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Blue 31.8 Mm Stem


Spank | Spike Spoon 2 Stem | Blue | 40mm, 31.8mm Clamp | Aluminum


SPANK SPIKE SPOON 2 STEMA STEM WITH ROCK SOLID CONSTRUCTIONModern bike geometries require modern stems. The Spank Spoon 2 Stem is 2D-forged and CNC optimized for strength and reasonably lightweight. It is suitable for freeride, all-mountain, or enduro riding. It features an hourglass profile that gives added torsional stiffness, and the wide chamfered bar clamps provide support to the handlebars. It comes with a Snap-Fit top cap that is sealed with an O-ring to keep ...


Deity | Copperhead Stem 35mm | Purple | 35mm Length, 31.8mm Clamp | Aluminum


Deity Copperhead 31. 8mm Stem (35mm length)The DeityCopperhead 31. 8mm Stem was designed to be stronger, lighter and yes, sexier than your average stem. The aluminum 6061 composition provides it with great strength and durability, making it capable of withstanding all the rough riding you can dish out. The short 35mm length offers optimum control for every trail. FeaturesStack height of 30mm with a zero degree riseHigh Polish Ano Finish optionPerfect complement for anyEnduro/AM build6061 ...


Spank | Split Stem 38mm Gun Metal | Aluminum

$80.00 20% off $100.00 msrp

Spank Split 31. 8 StemA HIGHLY OPTIMIZED STEMThe new Spank Split stem has been highly optimized to provide riders with a strong stem at an incredible weight. The stem is perfect for Enduro and Trail bike applications and it features a unique sizing system using irregular stem length. If you feel your 50mm stem is just a touch too long or your 40mm stem is a tiny bit too short, the new Split stem is ...


Revolution Suspension Grips | Revgrips 31.8mm Stem | Purple | 50mm | Aluminum


Revgrips 31. 8 StemNo more boring stemsRevgrips Pro Series stem certainly bucks the trend of high end boring alloy mountain stems. CNC machined out of a solid block of USA sourced, 7075 Billet Aluminum, the Revgrips Pro Series stem is manufactured to the highest of tolerances by top tier craftsmen in the good ol’ US of A. Not to mention that the stem has been tested to exceed industry standards for both fatigue and strength. ...


Spank | Spike Race 2 Stem | Red | 35mm, 31.8mm Clamp | Aluminum

$48.00 20% off $60.00 msrp

SPANK SPIKE RACE 2 STEMWhether you're bombin' down the mountain, racing to victory, or just cruising the trails and taking in the scenery, you're going to want a good stem to keep your bike under control. The Spank Spike Race 2 Stem is among the shortest available to better fit the latest generation of super long bikes and super wide bars. It features a wide and chamfered bar clamp that diffuses the clamping force and ...


Chromag | Hifi V2 Stem | Black | 50mm, 31.8mm | Aluminum


Chromag Hifi V2 StemBuying a new stem probably doesn't induce your happy dance like buying a new wheelset or crankset does, and understandably so. Truth is, the right stem for the job and the rider can completely change the way you feel on the bike, noticeably improve the ride quality, and if it's a high polished Chromag Hifi V2 stem, it can also freshen up your digz. For ultimate control and response the Chromag Hifi ...