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Lezyne | Micro Caddy Saddle Bag | Black | Medium


Lezyne Micro Caddy Saddle Bag Tucked underneath your saddle, the Lezyne Micro Caddy M is perfect for taking along on long road rides or mountain biking. With enough space to hold all of your flat repair tools, and perhaps a nutritional or two, The Micro Caddy M is the perfect ride companion. The neoprene band wraps around the saddle rails, which dampens noise and vibration, creating a quieter more secure connection. Water resistant zippers fend ...


Silca | Seat Capsule Premio Saddle Bag | Black | With Boa Closure


SILCA SEAT CAPSULE PREMIO SADDLE BAGWhen it comes to storage while you're riding, it's always best to have a seat bag. Long distance riders should always carry items like tubes, CO2 or a pump, and a multi-tool. Seat bags mount underneath the saddle and stay tucked up out of the way. The Silca Seat Capsule Premio Saddle Bag is designed for a wide range of cyclists due to its large capacity. It is made with ...


Lezyne | Micro Caddy Qr Medium Saddle Bag Black


Lezyne Micro Caddy M QR Saddle Bag The Lezyne Micro Caddy QR attaches easily to your saddle rails with a quick release mounting system, providing quick access to important items like tools, a tube, or your phone and money. Compact and aero, the Lezyne Micro Caddy QR is for speedsters who want to carry just enough bike repair essentials. An easy accessible, external multi-tool compartment allows for quick adjustments. Lezyne Micro Caddy M QR Saddle ...


Lezyne | M Caddy Qr Saddle Bag Black | Nylon


Lezyne M Caddy QR Saddle Bag The Lezyne Caddy is perfect for carrying your flat kit, tools, wallet, and any other important small items that you may need on the road. The Caddy is made from durable woven nylon and features a weatherproof zipper to protect your gear from Mother Nature. The Caddy's main compartment features neoprene pockets for organizing things like patch kits and money and an external compartment for quick access to tools. ...