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Enve | Carbon Road Stem | Black | 100Mm, 31.8Mm


ENVE Carbon Road Stem 2015Enve Carbon stems are made of a unidirectional carbon fiber and are beautifully sculpted to compliment your bicycle. The performance is not just style over substance though. The weight and strength puts the Enve Carbon stem into the elite end of the stratosphere. ENVE constructed the Carbon Road stem with a forged 4 bolt faceplate and titanium hardware to keep the weight down. The ENVE Carbon stem will be the perfect ...


Specialized | Comp Multi Stem | Black | 100Mm, 12 Degree | Aluminum

$37.00 26% off $50.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED COMP MULTI STEMOPTIMIZE YOUR EFFICIENCY AND COMFORTStems are an important and often overlooked component when it comes to a bike's fit and feel. Things like stem length and stem angle are crucial to riding comfort and performance. The Specialized Comp Multi Stem is a 6061 aluminum 3D-forged and CNC-machined stem that is perfect for road riding and mountain biking. It has a 31. 8mm clamp with a relieved faceplate and has a top cap ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.7 6D Stem | Black | 60Mm, +/- 6 Degree | Aluminum


WHISKY NO. 7 6D STEMStems play a key role when it comes to fit and comfort. A small change in your stem's length can have a huge impact on your fit and comfort while riding. The Whisky No. 7 6D Stem is a lightweight aluminum stem that has a +/- 6° rise. It is designed to work with 31. 8mm handlebar clamps and is perfect for both mountain and road. If you're a lover of ...


Thomson | Elite X4 31.8Mm Stem | Black | 100Mm, 0 Deg, 31.8Mm | Aluminum


THOMSON ELITE X4 STEMThe design team for the new Thomson 31. 8 stems had a tough goal: make a stem better than the Thomson Elite Road and Mountain Stems. That was a tall order, given the popularity of the Elite models. They've done it, though - the new X4 is stronger AND lighter than before. It's designed around the 31. 8mm bar standard for increased stiffness and strength. The X4 incorporates a new steerer clamp ...


Salsa | Guide Stem | Black | 130Mm, +/- 25 Degrees, 31.8 | Aluminum


Salsa guide stem 3D forged from 6061-T6 aluminum, the lightweight Salsa Guide Stem provides great durability and strength for excellent steering response on the road or trail. A 4-bolt face plate allows easy removal and installation, as well as secure anchoring for your bars. The bead blasted, anodized black finish is a compliment to any bike. Features AL-6061-T6 aluminum construction 3D-forged for increased strength, then CNC-machined 4-bolt faceplate design 31. 8mm bar clamp Bead-blasted, ...


Ritchey | Comp 4-Axis Stem | Black | 60Mm, +/- 30 Degree


Ritchey Comp 4-Axis Stem Super aero or super comfy Dial in your fit and upgrade your cockpit with Ritchey’s Comp 4-Axis Stem. It takes inspiration from Ritchey’s top of the line components but delivers it at a more affordable price point. The 6061 aluminum construction saves weight, is stiff, and built to last. The unique angled steer tube clamp reduces stress on carbon steerer tubes, making the Ritchey Comp 4-Axis a great choice for any ...


Enve | Road Tubeless Kit | Black | Stem, 5.6 Ses


ENVE Road Tubeless Kit Prepare your SES 5. 6 Enve Wheelset for a tubeless set-up with the ENVE Road Tubeless Kit. It's simple, functional and is specifically cut to fit the Enve 5. 6 to ensure proper fit. The tubeless valves feature a removable core for easy sealant refresh. Features Made for SES 5. 6 Removable valve core Valve core removal tool included | Enve | Road Tubeless Kit | Black | Stem, 5. 6 ...


Pro | Lt Stem | Black | 70Mm/+ -17 | Aluminum


PRO LT Stem Ensures The Perfect Bike Fit When it comes to your riding comfort and bike fit, having the proper stem on your bike makes all the difference. Just a 10mm difference or a few degrees in angle can make your bike more comfortable on longer rides. The PRO LT Stem ensures the perfect fit for a wide variety of riders. It is made of anodized 6061 alloy and features a Headlock system for ...


Ritchey | 4-Axis Adjustable Stem 120Mm | Aluminum


RITCHEY 4-AXIS ADJUSTABLE STEMDial in your perfect fit with the Ritchey 4-Axis Adjustable Stem. This adjustable stem lets you make adjustments within a range of +/- 55 degrees. It is a great option for those of us who just can’t seem to find a comfortable riding position when using a conventional stem. The Ritchey Adjustable 4-Axis Stem features a precision 3D-Net shaped forged shaft interconnected with a precision broached clamp to create the strongest, lightest, ...


Cane Creek | Eesilk Stem 80Mm | Aluminum


Cane Creek ee Silk Stem Smooth as silk The Cane Creek ee Silk Stem helps riders take the sting out of the toughest gravel and paved roads, with a design that absorbs vibration and smooths out the ride for added comfort in the toughest conditions. The ee Silk uses an internal elastomer and a unique design to provide up to 20mm of vertical compliance. With the easy installation of one of three different elastomers, the ...


Tranzx | Anti Shock Ul Stem Ultra Lite, 80Mm Length, 31.8Mm | Aluminum

$83.94 15% off $99.00 msrp

Tranz X Anti Shock UL Stem If you are a road warrior or a gravel rider who takes long rides, the Tranz X Anti-Shock UL Stem is for you. Designed to reduce “road buzz” and numbness caused by long rides, the Tranz X Anti-Shock UL Stem uses an elastomer insert and a two-piece design to allow the stem to move through 2-degrees of vertical displacement. The elastomer acts as a middleman between a two-piece clamp, ...


Easton | Ea70 Stem 7D, 31.8Mm, 50Mm | Aluminum


EASTON EA70 STEMQuality Comfort A stem might seem like an afterthought to most riders but it can be an integral part of how comfortable your bike is. Just a 10mm difference in stem length can have a huge impact on fit. Easton has been making some of the high-quality components for bikes for many years now and continues to be at the top. The Easton EA70 Stem is a lightweight aluminum stem that is 3D ...