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Race Face Atlas Platform Pedals

$152.99 15% off $180.00 msrp

Race Face Atlas PedalRace Face Atlas pedal is an all new lightweight aluminum body pedal with an ultra thin double-concave wide platform. The new Altas pedals feature replacable bottom loading hex-headed traction pins and a chromoly spindle making them perfect for All Mountain trail riding but also strong enough to handle the abuse of Down Hill riding as well. Yet another solid product from Race Face with all the styling and performance expected from the ...


Race Face Chester Composite Bike Pedals


Race Face Chester Composite Pedals Alloy pedals are great for their resilience and visual appeal, but its no secret that most of the time there's nothing lightweight about them. On the contrary, composite pedals may be light, but they also wear out easier and aren't as keen on footing. Race Face's Chester Composite Pedals offer the best of both realms, using its tough and burly nylon composite body to provide a large platform with the ...


Look X-Track Race Carbon Bike Pedals


LOOK X-TRACK RACE CARBON BIKE PEDALSThe Look X-Track Race Carbon pedals are dependable, durable and easy to use. They’re extremely durable and provide consistent and reliable performance over time. The spindle is equipped with a double weather-resistant seal and has been improved to withstand even the worst of riding conditions. With the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Look X-Track Race Carbon provides you with the most efficient power transfer. It does so by ...


Look X-Track Race MTB Pedals


LOOK X-TRACK RACE MTB PEDALSClipping in while you're riding has many benefits. When you're clipped in, your foot is always in the optimal pedaling position, so it will increase your pedaling power and efficiency. Your feet will never slip off the pedals either. The X-Track Race Mountain Pedals by Look are a composite pedal with a Chromoly spindle that are designed for cross-country racing. They are lightweight at only 360 grams per pair and are ...