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Bell | Super Dh Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte/gloss Black Camo


BELL SUPER DH MIPS HELMETNOT ALL HEROES WEAR HELMETSWhen you're riding aggressively, you need aggressive protection. Accidents happen at random and are hard to predict, so you should always be ready for the worst-case scenario. The Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet is a versatile helmet that has highly advanced MIPS Spherical energy management and Float Fit DH technology. The Super DH features a Wraparound chin bar that is removable, letting you transform the helmet from ...


Kask | Mojito 3 Helmet Men's | Size Small In Black


KASK MOJITO 3 HELMETWITH FRESH LIME AND MINTWhether you're cruising the bike paths, racing for the podium, or leaping over a cyclocross barrier you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. Helmets not only provide protection, but they also help wick moisture and channel airflow to your head. The Kask Mojito 3 Helmet lets you ride with comfort and reap the sweat-wicking benefits of Blue Tech padding. It features an ergonomic Octo Fit ...


Lazer | Tonic Kineticore Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


Lazer Tonic Kineticore Helmet Next-level protection for every rider The Lazer Tonic Kineticore Helmet is Lazer’s mid-level road helmet that brings the high-level technology from their top-of-the-line race helmets to the world of recreational riders. The Tonic boasts Lazer’s proprietary Kineticore system, a revolutionary safety and sustainability system that reduces rotational and linear forces while maintaining a lightweight design with reduced plastic. When combined with the EPS foam core ...


Specialized | Camber Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black

$55.99 25% off $75.00 msrp

Specialized Camber Helmet Confidence, Style and Protection for Every Rider The new Specialized Camber Helmet brings stylish, comfortable protection to riders of every type. The Camber earned a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™, their highest score for helmet safety—and when combined with ANGi sensor compatibility, and MIPS® technology for reducing rotational forces during a crash, it all adds up to one seriously protective helmet. Five available shell sizes provide a perfect fit for any ...


Troy Lee Designs | Flowline Se Helmet Men's | Size Medium/large In Radian Camo Black/gray


Troy Lee Designs Flowline SE Helmet Fast, Fun, Flowline Replacing the ever-popular A2 helmet within the Troy Lee Designs half-shell helmet lineup, the Flowline SE brings high-performance features, modern styling, and exceptional protection to trail riders looking to up their game. The Flowline SE is an upgrade from the Flowline, featuring a dual-density EPS core to strike the perfect balance between impact absorption and weight—while also including a Fid Lock magnetic buckle and an ...


Met | Trenta 3K Carbon Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Large In Black Matte | Rubber


MET TRENTA 3K CARBON MIPS HELMETLandmark Performance The MET Trenta 3K Carbon helmet has been painstakingly engineered to provide maximum performance for elite cyclists. The introduction of 3K carbon technology into the Trenta helmet allowed MET to reduce the density of the EPS foam by 20% allowing for a significant weight reduction without affecting the safety of the helmet. Massive NACA vents allow for constant and consistent airflow without affecting the helmet’s aerodynamics. Rear ...


Lazer | G1 Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black


LAZER G1 MIPS HELMETPro-Level Weight, Real World Protection The featherlight G1 MIPS by Lazer is the lightest helmet they've ever made, all without skimping on protection, ventilation and style. The G1 MIPS tips the scales at a scant 235 grams (size small) and features 22 vents to direct a massive amount of airflow over the rider's head, even more than without wearing a helmet at all. Since being lightweight and ventilated doesn't mean anything without ...


Smith | Engage Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Black


Smith Engage MIPS Helmet Stylish and Great Fitting Whether you're cruising the fire roads, shredding the gnar, or you're racing to the finish line, you should be wearing a helmet. Helmets provide much-needed protection for your head and help channel airflow to keep you cool. The Smith Engage MIPS Helmet comes with extended coverage on the back of the head for additional protection and has 21 vents that will help keep you cool in the ...


Smith | Persist Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black/cement


Smith Persist MIPS Helmet Stylish Helmet With A Tailor-Made Fit Whether you're going for a personal distance record, you're cruising the bike paths, or you're riding to get your morning coffee, you'll want to wear a helmet. Helmets provide protection and help channel ventilation towards your head. The Smith Persist MIPS Helmet is made with an adjustable Vapor Fit system that provides a customized fit. The MIPS liner adds an increased level of protection and ...


Smith | Trace Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black/matte Cement


SMITH TRACE MIPS HELMETTHE PINNACLE HELMETNo matter what type of riding you do, whether it's racing to the podium, cruising the single track, or riding with a group to get lunch, you should be wearing a helmet. The Smith Trace MIPS Helmet is not like other helmets. It features Koroyd, which fully surrounds the helmet providing exceptional protection and works with the internal air channels and open intake and exhaust ports to produce maximum ventilation. ...


Smith | Convoy Mips Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small In Black


SMITH CONVOY MIPS HELMETLIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTIONWhether you're cruising the fireroads, navigating a technical descent, or racing to the podium, you'll want to wear a helmet. The Smith Convoy boasts next-level technology and protection without the next-level pricetag. The 20 large vents built into the Convoy are paired with Smith's Air Evac™ technology, providing seamless integration with Smith eyewear for a fog-free ride. The Vapor Fit™ retention system boasts the simplicity and one-handed ...


Bell | Super Air R Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte/gloss Black

$255.00 14% off $299.95 msrp

BELL SUPER AIR R MIPSA TRUE ALL-MOUNTAIN PERFORMERIf you're riding aggressively out on the trails, then you're going to want aggressive protection. The newly-redesigned Bell Super Air R MIPS is designed with removable chin bar technology; this means you can have a full-face helmet for coverage when downhill riding, then remove the chin bar for better ventilation while climbing. Importantly, the helmet features Flex Spherical and MIPS® technology, a ball-and-socket design to reduce energy ...


Met | Trenta Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Large In Black/matte/glossy


MET TRENTA MIPS HELMETPerformance Meets Safety MET’s Trenta MIPS helmet is the epitome of a top-of-the-line cycling helmet. It strikes the perfect balance of safety, cooling, and aerodynamics. NACA vents strategically placed across the helmet provide optimized airflow without affecting the aerodynamics of the helmet. Rear deflectors in the form of two large exhausts allow for the exit of warm air. Coupled with the NACA vents and exhaust ports is the tube-shaped tail which works ...


Specialized | Mode Helmet Cpsc Men's | Size Large In Matte Black

$89.99 25% off $120.00 msrp

Specialized Mode Helmet Clean, Modern Protection The all-new Specialized Mode helmet is designed for riders in search of the ideal balance between performance, safety features and style. This urban-style helmet prioritizes ventilation as well as safety, so you no longer need to choose between keeping cool and staying stylishly protected while you're commuting to work. The Mode features discrete, hidden ventilation through vents at the front and rear of the helmet, for consistent airflow ...


Endura | Mt500 Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/large In Black


Endura MT500 MIPS® Helmet A helmet for every mountain This newly-updated edition of the Endura MT500 MIPS® Helmet builds off of the award-winning original MT500 by introducing new safety and performance technology to improve on a helmet that already set a high bar. This new MT500 incorporates a 3D injected Koroyd® core that enhances impact absorption while increasing airflow and reducing overall weight. Adding to this pursuit of safety is the incorporation of MIPS® technology, ...


Specialized | Ambush Ii Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black | Rubber

$134.99 25% off $180.00 msrp

Specialized Ambush 2 Helmet The Next Generation of Trail Helmets The fully-redesigned Ambush 2 Helmet by Specialized is a modern trail helmet for the mountain rider who’s looking for bigtime performance and bold styling. With Specialized’s SBC Integrated Fit system, Tri-Fix splitters for optimal strap adjustment and an Occipital Base Adjustment to position the brow position of the helmet, getting the perfect fit has never been easier. The Ambush 2 earned a coveted Five-Star Virginia ...


Fox Apparel | Mainframe Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


Fox Racing Mainframe MIPS Helmet MIPS-Equipped, Ready for Anything The Fox Mainframe MIPS is a trail ready helmet that brings the safety features from Fox’s high-end helmets to riders of all experience levels. Extended coverage in the rear of the helmet protects riders from impacts to the back of the head, without adding excessive bulk. This helmet incorporates MIPS technology, which disperses rotational forces during impacts, better protecting the brain and still maintaining a comfortably ...


Kask | Protone Icon Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


Kask Protone Icon Helmet The New Synonym For Victory When it comes to road cycling and road racing, you'll want a helmet that is breathable, aerodynamic, and can provide all the protection you need to ride confidently. The Kask Protone Icon Helmet features the latest technological advances in safety, ventilation, and aerodynamics. The Protone Icon features Octofit+ that provides greater stability and fit, a stronger internal frame, and a removable and washable inner padding that ...


Bell | Trace Mips Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large In Matte Black | Rubber


Bell Trace MIPS Helmet Performance for all For those riders who don’t let one single discipline define their cycling, the Bell Trace MIPS is a versatile do-it-all helmet for every rider—the seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. The Trace MIPS is packe with a high-performance set of features to take your cycling to the next level. For added safety, built-in MIPS® Evolve technology uses a slip-plane design to provides essential protection from rotational forces during certain ...


Endura | Mt500 Full Face Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/large In Black


Endura MT500 Full-Face MIPS® Helmet Heavy-hitting protection The Endura MT500 Full-Face MIPS® Helmet is a serious helmet for serious riders. With new safety and performance technology, the Full-Face MT500 injects a high level of protection and performance into the world of full-face helmets. This new Full-Face MT500 incorporates a 3D injected Koroyd® core that enhances impact absorption while increasing airflow and reducing overall weight. Adding to this pursuit of safety is the ...


Met | Rivale Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Large In Black/matte/glossy


MET RIVALE MIPS HELMETYour Rival Is You MET has been at the top of the cycling helmet game for over 30 years. It’s clear that they’ve condensed all of their knowledge and design prowess into the MET Rivale MIPS. It features long and wide ventilation ports which not only improve airflow but also improve aerodynamics. These ports paired with a singular MET NACA vent provide excellent aerodynamics without affecting airflow. The sleek exterior not only ...


Poc | Crane Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/large In White


POC Crane Mips Helmet Dialed-in protection POC knows that proper helmet protection is important, they’ve been on the forefront of helmet design for years now. All of that design knowledge and information has led to the creation of the Crane MIPS helmet, a helmet designed to meet the demanding needs of Dirt Jump and BMX riders everywhere. Featuring a lightweight design with plenty of large ventilation ports, you’ll completely forget that you’re even wearing a ...


Met | Vinci Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Large In Black Matte


MET VINCI MIPS HELMETTrickle down technology Comfort, safety, and performance no longer has to cost an arm and a leg, MET has made that clear with the new Vinci MIPS helmet. The Vinci MIPS utilizes tickle down technology sourced from the award winning top of the line Trenta MIPS. A streamlined aerodynamic shell reduces drag without interfering with the cooling and large ventilation ports. MIPS brain protection redirects impact forces away from your brain in ...


Troy Lee Designs | D4 Carbon Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon Helmet Raising the bar The Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon Helmet further improves off of the class-leading D3 helmet with a new lighter weight, MIPS® technology, and increased airflow. The D4 Carbon tips the scales at a measly 1000g and comes in six sizes for a nearly custom fit. The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber outer shell offers high-performance protection at a feathery weight—reducing the rider fatigue so common with heavier full-face ...


Lazer | Strada Kineticore Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


Lazer Strada Kineticore Helmet Big protection and performance, small price tag The Lazer Strada Kineticore helmet brings all the features of a high end race helmet to all cyclists. At the heart of the Strada Kineticore is Lazer’s new proprietary Kineticore system—a revolutionary design to minimize rotational and linear forces during an impact by using EPS foam block crumple zones for a lighter, cooler protection system which uses less plastic than competitors. The lightweight Strada ...


Smith | Mainline Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Black


SMITH MAINLINE MIPS HELMETREADY TO DESCENDWhen it comes to aggressive mountain biking, you'll want aggressive protection. Nothing protects your head better while riding downhill than a full-face helmet. The Smith Mainline MIPS Helmet is designed for those that like to send it. It is an ultra-light full-face helmet that features MIPS to help reduce injuries caused by rotational impacts. It also features Koroyd crumple zones that further enhance your protection. Features21 vents with exhaust ...


Giro | Aries Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Black | Rubber


Giro Aries Spherical Helmet Light as a feather, fast as lightning The Giro Aries Spherical Helmet is designed with top-knotch protection, exceptional airflow, and modern styling in mind, for wherever the roads take you. At the heart of the Aries is the MIPS® Spherical Technology, a ball-and-socket design that redirects rotational impact forces from certain angled impacts. This protection continues with the dual-density EPS foam for high and low-speed impact absorption, and an Aura II ...


Bell | Transfer Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Black


Bell Transfer Helmet Stay Cool, Ride Fast The Bell Transfer Helmet, inspired by Bell’s motocross heritage, is a highly-protective full face helmet designed for frequent trips to the local bike park, or epic runs on a downhill course. Bell’s Overbrow Ventilation™ system keeps you cool no matter the conditions, by way of air intake ports at the front of the helmet and an advanced internal channeling system to optimize airflow. The Transfer even features removable ...


Bluegrass | Legit Helmet Men's | Size Large In Black Texture


Bluegrass Legit Helmet It’s Legit Get ready to send it with Bluegrass’s Legit Helmet. The Legit is their budget-friendly full-face helmet that’s ready for EWS racing, park laps, or anything in between. With its composite fiberglass shell and multi-impact EPS liner, the Legit helmet exceeds safety certifications. Long days at the park can leave you feeling warm and tired, thanks to the two large exhaust holes and breathable chin guard on the Legit, you’ll have ...


Giro | Source Mips Women's Helmet | Size Medium In White


Giro Source Mips Women's Helmet The Giro Source's bold graphic designs and rugged construction make this helmet ready for any adventure. 17 vents direct a massive amount of airflow to keep you cool, allowing you to stay out on the trails longer. Integrated Mips® technology protects from rotational forces during certain types of impacts and is incorporated directly into the Roc Loc® 5 fit system, for advanced protection built right in. The screw-in visor is ...


Poc | Octal Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


POC Octal MIPS Helmet (CPSC)The Evolution of Road Helmets Continues The POC Octal maintains its place as a leader in the world of modern road helmet design, with all the ventilation and protection you need—and all at a lighter weight than you’d expect. This edition of the Octal features MIPS® protection technology, which reduces rotational forces on the brain during certain types of impacts without compromising performance. The inner EPS foam liner is thicker in ...


Poc | Ventral Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In White


POC Ventral MIPS (CPSC) Helmet Ride Like The Pros The Ventral MIPS Helmet from POC is the pro-level road and gravel helmet from the renowned Swedish protection brand. The Ventral balances aerodynamics, cooling, and protection to create a versatile and high-performance helmet that’s equally at home in the pro peloton as it is on a long gravel ride. The Ventral MIPS is designed with aerodynamics in mind, allowing air to pass through the helmet, reducing ...