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Shimano | MTB Stainless Shift Cable Set | Black | Stainless Cables SP41 Housing Set

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Shimano MTB Poly Shift Cable Set The OT-SP41 cable set is Shimano's premium mountain bike shift cable set. The OT-SP41 cables are entirely pre-lubricated with a special silicone grease for quick and precise shifting every time. By reducing inner cable friction, OT-SP41 shift cables are able to provide a quick response with easy and effortless shifting, which prevents power loss and shifting fatigue on those long, tedious rides. Mountain shift cable set Silicon prelubed housing ...


Shimano | MTB Optislik Shift Cable Set Black

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shimano mtb optislick shift cable set The Shimano MTB Optislick Shift Cable Set features Optislick cable routing, which features an electrically coated layer to improve cable routing efficiency. The stainless steel cable is anti-rust, providing you with smooth shifting and durability to last. Features OPTISLICK Improves cable routing efficiency and provides excellent corrosion resistance. Anti-rust Stainless steel cable for anti-rust protection Low friction Cables are formed with curved ...


Jagwire | 1x Sport Shift Cable Kit | Black | SRAM/Shimano


Jagwire 1x Sport Shift Cable KitThe Jagwire 1x Sport Shift Cable Kit is a great replacement for OE cables and a perfect way to bring style to a bike. They come with weld-cut single-ended Slick Stainless cables for easy installation with modern SRAM® and Shimano® shifters. The included housing uses our Slick-Lube liners to reduce friction, providing shifting precision and long-lasting performance. This kit is designed for use with 1x drivetrains. FeaturesSingle-ended shift cables are ...


Jagwire | Housing Extension for Elite Link Kits | Gold | 20 links, for Shift or Brake Kits


Jagwire Housing Extension for Elite Link KitsWhen working setting up Elite Links on a new bike there’s a chance you can find yourself short of links to use. Use the Jagwire Housing Extension for Elite Link Kits to extend amount of links to your Elite shift link set on your current bike of choice. The extra link work for both brakes and shifting set ups. The Jagwire Housing Extension for Elite Link Kits includes 20 ...