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Wolf Tooth Components | Rear Axle 1.0x167mm


Wolf Tooth Rear AxleLooking for an axle that does more than just secure your wheels? Look no further. The Wolf Tooth Rear Axle uses a captive steel washer under the head to reduce friction on the dropout face. This protects your expensive frame, transfers more of the tightening torque to clamping load for a stiffer interface, and prevents the axle from sticking or galling when you want to remove it. They’re also a great replacement ...


Ibis Bicycles | Boost Rear Axle | Black | 148mm, Shimano


Ibis Boost Rear AxleThis genuine Ibis rear axle is made to fit Ibis Mountain frames that use the Boost 12x148mm standard. Replace your broken Ibis Boost Rear Axle so that you can go back to shredding at your favorite local trails. FEATURESGenuine Ibis replacement partCompatible withBoost 12x148mm Ibis framesAxle requires a hex wrench for proper installation | Ibis Bicycles | Boost Rear Axle | Black | 148mm, Shimano


OneUp Components | Axle R 174-180MM M12X1.75


Oneup Components Axle RThe Oneup Components Axle R uses a solid 7075-T6 rod rather than a hollow tube makes this the strongest possible rear axle design while still being lighter than a stock 12mm thru axle with integrated lever. If you already carry the EDC multitool with you, there's no need for the heavy integrated lever which can snag on trail-side obstacles. Add one of our colored cap kits to match your Axle R to ...


Rockshox | Maxle Ultimate Boost Rear Axle 12X148 Boost, Rear

$54.94 22% off $71.00 msrp

RockShox Maxle Ultimate Boost Rear Axle The RockShox Boost Maxle Ultimate is compatible with Boost-specific Maxle compatible frames only. Just like traditional quick releases, its clamping strength pushes the lower legs together instead of using an expanding wedge against the inner diameter of the right fork leg. Unlike traditional quick releases, the Maxle system features hard anodized 7075 aluminum construction with a 360-degree lever-clocking design to provide the stiffness and security ...


Race Face | Trace Rear Axle 12X142mm


race face trace rear axle The Trace rear axle fits Race Wheels equipped with the Trace hub, like the Aeffect Wheelset. Use it to replace a broken axle or to convert your wheel to a different axle standardlike 12 x 142mm thru axle or 12 x 148mmBoost. Features Light and strong alloy construction Compatible with Race Face Trace hub | Race Face | Trace Rear Axle 12X142mm


Yeti Cycles | 12x148 Rear Axle 12x148


YETI 12 X 148 REAR AXLEA FRESH AXLEBoost hub spacing revolutionized the way mountain bikers and bicycle manufacturer's rode and designed their bikes. It created a stiffer rear end so you could corner better and ride more efficiently. The Yeti 12 x 148 Rear Axle is designed for Yeti mountain bikes that have Boost rear hub spacing. It is universal derailleur hanger compatible only. FeaturesUniversal derailleur hanger compatible onlyDesigned for Boost 12 x 148mm axle ...