Gran Turismo 2012 - 2013GT 2011GTR 2014Imperiale 2012Zero 7 2012 - 2013Zero 9 2013 | Wheels Manufacturing | Wheels Mfg. Derailleur Hanger ...


Yeti Cycles | Standard Derailleur Hanger Os Standard Qr Hanger With Fasteners


Yeti Standard Derailleur Hanger Replacement derailleur hanger for the 575(2004-2010, not compatible with 2011-2013 models), AS-R, AS-R carbon, AS-X, ARC, ARC-X and several other Yeti models as well. Stock up! | Yeti Cycles | Standard Derailleur Hanger Os Standard Qr Hanger With Fasteners


Orbea | Occam Rallon 12 Rear Derailleur Hanger Rear Hanger 9M


Orbea Occam Rallon 12 Rear Derailleur Hanger This derailleur hanger is designed to accommodate both Occam and Rallon bike models from model year 2012 - 2015. They’re easy to install and remove as well making swapping out hangers a breeze. If you’ve bent our hanger and are in search of a replacement then look no further. Features Compatible with 2012 - 2015 Occam’s and Rallon’s9mm axle support Easy to install and remove for a simple ...


Yeti Cycles | 12X148 Hanger Kit | Turquoise | 12X148


YETI 12 X 148 HANGER KITHANGIN' OUTHangers are designed to break in order to protect your frame and rear derailleur if you hit a rock or lay you bike down on the driveside. There are hundreds of hangers out there so make sure you get the right one to fit your bike. The Yeti 12 x 148 Hanger Kit is designed to fit the Yeti SB100, SB130, SB150, SB4. 5, SB5, SB5+, SB5. 5, and ...


Orbea | Orca Derailleur Hanger Derailleur Hanger


Orbea Orca Bronze Derailleur Hanger Don’t get stranded on the side of the road. A spare derailleur hanger is always a good item to have with you. You are looking at a replacement hanger for the Orbea Orca road bike. Whether you damaged your current hanger or are looking for a spare, this hanger is a great buy for any Orca owner. Features Compatible with:Orbea Orca framesets | Orbea | Orca Derailleur Hanger Derailleur Hanger ...


Orbea | Occam/wild Fs 2020 Rear Derailleur Hanger Fits Occam/wild Fs 2020 Alloy And Carbon


Orbea Occam/Wild FS 2020/Rise Rear Derailleur Hanger So you broke your derailleur hanger. Good thing they're easy to replace! This Orbea Occam/Wild FS/Rise Rear Derailleur Hanger's part number is 15430176. This hanger is designed to work with the Orbea Occam, Wild FS, and the Rise aluminum and carbon models. Features Designed to fit Occam carbon and aluminum 2020, Wild FS, and Rise carbon and aluminum models Part number: 15430176 | Orbea | Occam/wild Fs 2020 ...