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Specialized | S-Works Ares Road Shoe Men's | Size 44 In Black

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Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoe God Of Shoes, Courage, and War Introducing the all-new Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoe, named after the Greek god of war. Its journey started in 2011 and from then on Specialized spent years testing its conceptual designs with input from Mark, Marcel Kittel, Sam Bennett, and the like. Through input from the pros, Specialized was able to identify key targets for a stronger forefoot connection, prevention of foot roll, and ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc300E-Wide Road Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Nylon


Shimano SH-RC300E-Wide Road Shoes Whether you're climbing a mountain, doing a century ride, or just cruising the bike path, there are numerous benefits to having cycling shoes. Cycling shoes offer a stiffer platform than tennis shoes and allow riders to put more power to the pedals for faster acceleration and more efficient climbing. The Shimano SH-RC300E-Wide Road Shoes are high-performance road cycling shoes with advanced fit and pedaling technologies. They feature an integrated seamless ...


Sidi | Genius 10 Road Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black/black | Nylon


SIDI Genius 10 Road Shoes SIDI needs no introduction when it comes to serious performance and serious comfort for serious riders. The SIDI Genius 10 Road Shoes are loaded with features and are everything you'd expect in a pro-level road shoe. It starts with the Carbon Composite 20 Sole, which is in nylon and injected carbon fiber. The nylon keeps the technical features unchanged over time, resulting in a light and stiff sole. The Techno ...


Sidi | Genius 10 Mega Road Shoes Men's | Size 42 In Black | Nylon

$324.99 7% off $349.99 msrp

SIDI Genius 10 Mega Road Shoes Race-Ready DNASIDI’s legendary high-performance DNA is on display with the Genius 10 Mega Road Shoes, a pro-level shoe with uncompromising stiffness and performance, without sacrificing the comfort that SIDI is known for. This Mega version of the Genius 10 better accommodates riders with wider feet, providing 4mm more width, a wider heel cup and a higher instep. SIDI’s Carbon Composite 20 sole features an injected carbon composite layup, which ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc100 Women's Road Shoes | Size 36 In Black | Nylon


SHIMANO SH-RC100 ROAD SHOESStyle and comfort for every rider When your passion for cycling starts to take hold, and your mileage starts increasing, the need for expertly-designed cycling shoes becomes critical. the Shimano SH-RC100 Road Shoes are Shimano's entry-level road shoe that acts more like a mid-range shoe. Using their decades of experience with designing footwear, Shimano has made the RC100's for riders who want race-inspired shoes to take their riding to the next level—all ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc100 Road Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Nylon

$74.99 25% off $100.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-RC100 ROAD SHOESRACE-INSPIRED STYLEIf you're using tennis shoes on your road bike, road shoes will be a major upgrade to your performance and pedaling power. Road shoes have a stiffer sole that allows riders to put more power to the pedals for faster acceleration. The Shimano SH-RC100 Road Shoes are road cycling shoes with race-inspired style and features. They have a surround wrapping upper structure that reduces overlap and provides a glove-like fit, three ...


Sidi | Alba 2 Women's Road Shoes | Size 38 In Black | Nylon

$215.99 20% off $269.99 msrp

SIDI Alba 2 Women’s Road Shoes Step Into Performance SIDI’s well-deserved reputation for performance and comfort is on display with the SIDI Alba 2 Women’s Road Shoes. At the heart of the Alba 2 is SIDI’s Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole, a carbon-injected nylon sole, which balances the stiffness of carbon fiber with the durability of nylon. The Soft Instep Closure System 3 is an EVA-padded ergonomic strap which is adjustable on both sides to ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc502 Wide Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Nylon


Shimano SH-RC502 Wide Shoes Sleek, modern road shoe for the performance-oriented rider Shimano’s knack for engineering and design is no more evident than in their footwear. The new SH-RC502 Wide shoes are a sleek, modern shoe for the road rider who demands comfort, a wider fit and superior performance. The RC502’s feature the tried and true L6 BOA® dial for micro-adjustable retention, as well as a velcro strap over the toe box. This wraparound design ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc702 Wide Shoes Men's | Size 42 In Black


Shimano SH-RC702 Wide Shoes Performance without compromise The Shimano SH-RC702 Wide Shoes are Shimano’s newly-designed competition road shoes, with inspiration drawn from their S-PHYRE race collection. The synthetic leather upper features a wraparound design to minimize empty space and excess volume, for improved comfort and pedaling efficiency. This wide version bette accommodates riders with wider feet, or those who like just a little more shoe width. The carbon fiber sole is rated 10/12 ...


Shimano | Sh-Ex500 Touring Spd Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Nylon


Shimano SH-EX500 Adventure Touring SPD Shoes Bring on the adventure For unknown destinations and the adventure it takes to get there, the Shimano SH-EX500 Touring Shoes provide the capability, comfort, and pedaling efficiency you need to get there. The EX-500 Shoes feature a high-grip Ultread EX rubber outsole with a rugged tread design for confidence-inspiring grip and an EX midsole with EVA foam to absorb hiking impacts. SPD cleat compatibility and a glass fiber-reinforced midsole ...


Shimano | Sh-Xc902 S-Phyre Wide Bicycle Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Rubber


Shimano SH-XC902 Wide S-PHYRE Shoes The next level of race-ready footwear The pinnacle of Shimano’s XC and cyclocross race shoe lineup, the new podium-ready SH-XC902 S-PHYRE shoes are ready to go fast on any surface with no compromises. The ultra-efficient and lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced midsole and hollow, lightweight outsole make these Shimano’s stiffest off-road shoes. Dual BOA® Li2 dials—in conjunction with an adjustable powerzone lace guide—offer precise, even tension of the ...


Shimano | Sh-Xc702 Wide Bicycle Shoes Men's | Size 40 In Black | Nylon


Shimano SH-XC702 Wide Shoes Competition-ready, with everyday comfort Whether you’re competing at a high level, or simply looking to get a high-performance shoe that doesn’t skimp on comfort, Shimano’s SH-XC702 shoes are just the ticket. These XC and cyclocross-oriented shoes are tough enough to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, featuring a durable perforated synthetic leather upper and lightweight Ultread XC rubber sole. The XC702’s provide an ultra-stiff pedaling platform by way of ...


Shimano | Sh-Rx801E Wide Bicycles Shoes Men's | Size 42 In Black | Rubber


Shimano SH-RX801E Wide Shoes Ride fast, anywhere. The all-new SH-RX801E Shoes are inspired by gravel, optimized for performance, and ready to tackle the varied, challenging terrain of your next gravel race or favorite gravel route. The RX801 shoes are ready for fast rides in rugged conditions, with abrasion-resistant TPU lugs providing walkability and a supple synthetic leather upper that has the toughness and comfort you need. Low-profile BOA® Li2 dials on each shoe offer quick ...


Sidi | Trace 2 Women's Mtb Shoes | Size 36 In Black/black | Nylon

$191.94 28% off $269.99 msrp

SIDI Trace 2 Women's MTB Shoes Since 1960, the name SIDI has been synonymous with quality, expert craftsmanship and exceptional materials. The SIDI Trace 2 MTB shoes continue this heritage and expand upon it for the modern rider. The Trace is tailored for women, with a lower volume tapered last and narrower heel cup. Built on SIDI’s new nylon SR17 sole, the Trace offers stiffness for pedaling efficiency, while still flexing enough to allow you ...


Blackburn | Core 2 Floor Pump Black


Blackburn Core 2 Floor Pump If you are in the market for a new floor air pump, the Blackburn Core 2 Floor Pump is an excellent choice. Featuring the Air Tap Head, you can pump up tires with a Shrader, Presta or Dunlap valve. The Air Tap head also features an air bleed button so you can dial in the perfect air pressure. The Core 2 Pump stands at 24” tall cylinder with a 9” ...