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Race Face | XD Freehub Driver - No Packaging XD Driver for Aeffect-R Wheels | Steel


Race Face XD Freehub DriverNow I'm Free, Free Hubbin'Got a Race Face hub on your rear wheel and want to upgrade it to a SRAM XD cassette? Well, we got you covered. The Race Face XD Driver is to convert your Race Face rear hub to an 11/12-speed driver body. This driver body is specific to Race Face wheelsets and will only work with SRAM 11/12-speed mountain bike drivetrains. Designed for Race Face rear hubs ...


Stan's No Tubes | 3.30 XD Freehub Driver 142mm, 12mm


Stan's NoTubes 3. 30 XX1 XD Freehub XD Driver/Freehub for SRAM 11 Speed MTB Cassette. Red alloy freehub Pawls and springs includes Fits SRAM 11 Cassettes Includes: XD Freehub, spacer, drive side end cap, 3 6802 chrome steel bearings. Note: The XD Drivers comes with a drive side end cap that is specific to the type of axle you are using. It will ONLY come with the drive side end cap. Be sure to choose ...


SRAM | XD Driver Freehub Body For X.0 Hubs, Roam 30&40, Rail XX&40

$102.00 5% off $108.00 msrp

SRAM 11-12 Speed XD Freehub So, you're finally ready to step up and reap the benefits of SRAM's groundbreaking 11 and 12 speed drivetrains. Don't forget you'll have to switch to the XD driver, but don't worry, we've got you covered. This SRAM XD driver fits SRAM XO hubs, Roam 30 and Roam 40 wheels, and is only compatible with SRAM XD style cassettes. Features 4 pawl system for rapid engagement Alloy construction for lightweight ...


Niner | XD Freehub Body XD Driver


Niner XD Freehub BodyHas your freehub on your Niner wheels been damaged and or need to be replaced? Don’t worry because we got you covered! The Niner XD Freehub Body is easy to install and will have you back on your bike in no time! It is designed to work with 11 and 12-speed SRAM XD cassettes and is not compatible with Shimano cassettes. FEATURESDesigned for Niner hubsWorks with SRAM 11 and 12-speed XD cassettesNot ...


Reynolds | TR 307 S 27.5" Boost Wheelset | Black | XD Driver

$1,162.49 25% off $1,549.99 msrp

REYNOLDS TR307 BOOST WHEELSET 2018The TR 307 combines the flawless ride quality Reynolds’ is known for and the durability you've come to expect. No matter your budget, wheels will still be the most important upgrade you make to your bike. Reynold’s asymmetric carbon rim evens out spoke tension for a more durable and predictable ride. The 30mm internal rim width provides excellent tire fit and provides additional air volume for superior ride quality and traction. ...


SRAM | Xg-1175 Cassette | Black | 10-42, 11 Speed, XD Driver Req


SRAM XC-1175 11-Speed CassetteUsing SRAM’s Full Pin technology, the 1175 Cassette features ten lightweight, stamped steel cogs with an excellent range of 10-42T. Durable and light, this cassette lets you put in the miles without weighing you down. With SRAM’s open design, similar to their X-DOME, the cassette gives you great mud clearance and clean shifting for a long lifespan. FeaturesFull Pin technology uses lightweight, stamped steel cogsSuper wide range 11-Speed cassette with 10-42T ...


$49.46 9% off $54.95 msrp


e.thirteen | XD Driver Body XD

$49.46 9% off $54.95 msrp

E*Thirteen XD Driver BodyYou are looking at an E*thirteen replacement freehub body that fits all e*thirteen hubs. SRAM's XD driver allows you to run a cassette with a small cog that is smaller than 11T. The new design is used with almost all of SRAM's 12-speed Eagle cassettes. FeaturesWhat's in the box: Freehub, pawls x3, spings x3, washer x1, seal, x1, seal lockring x1XD Cassette compatible: Does not work with Shimano cassette designs | e. ...


Industry Nine | Complete XD Driver Kit SRAM XD1 11/12 Speed (XX1/X01 Eagle Etc)

$144.00 20% off $180.00 msrp

Industry Nine Torch XD Driver The innovative six pawl freehub from Industry Nine delivers 3 degree engagement. The Industry Nine Torch XD Driver also uses phased engagement to double the number of engagement points from 60 to 120. The power from your pedal will go immediately to the hubs. Features Kits include freehub, bearings, inner spacer, pawls, and springs The Torch series freehubs will be utilized on all 2013 Torch series wheelsets as well as ...


e.thirteen | TRS Race Carbon 27.5 Wheel REAR XD DRIVER


E*THIRTEEN TRS RACE CARBON 27. 5 WHEELPROVEN LEVEL OF STRENGTH AND RELIABILITYThe wheels you use on your mountain bike will affect your performance and ride quality. Having an upgraded wheelset will let you accelerate faster and corner better. The E*Thirteen TRS Race Carbon 27. 5" Wheel brings a proven level of strength and reliability to the all-mountain market. They feature a carbon rim that is tubeless-ready so you can ditch the tubes and drop the ...


We Are One Composites | Union Vesper 29" Wheelset Onyx Vesper, 32 Hole, Boost, MS Driver


We Are One Union 29" WheelsetsTurning carbon haters into believersWe Are One Composites created the Union rim with three goals in mind. The Canadian company wanted a rim that was lighter than their original Agent rim, a rim that had a lower radial stiffness than anything they had produced before, and a rim that gained a dramatic increase in impact resistance. The new Union rim is truly impressive and its ready for anyone who wants ...