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Oneup Components | 35Mm Stem | Black | 35Mm 2 Bolt | Aluminum


ONEUP COMPONENTS 35MM STEMMORE THAN JUST A STEMThe One Up Stem is designed for everything from trail riding to Enduro racing. It features a high quality 6061-T6 aluminum construction which has been engineered to handle the toughest of trails. The Stem is compatible with One Up's threaded EDC top cap and Threadless Carrier for EDC tool storage in your steerer, allowing for easy tool access while out on the trails. On top of that, the ...


Enve | Carbon Road Stem | Black | 110Mm, 31.8Mm


ENVE Carbon Road Stem 2015Enve Carbon stems are made of a unidirectional carbon fiber and are beautifully sculpted to compliment your bicycle. The performance is not just style over substance though. The weight and strength puts the Enve Carbon stem into the elite end of the stratosphere. ENVE constructed the Carbon Road stem with a forged 4 bolt faceplate and titanium hardware to keep the weight down. The ENVE Carbon stem will be the perfect ...


Spank | Split 35 Stem | Black | 50Mm, 35Mm Clamp | Aluminum


Spank Split Stem Optimized The new Spank Split stem has been highly-optimized to provide riders with a strong stem at an incredible weight. The stem is perfect for Enduro and Trail bike applications and features an ultra-short stack height to give you plenty of cockpit height adjustment. The two-piece face plate design reduces weight while still providing proper support and strength. Wrapping it all together, the stem features a shotpeen-anodized finish to give the stem ...


Race Face | Aeffect 35 Stem | Black | 80Mm Length | Aluminum


Race Face Aeffect 35mm Stem Lightweight design for aggressive riders The Race Face Aeffect Stem is a burly stem for aggressive trail and enduro riders, providing a rugged design with a minimal weight. The Aeffect 35mm Stem is forged from 6061 aluminum alloy, providing a balance of weight and durability, with a price tag that leaves you more money in your wallet for other upgrades on the bike. The Affect Stem boasts an easy-to-use 4-bolt ...


Salsa | Guide Stem | Black | 100Mm, +/- 25 Degrees, 31.8 | Aluminum


Salsa guide stem 3D forged from 6061-T6 aluminum, the lightweight Salsa Guide Stem provides great durability and strength for excellent steering response on the road or trail. A 4-bolt face plate allows easy removal and installation, as well as secure anchoring for your bars. The bead blasted, anodized black finish is a compliment to any bike. Features AL-6061-T6 aluminum construction 3D-forged for increased strength, then CNC-machined 4-bolt faceplate design 31. 8mm bar clamp Bead-blasted, ...


Truvativ | Descendant Stem | Black | 31.8Mm, 60Mm | Aluminum

$61.99 6% off $66.00 msrp

Truvativ Descendant Stem The Truvativ Descendant Stem provides you with the right specs for trail and enduro riding. They're 3D forged from 7075 alloy and machined for weight reduction, making them a great choice for your style of riding. Its strength and durability is ready to take you through the toughest trails around. Features 3D forged 7075 CNC machined for weight reduction Four bolt handlebar clamp Two bolt steerer clamp Strength and weight The right ...


Truvativ | Holzfeller Stem Blast | Black | 50, 1 1/8, 0 Deg | Aluminum

$39.94 39% off $66.00 msrp

Truvativ Holtzfeller Stem A budget-friendly stem that can take a beating. Forged from super-strong 6061 alloy and capable of withstanding whatever abuses your trails dishes out, Hussefelt is the stem for those who just want to forget about it and ride. This is no-brainer DH, freeride or all-mountain performance at a reasonable cost. It features a 2-bolt steerer clamp and 4-bolt handlebar clamp, plus an all-new look with updated graphics. Features Made from AL-66 aluminum ...


Specialized | Comp Multi Stem | Black | 75Mm, 12 Degree | Aluminum


SPECIALIZED COMP MULTI STEMOPTIMIZE YOUR EFFICIENCY AND COMFORTStems are an important and often overlooked component when it comes to a bike's fit and feel. Things like stem length and stem angle are crucial to riding comfort and performance. The Specialized Comp Multi Stem is a 6061 aluminum 3D-forged and CNC-machined stem that is perfect for road riding and mountain biking. It has a 31. 8mm clamp with a relieved faceplate and has a top cap ...


Ritchey | Comp 4-Axis Stem | Black | 70Mm, +/- 30 Degree


Ritchey Comp 4-Axis Stem Super aero or super comfy Dial in your fit and upgrade your cockpit with Ritchey’s Comp 4-Axis Stem. It takes inspiration from Ritchey’s top of the line components but delivers it at a more affordable price point. The 6061 aluminum construction saves weight, is stiff, and built to last. The unique angled steer tube clamp reduces stress on carbon steerer tubes, making the Ritchey Comp 4-Axis a great choice for any ...


Protaper | Stem | Black | 31.8Mm, 50Mm | Aluminum

$18.94 72% off $69.99 msrp

Protaper 31. 8mm Stem When you're riding aggressively on your mountain bike, you want to make sure you have a durable cockpit that can withstand the abuse you put it through. The Pro Taper 31. 8mm Stem is a lightweight, 3D forged and machined 6061 aluminum alloy stem that is incredibly durable. It is available in multiple lengths and has stainless Torx fasteners. This stem features a zero-degree rise and weighs in at just 175 ...


Truvativ | Hussefelt Stem Blast | Black | 40, 31.8Mm, 42 Height | Aluminum


Truvativ Hussefelt Stem A budget-friendly stem that can take a beating. Forged from super strong 6061 alloy and capable of withstanding whatever abuses your trails dishes out, Hussefelt is the stem for those who just want to forget about it and ride. This is no-brainer DH, freeride or all-mountain performance at a reasonable cost. It features a 2-bolt steerer clamp and 4-bolt handlebar clamp, plus an all-new look with updated graphics. Features Made from 6061 ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.7 6D Stem | Black | 60Mm, +/- 6 Degree | Aluminum


WHISKY NO. 7 6D STEMStems play a key role when it comes to fit and comfort. A small change in your stem's length can have a huge impact on your fit and comfort while riding. The Whisky No. 7 6D Stem is a lightweight aluminum stem that has a +/- 6° rise. It is designed to work with 31. 8mm handlebar clamps and is perfect for both mountain and road. If you're a lover of ...


Ritchey | Wcs Trail Stem | Black | 80Mm, +/- 0 Degree, 31.8, 1 1/8 Steer | Aluminum


Ritchey WCS Trail Stem When you need reliable and quality components that are designed as tough as the trails you ride, then you are going to want to turn to Ritchey. The WCS Trail Stem was designed for cross-country to aggressive trail riding and features Ritchey’s new C220 clamp with a wider clamp area for additional stiffness and strength. Available in a variety of lengths, the Ritchey WCS Trail stem has a 31. 8mm bar ...


Race Face | Turbine 35 Stem | Black | 50Mm Length | Aluminum

$66.58 39% off $109.99 msrp

Turbine: It's the series of components designed by Race Face to be strong enough to get through the most intense riding without weighing you down with non-essentials. Designed for the newest generation of oversized-clamp-diameter 35mm bars, the Turbine 35 stem is beautifully machined, anodized and laser-etched from the toughest 7075 aluminum alloy for minimal weight and maximal strength and stiffness. With 4 bolts on the front plate and 2 on the clamp, it distributes clamp ...


Specialized | Trail Stem | Black | 40Mm | Aluminum

$44.99 25% off $60.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED TRAIL STEMDesigned for high-demanding trail riding A stem is an important component when it comes to how well a bike fits and how well it handles out on the trail. The Specialized Trail Stem is a 3D-forged and CNC-machined 6061 aluminum stem that is designed for high-demanding trail riding. It has a 4-bolt 31. 8mm handlebar clamp with a relieved faceplate and is compatible with carbon composite handlebars. Features3D-forged 6061 aluminum makes for a ...


Race Face | Chester 35 Stem | Black | 60Mm Length | Aluminum


Race Face Chester Stem The Race Face Chester Stem is designed for riders who love to ride their bikes. For riders who are not scared to punish their equipment on the trail. An aggressive rider who puts more concern into the durability and reliability of components rather than the weight of them. The Chester Stem is forged and blasted 2014 alloy for impressive strength and fatigue characteristics. The interlocking U-shaped clamp will transfer loads evenly ...


Thomson | Elite X4 31.8Mm Stem | Black | 110Mm, 10 Deg, 31.8Mm | Aluminum


THOMSON ELITE X4 STEMThe design team for the new Thomson 31. 8 stems had a tough goal: make a stem better than the Thomson Elite Road and Mountain Stems. That was a tall order, given the popularity of the Elite models. They've done it, though - the new X4 is stronger AND lighter than before. It's designed around the 31. 8mm bar standard for increased stiffness and strength. The X4 incorporates a new steerer clamp ...


Thomson | X4 35Mm Mountain Stem | Black | 50Mm, 35.0Mm, 0 Deg | Aluminum


Thomson X4 35mm Mountain Stem The leader in strength and stiffness Too many modern mountain bikers sacrifice strength and torsional stiffness to save a few grams of weight. Thomson created a stem that has industry leading strength and stiffness while remaining one of the lightest enduro-worthy stems on the market. The X4 stem allows riders to realize the benefits of running stiffer forks and stiffer 35mm handlebars. The stem offers precise steering, tracking, and more ...


Race Face | Ride 31.8 Stem | Black | 70Mm Length | Aluminum


Race Face Ride 31. 8 Stem The Race Face Ride stem is made of 6061 forged and shot peened aluminum for strength and durability. The 4 bolt clamp securely holds your bar in place. The machined logo on the bar clamp add a little high end detail to this value oriented stem. Features Claimed weight: 175g (110mm with 25. 4mm bar)Suggested Use: XC/Trail31. 8mm Rise: +or-6 degrees Stack Height: 40mm | Race Face | Ride ...


Chromag | Bza 35 Stem | Black | 35Mm, 35Clamp | Aluminum

$146.00 5% off $154.00 msrp

Chromag BZA 35 Stem The BZA 35 is chiseled for the perfect balance of strength and miniscule weight. With a CNC machined 35mm bar interface and 0 degrees of rise, the BZA Stem is a juggernaut of a stem that offers massive amounts of stiffness and precision steering. Its wide clamping surface is designed to match Chromag's BZA Handlebar. Chromag BZA Stem Features: CNC machined in Canada Designed for the BZA handlebar Length Options: 35mm, ...


Deity | Copperhead Stem 35Mm | Black | 35Mm Length, 31.8Mm Clamp | Aluminum


Deity Copperhead Stem 35mm For 31. 8mm Handlebars A stem is a great way to add some style to your ride. They can also be used to improve your riding comfort. The Deity Copperhead Stem 35mm was designed to be stronger, lighter, and yes, sexier than your average stem. The aluminum 6061 composition provides it with great strength and durability, making it capable of withstanding all the rough riding you can dish out. The short ...


Enve | Road Tubeless Kit | Black | Stem, 5.6 Ses


ENVE Road Tubeless Kit Prepare your SES 5. 6 Enve Wheelset for a tubeless set-up with the ENVE Road Tubeless Kit. It's simple, functional and is specifically cut to fit the Enve 5. 6 to ensure proper fit. The tubeless valves feature a removable core for easy sealant refresh. Features Made for SES 5. 6 Removable valve core Valve core removal tool included | Enve | Road Tubeless Kit | Black | Stem, 5. 6 ...


E.thirteen | Plus 35 Stem | Black | 40Mm, 0 Rise | Aluminum

$84.94 15% off $99.95 msrp

E*Thirteen Plus 35 Stem After many requests from their customers, E-thirteen now has an offering of both handlebars and stems. The Plus 35 is the company's premier stem featuring a 7050 aluminum construction with two different length options. It's ready for everything from trail riding to DH park laps. The Plus Stemsports beautiful water decals, a dual machine finish on the body, andpolishing on the faceplates. Features Two different length options availableto perfectly suit your ...


Ritchey | Wcs Carbon Matrix C220 Stem | Carbon/black | 70Mm, 31.8Mm, +/-6 Degree, 1 1/8"


Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C220 Stem The Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C220 Stem rivals the performance of the revolutionary C260 stem, excpet it’s quicker and easier to install and remove thanks to a press-fit handlebar clamp interface and forward-facing hardware. The C220 handlebar clamp design creates a more secure interface by wrapping a full 220-degrees over the handlebar. Bolt forces are aligned with the clamp so that the stem body 'embraces' the handlebar, which is ...


Cane Creek | Eesilk 31 8 Stem 100Mm Black | Aluminum


Cane Creek ee SILK 31 8 Stem A smooth ride is a fast ride Reduce fatigue and smooth out your ride with Cane Creek’s latest and greatest ee Silk stem. At the twist of a switch you’ll have access to 20mm of tunable compliance thanks to the ingenious elastomer design. 20mm may not sound like much, but can often be just enough to take the edge off when riding over rough terrain and gravel. Sometimes ...


Race Face | Turbine 31.8 Stem | Black | 90Mm, 6 Degree | Aluminum

$79.99 20% off $99.99 msrp

Race Face Turbine Stem A premium stem made to shred the trails. The Race Face Turbine Stem is highly engineered to maximize stiffness and minimize weight. Made from aerospace-grade, 7075 aluminum alloy, this stem is ideal for high-level cross-country racers but is strong enough for the all-mountain rider. Available in an array of lengths and fitted with a 6-degree rise this is sure to be your next favorite stem. Features Made from 7075 aluminum alloy ...


Race Face | Atlas 35 Stem | Black | 35Mm Length | Aluminum


Raceface Atlas 35 Stem You're always looking to take your riding to the limit. Faster, harder, higher are all words racing through your mind during every ride session. The Atlas 35 stem has just the kind of attitude you're looking for. It was designed to reduce overall system weight while retaining the proven stiffness and performance the Atlas line is known for. The stem itself is measurably stiffer than the 31. 8mm offering and, although ...


Enve | M7 Carbon Mtn Stem | Black | 35 Mm, 35.0


ENVE M7 CARBON MOUNTAIN STEMIf you want to be the envy of all your riding buddies, try outfitting your bike with the Enve M7 carbon fiber stem. The M7 is a gravity rated, carbon bodied mountain stem . built for aggressive riding and the muscular look of today’s carbon Enduro and All-Mountain bikes. The M7 stem is designed to complement the look and ride feel of ENVE M7 handlebars. ENVE designed the 35mm clamp diameter ...


Protaper | 31.8Mm Stem | Black/yellow | 50Mm | Aluminum


PROTAPER 31. 8MM STEMSTRONG AND ALUMINUMWhen you're riding aggressively on your mountain bike, you want to make sure you have a durable cockpit that can withstand the abuse you put it through. The Pro Taper 31. 8mm Stem is a lightweight, 3D forged and machined 6061 alloy stem that is incredibly durable. It is available in multiple lengths and has stainless Torx fasteners. Features3D forged and machined 6061 alloy for light weight and high durability ...


Deity | Intake 31.8 Direct Mount Stem | Black | 31.8 | Aluminum


Deity Intake 31. 8 Direct Mount Stem THE PERFECT COMPLEMENTThe Deity Intake 31. 8 Direct Mount Stem features a 3-piece styling direct mount design and is the perfect complement to Deity DH handlebars. It's made from 7075 T73 aluminum, not only making it strong and lightweight but ultra-durable as well. With its aggressive lines reminiscent of muscle cars, it's not only performance focused but it also delivers a great looking design overall. It comes in ...


Zipp | Service Course Road Stem | Silver | 80Mm, +/- 6 Degree, 31.8, 1 1/8" Steer | Aluminum

$51.99 13% off $60.00 msrp

Zipp Service Course Road Stem A High-Quality Stem Zipp is hardly a company that needs an introduction. Known for being tested amongst the toughest and fastest in the peloton, Zipp's legacy stands tall. Zipp is committed to helping riders achieve their potential by offering high-quality components with innovative design and manufacturing. The Service Course Road Stem is known for being a trusty workhorse of the line, featuring high-performance and an improved stiffness-to-weight ratio. Zipp ...


Ritchey | Superlogic C260 Carbon Stem Matte | Black | 120Mm, +/- 6 Degree, 31.8Mm, 1-1/8"


Ritchey C-260 Superlogic Carbon Stem Tom Ritchey and his team have been designing and building cycling components for nearly forty years. Ritchey prides themselves on being very logical. They create components that are elegant and practical, becoming sought after with enthusiasts and the peloton. Ritchey's full carbon stem, the C-260 Superlogic was designed to have an ideal strength to weight ratio through the strategic use of high modulus carbon fiber and a wider clamp. It ...