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SKS | X-Blade Rear Fender | Black | 28"/29"/Plus


SKS X-Blade Rear Fender The SKS X-Blade Rear Fender comes in multiple sizes to accommodate whatever wheel size you're running. It mounts to your seatpost, and provides sturdy, lightweight protection from roost, water, and whatever else you romp through on your ride. You can adjust its height and angle with standard Phillip's head screwdrivers, and the clamp is compatible with a range of seatpost diameters. Features Material Plastic/ Steel Mount Seatpost, fits most standard sizes ...


Blackburn | Splashboard Rear Fender Black


-Adjustable angle seatpost mounted rear fender -Durable yet lightweight -Wide protection from water and mud -Tool free mounting, which accomodates 22. 2mm-34. 9mm seatposts | Blackburn | Splashboard Rear Fender Black


SKS | S-Blade Rear Fender | Black | Up to 28mm Wide Tires, Rear


sks S-Blade rear fender Don't let foul weather and grimy roads deter you from pedaling. Just mount up the SKS S-Blade rear fender, and protect yourself from getting mud, water, and debris flung up all over the back of your clothes. The S-BLADE is the little brother to SKS' top-selling X-TRA-DRY for the ambitious racing cyclist. With their quick release mounting, the S-BLADE can be fitted on virtually any racing bike and the angle setting ...


Topeak | Defender XC11 Rear Fender | Black | 29" XC11


Topeak Defender XC11 Rear Fender A good fender does the job but a fender with a quick release makes it even easier. Topeak's Defender XC Rear Fender features a highly polished underside and quick release attachment for easy installation. Made with high impact resistant plastic, the Defender XC11 Rear Fender is ready to work and keep mud and debris far away from you. Quick release slip joint clamp fits 25. 4 - 34. 9 mm ...


Topeak | Defender RX Rear QR Fender Rear, Quick Release, Black


TOPEAK DEFENDER RX REAR QR FENDERDEFENDING YOUR REARFenders are great for riders who commute by bike or ride in wet conditions. They protect your rear-end from getting hit by water or mud. The Topeak Defender RX Rear QR Fender is the perfect choice for lightweight, durable mud protection on those wet and sloppy rides. It features a universal clamp and is quick release, so it can be installed and removed in seconds. The rear angle ...


Problem Solvers | Sheldon Fender Nuts 32mm Front, 10mm Rear

$15.99 27% off $21.99 msrp

A recessed brake nut for road brakes that has a longer threaded section for mounting fenders on your bike. Standeard 6mm brake nut with longer internal threading and extension on the back for a 6mm mounting bolt Install brake caliper normally, and mount fender to nut with a 6mm bolt Includes a 13mm front brake nut and a 10mm rear brake nut This pair of Fender Nuts should fit all steel and Aluminum road frames ...