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Bolle | Lightshifter Sunglasses Men's in Black Matte/Phantom Brown/Red Photochromic

$159.94 20% off $200.00 msrp

Bolle Lightshifter SunglassesEnhance PerformanceWhether you're riding the trails or you're cruising the streets, you'll always want to wear some form of eyewear to protect your eyes. The Bolle Lightshifter Sunglasses are semi-rimless sunglasses designed to protect your eyes from sunlight, wind, bugs, debris, water, and so much more. They feature Thermogrip rubber for stability, an adjustable nose pad for a perfect fit, an anti-fog treatment, an interchangeable lens, and an anti-scratch ...


Tifosi | Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses Men's in Matte Black Fototec


TIFOSI TSALI INTERCHANGEABLE SUNGLASSESShatterproof ProtectionThe benefits of wearing sunglasses while you're riding are numerous. Not only do they provide sun protection, but they also provide protection from water, debris, bugs, wind, and other objects that could fly into your eyes. The Tifosi Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses come with three interchangeable polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof and provide 100% UV protection. The glasses have a Grilamid TR-90 frame that is ...


Tifosi | Amok Interchangeable Sunglasses Men's in White


TIFOSI AMOK INTERCHANGEABLE SUNGLASSESA BOLD FULL FRAME DESIGNKeeping the pesky sun out of your eyes is what sunglasses are all about. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also help to keep out bugs, debris, dirt, and water. The Tifosi Amok Interchangeable Sunglasses have a bold frame design and feature side vents that provide the airflow needed to prevent fogging while you're riding. The lenses are scratch-resistant and shatterproof. ...


100% | Speedcraft XS Sunglasses Men's in Soft Tact Black/Smoke Lens

$165.00 10% off $185.00 msrp

100% Speedcraft XS SunglassesSpeed for smaller facesEverything you love about the classic Speedcraft glasses (minus the lens scoops), in a design made for small faces, perfect for smaller adult riders and young shredders in need of high-performance eyewear. The Speedcraft XS makes no sacrifices and provides the same quality optics, durability and styling as the original Speedcraft. The scratch-resistant cylindrical shield lens provides a wide field of vision, and features a Hydroilo lens ...


Smith | Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses in Chromapop Black/Lt Amber


Smith Attack MAG MTB SunglassesEnhancing Your VisionProtection for your eyes is highly important when you're out riding. Wearing sunglasses not only reduces glare, but also provides protection from water, dirt, bugs, and more. The Smith Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses come with ChromaPop lenses that enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop. It features a smudge and moisture-resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics. The larger, maximum coverage lens features ...


100% | Speedcraft SL Sunglasses Men's in Gloss Black/Photochromic Lens


100% Speedcraft SL SunglassesSleek, compact speedEverything you love about the classic Speedcraft glasses (minus the lens scoops), in a shorter lens design optimized for slightly smaller faces or for those who prefer a lower-profile pair of sunglasses. The Speedcraft SL shares the same high-end optics and cylindrical lens design as the Speedcraft, making the Speedcraft SL one formidable pair of eyewear. The optional HiPER lens enhances contrast and colors for improved visual clarity. The ...


100% | S2 Sunglasses in Soft Tact Black/Smoke Lens


100% S2 SunglassesHigh-Performance SunglassesThe 100% S2s are high-performing sunglasses that are equally as comfortable on your local singletrack as they are on the World Tour podium. The curved lens design of the 100% S2 provides a wide field of view and additional peripheral coverage, for clear visuals in all directions. The sleek, rimless design features venting by way of air scoops at the base of the lens, directing airflow and reducing fogging. The HYDROILO coating ...


100% | Speedcoupe Sunglasses Men's in Polished Black/Grey Peakpolar Lens


100% Speedcoupe SunglassesVersatile speedBorrowing the rubberized temple tips from the original 100% Speedcraft frame, the Speedcoupe is 100%'s versatile, smaller-profile sunglass offering, ideal for cycling and multisport use. The decentered 8-base spherical lens provides the superior optical clarity that you have come to expect from 100%, while being highly impact-resistant and offering a Hydroilo lens treatment to shed water, dirt and oil. The lightweight and robust TR90 polycarbonate ...


100% | Speedcraft Air Sunglasses Men's in Soft Tact Black/HiPER Red Mirror


100% Speedcraft Air SunglassesMore air, more style, more speedThe 100% Speedcraft Air sunglasses are a revolutionary approach to cycling eyewear and aim to actually improve your on-bike performance. The Speedcraft Air sunglasses were designed in conjunction with AC Systems to allow for greater airflow through the rider’s nose by using a patented nasal dilator system. The system uses magnetic stickers and is fully adjustable to control the amount of dilation and airflow by simply turning ...