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Donnelly | Sports Strada USH 650B Tire | Black | 42C, Tubeless


DONNELLY SPORTS STRADA USH 650B TIREA GREAT TIRE FOR ON AND OFF ROADWhen you're out gravel riding, sometimes extreme grip isn't needed. When speed is your top priority and the roads are rough, the Donnelly Sports Strada USH 650b Tire is here to take your riding to the next level. It features a fast-rolling center track and a scaled up herringbone tread that lets you roll smoothly on straightaways and corner with confidence. The long-lasting ...


Continental | Grand Sport Race Road Tire | Black | 700X28, Folding Bead

$24.75 44% off $44.95 msrp

Continental Grand Sport Race Road TireThe Grand Sport Race Tire is as much a race tire as it is a training tire. As there might be lighter tires out there, the Grand Sport Race delivers a healthy balance low weight and suppleness for a performance-ready tire that's also hungry for miles. Using Continental's Pure Grip Compound, the Grand Sport Race Tire offers high traction for all-weather grip, because after all, nothing should get in the ...


Continental | Ultra Sport III 700C Tire | Black/Yellow | 700x25mm


CONTINENTAL ULTRA SPORT III 700C TIRELONG LASTINGThe type of tires you use on your bike play a significant role in your performance and handling. With the right tires, you'll be able to roll farther and faster. The Continental Ultra Sport III 700c Tire is made with PureGrip compound that provides excellent grip and is long-lasting and highly durable. These tires are perfect for training and gran fondos. FeaturesPureGrip compound provides excellent grip and is long-lasting ...


Continental | Cyclo X-King Race Sport Tire 700 X 32C Race Sport + | Black | Chili, Fold

$47.96 20% off $60.00 msrp

Continental CycloX-King Race Sport Tire The Continental CycloX-King tire is the cyclocross sibling to the X-King mountain tire. After much success is the mountain bike scene, the X-King is now causing a scene in the cyclocross world as well being a perfect all-rounder that runs quiet, rolls fast, and corners like a champ. The tread pattern is similar X-King, featuring 2 tight rows of offset knobs down the middle to reduce rolling resistance and taller ...


Vittoria | Zaffiro Pro IV Control Tire G2.0 | Black | 32mm

$27.75 24% off $36.99 msrp

VITTORIA ZAFFIRO PRO IV CONTROL TIRE G2. 0ROLLING OUT EVERY DAYA training tire will last you much longer than a racing tire. They are designed to be ridden daily and can withstand rough roads. The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro IV Control Tire G2. 0 uses Vittoria's G2. 0 compound for better tread life. The tires also have enhanced puncture protection and better grip when cornering. With the tread pattern, you'll be able to ride in various ...


Goodyear | Eagle Sport 700c Tire | Black | 28


Goodyear Eagle Sport 700c TireTires change the way your bike rides, and depending on where you're riding, your tires could increase or hinder your performance. They have car tires, do auto repairs, have a world-famous blimp, and now they have bicycle tires. The Goodyear Eagle Sport 700c Tire is reliable and durable budget friendly road tire that is meant to last. If you're looking for a good reliable road tire for commuting or putting in ...


Continental | Race King V2 29" Tire 2.2" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / TR


CONTINENTAL RACE KING V2 29" TIREThe type of tire you're using for the trail can increase or hinder your performance. Different tread patterns will perform better or worse depending on where you're riding. The Continental Race King V2 is a perfect tire for the cross-country mountain bike racer or marathon rider. It has a low rolling resistance, good self-damping, and low weight. It features excellent puncture resistance thanks to the ProTection technology, and excellent grip ...


Continental | Trail King V2 29" Tire 2.4" Fold Protection Apex+ | Black | chili/TR

$67.45 10% off $74.95 msrp

CONTINENTAL TRAIL KING V2 29" TIREThe type of tire you use while mountain biking can either have a positive or negative impact on your performance. The Continental Trail King V2 is designed to shine on every trail and works best with enduro bikes and all-mountain bikes. The tread of the Trail King has many small knobs that provide excellent traction on any difficult trail. The ProTection Apex provides the tire with excellent puncture resistance and ...


Surly | Extraterrestrial 26" Tubeless Tire | Black/Slate | 60tpi, 26 x 2.5, Tubeless, Folding


Surly ExtraTerrestrial 26” Tubeless TireJust like how you wouldn’t underestimate a space alien’s powers and intelligence just because he is small and green, the same holds true for the Surly ExtraTerrestrial Tire; There is a lot more than what meets the eye. The Surly ExtraTerrestrial 26” Tubeless Tire features low rolling resistance, tread and sidewall flat protection and great traction on hardpacked trails. The large and flat directional tread pattern allows for ultra-low rolling ...


Continental | Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless Road Tire | Black | 700X32C Tubeless + | Black | Chilli

$61.72 34% off $94.95 msrp

CONTINENTAL GRAND PRIX 5000 TL ROAD TIRETires might be an afterthought to most but they have a major impact on your bike's ride quality and efficiency. Tires can be designedfor different functions. Some tires are built for long-distance and puncture protection, and some tires are built for racing. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Tire is one of the best allrounder tires which allows riders to ride faster, and the tire is more comfortable and ...


Michelin | Power Gravel 700c Tire | Black | 700x33c, Tubeless

$59.99 7% off $64.99 msrp

MICHELIN POWER GRAVEL 700C TIREMAINTAIN GRIP, PERFORMANCE, AND STRENGTHThe type of tires you use on your bike play a major role in your performance and handling. With the right tires, you'll be able to roll faster, corner harder, and ride farther. The Michelin Power Gravel 700c Tire is designed to conquer hardpack gravel roads with ease. It features Bead 2 Bead Protek reinforcement that protects the entire tire casing. It also has an X-Miles Compound ...


Continental | Contact Plus 700C Tire | Black | 700X37C Reflex

$27.95 20% off $35.00 msrp

CONTINENTAL CONTACT PLUS 700C TIRESearching for that perfect tire for your touring bike? Look no further than the Continental Contact Plus. The Contact Plus is an all-rounder tire that is great for roads and off-pave alike. It features extra puncture protection so you won’t be left stranded on the side of the road with a flat. Continental took their most popular touring tread and updated it to make it perform even better in a multitude ...


Continental | Der Kaiser Projekt 27.5" Tire | Black | 27.5"x2.4" Fold Protection Apex+ | Black | chili/TR


CONTINENTAL DER KAISER PROJEKT V2 27. 5"The type of tire you use can either improve or hinder your performance on the trail. Different tread patterns will perform better or worse depending on where you're riding. The Continental Der Kaiser Projekt V2 is designed for hardpack, dry, and all around conditions. It is designed to accelerate efficiently, brake well, and handle tough, technical corners. It has puncture resistance and sidewall stability thanks to the ProTection Apex ...


Teravail | Rutland 700c Tire 42c | Black | Light and Supple, Tubeless


Teravail Rutland 700c TireThe tire for every rideTeravail designed the Rutland with the unknown in mind. They wanted to create a tire that would be perfect for every ride. It provides riders with an extremely supple ride with unparalleled traction. The ramped, tightly spaced center lugs reduce rolling resistance and the aggressive shoulder and transition lugs provide grip in loose conditions. The Rutland is available in either a durable or light and supple construction in ...


Vittoria | Rubino Pro G2.0 Tire | Black | 700x25c


VITTORIA RUBINO PRO G2. 0 TIREALL-ROUNDER FOR ANY CONDITIONNo matter where you're riding, the type of tires you use on your bike have a major impact on your bike's performance and efficiency. When the conditions aren't perfect, you need a tire that can take on those conditions with ease. The Vittoria Rubino Pro G2. 0 Tire is an all-rounder tire that is great in any condition. It is built with a 150 TPI Nylon casing ...


45NRTH | Kahva 29" Studded Tire | Black | 29"x2.25", Folding, 60TPI, #252 Studs


45NRTHKahva 29" Studded TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for riding in loose snow, the 45 North Kahva brings traction technology to an entirely new level. From light winter trail riding to commuting, the Kahva allows you to carve your way through winter with steel carbide studs as well as single, double and triple siped lugs. 45 North ...


Continental | Mountain King V2 27.5" Tire 2.3" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / TR

$47.97 40% off $79.95 msrp

CONTINENTAL MOUNTAIN KING V2 27. 5" TIREThe type of tire you're using while mountain biking can either positively or negatively affect your performance. Different tread patterns will perform better or worse depending on the terrain you're riding. The Continental Mountain King V2 is designed for riding in hilly terrain and is perfect for mountain bike touring. The tread pattern features a continuous central tread and grippy outer lugs that provide superior grip. It works best ...


Continental | Cross King V2 29" Tire 2.3" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / TR

$62.95 10% off $69.95 msrp

CONTINENTAL CROSS KING 29" TIREThe type of tire you use while you're riding can hinder or improve your performance. The Continental Cross King 29" Tire is designed for hardpack, dry, allround, and loose conditions. It features an easy-rolling profile that is versatile enough for any surface. The ProTection layer provides excellent puncture resistance and the BlackChili Compound provides excellent grip, efficient rolling, and improves the mileage of the tire. The Continental Cross King 29" ...


Panaracer | Gravelking Sk 650B Tire 650B X 48mm (27.5X1.9) | Black | Sidewall


Panaracer Gravel King SK 650b TireKing of The GravelWith it’s efficient low tread pattern, the Gravel King SK dials up the grip for those long rides on pavement and hard-packed gravel, when the roads ahead might not even be roads. Grip in the form of low, tightly-spaced square knobs keep you rolling efficiently with minimal drag, while the long side lugs give you confidence when cornering on less than ideal terrain. The casing of the ...


WTB | Ranger 29" TCS Light/Fast Rolling Tire | Black | 3.0", TCS Light/Fast Rolling

$65.95 9% off $72.95 msrp

WTB Ranger 29X3. 0 TCS Light Tire A plus size tire with limitless traction and multiple usages Being made up of equal parts trail expert and XC course owner, the WTB Ranger is the complete package. The large, exposed, and soft outer knobs compliment the low, closely spaced, harder center tread delivering performance and traction in varied conditions. A large tubeless ready casing provides the air volume plus-sized bike riders are looking for and won't ...


Teravail | Washburn 700C Tubeless Tire | Black | 700X42C, Light & Supple, Tubeless


TERAVAIL WASHBURN 700C TUBELESS TIRETHE ULTIMATE MIXED TERRAIN TIREThe tires you use will affect your performance and ride quality. With the right tires, you'll have improved performance on the terrain your ride on. The Teravail Washburn 700c Tubeless Tire is designed to perform well on pavement and on dirt. It features a smooth tread in the center and shoulder lugs for confident traction while you're turning in the dirt. The tire is tubeless-ready so you ...


Maxxis | Assegai 27.5" Double Down Tire 27.5x2.5, 120x2tpi, 3GC TR, Double Down

$95.00 5% off $100.00 msrp

MAXXIS ASSEGAI 27. 5" DOUBLE DOWN TIREKICK 'EM IN THE ASSEGAIAn assegai is an iron-tipped spear used by the Zulu people in South Africa. It is a fitting name for a tire that is ready to battle the trails. The Maxxis Assegai 27. 5" Double Down Tire has tall knobs that work well in dusty and loamy conditions as well as on wet roots and rocks. It features a 3C MaxxGrip compound that offers ultimate ...


WTB | Nano Race 700C Tire | Black | 700C X 40C

$46.95 6% off $50.00 msrp

WTB Nano 700X40 Race Tire The WTB Nano tire is the number one tire choice for the Tour Divide, which happens to be the longest mountain bike race in the world stretching from Canada to Mexico along the Rockies. The elevated centerline rolls effortlessly on hard surfaces, while the numerous micro knobs edges provide lateral traction and predictability. The tire features a square shaped, tubeless bead and dual durometer rubber compound Features: USAGE: Gravel / ...


Michelin | Power Road TLR 700c Tire | Black | 700x25c, Tubeless Ready

$67.99 15% off $79.99 msrp

MICHELIN POWER ROAD TLR 700C TIREMORE ROLLING EFFICIENCYThe type of tires you use on your bike have a significant impact on your performance and ride quality. Higher quality tires will roll smoother and corner better. The Michelin Power Road TLR 700c Tire is designed for racing and training. It has excellent rolling efficiency and features a tubeless-ready casing so you can drop the tire pressure for a smoother ride, better traction, and fewer flats. The ...


Maxxis | Minion DHF 29" 2-Ply DH Tire 2.5" Dual Compound/TR/Folding 2-Ply


Maxxis Minion DHF EXO DH Tubeless Ready 29" Tire The erratic ways of all-mountain, and shall we say, "Enduro, " riding calls for an aggressive tire that delivers both speed and precision. The Maxxis Minion DHF EXO Tire does just that. The directional, ramped knob design reduces rolling resistance, saving energy on the climb for the more important plunge. Once you grind out the ascent and earn the descent, the Minion DHF unleashes its channel-cut ...


Vittoria | Rubino Pro Control G2.0 Tire | Black | 700x28c


VITTORIA RUBINO PRO CONTROL G2. 0 TIRECONTROLLING THE ROADIn longer road rides and longer racers, sometimes you'll need a tire that will have to take a beating. Not all tires are up to the challenge, but some will be able to withstand the tough courses ahead. The Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G2. 0 Tire is a performance race tire that has reinforced sidewalls for extra protection and a specific nylon casing that is designed for ...


Teravail | Rampart 700c Tubeless Tire | Black | 700X42c, Light & Supple Casing


TERAVAIL RAMPART TIRE - 700CAN ALL-ROAD TIRETires have a significant impact on your bike's performance and ride quality. Everyone knows that not all roads are perfectly smooth. These roads most often have potholes, cracks, and rough pavement. The Teravail Rampart Tire is designed to offer increased traction and ultra-smooth ride quality on rough pavement. It's available in both a light and supple casing that provides an ultra-supple ride quality or a durable casing that provides ...


Teravail | Kessel 27.5 Tire | Black | 27.5"X2.5", Ultra Durable Casting, Tubeless


Teravail Kessel 27. 5 TireThe Teravail Kessel 27. 5 Tire is Teravail’s most aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro tire. The Kessler features large, angled lugs, an open tread pattern and dual-compound rubber for exceptional grip on loose and technical terrain. Ramped center lugs keep the rolling resistance on the Kessel low, while the Durable and Ultra-Durable casings with sidewall and puncture protection keep you rolling. Kessel delivers predictable performance as you push your ...


WTB | Ranger 27.5" Plus TCS Tough/Fast Rolling Tire | Black | 2.8", TCS Tough/Fast Rolling

$72.95 9% off $80.95 msrp

WTB RANGER TCS TOUGH/FAST ROLLING TIRESearching for the ultimate do-it-all tire to satisfy your plus-size needs? Meet the Ranger…you’re welcome. Exposed outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease while the tight, supportive centerline tread pattern delivers a fast yet supple plus-size tire that excels in all conditions. Completing the package, multi-directional siping assures the Ranger will grab hold whether tackling technical climbs or roosting into corners. Weight optimized to ...


Continental | Der Baron Projekt 29" Tire | Black | 29"x2.4"

$67.45 10% off $74.95 msrp

CONTINENTAL DER BARON PROJEKT V2 29"Tires make a big difference on the terrain you ride on. The type of tire you have can either increase or hinder your performance while you're mountain biking. The Continental Der Baron Project V2 29" is designed for technical enduro riding. It has a highly versatile tread pattern and has excellent puncture protection thanks to the ProTection Tubeless Ready Insert and the Apex stiffening. The BlackChili Compound provides the tire ...


45NRTH | Dunderbeist Fatbike Tire | Black | 26X4.6", 120Tpi, Tubeless, Folding


45North Dunderbeist Fatbike Tire Like a cat running for the door when its open, we encourage you and your fatbike to escape to the local groomed single track to feel the thunder and bite that is - Dunderbeist. The 45 North Dunderbeist Fatbike tire plants a 4. 6" paw print into the snow, providing enhanced traction and flotation while the aggressive tread delivers unparalleled acceleration and braking traction. Pair Dunderbeist with its sibling front tire, ...


Vittoria | Corsa Control G2.0 Tire Para/Black, 700x30c


VITTORIA CORSA CONTROL G2. 0 TIRECONTROLLING THE COURSEWhen you're in a race, sometimes the course is well groomed and won't have any debris, and sometimes the course isn't so nice. The Vittoria Corsa Control G2. 0 Tire is the tire choice of pro riders for races on cobbles and rougher roads. It features a thicker tread for the best puncture protection in colder conditions. It is built with Graphene 2. 0 compound reduces the rolling ...