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Hope Technology | Dropper Seatpost Clamp | Blue | 34.9mm

$29.95 28% off $41.75 msrp

Hope Dropper Seatpost ClampGet a grip on your dropper post control cable with the Hope Tech Seatpost Clamp! The built in cable guide system features a spherical seated fastener system that allows you to completely customize the position of your dropper cables to prevent kinks. With a fully CNC'd aluminum and stainless steel construction, the Dropper Clamp is willing and able to take on even the most unforgiving trails. Specifications:Fully CNC'd components. Built in cable ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Seatpost Clamp | Green | 36.4


WOLF TOOTH SEATPOST CLAMPCLAMPING DOWNKeeping your seatpost in place is important but often overlooked. If you hit a bump and your seatpost drops quickly, then you'll probably have a bad ride. The Wolf Tooth Seatpost Clamp is precision-engineered and secures your seatpost while looking good. It features a custom self-aligning bolt and anchor. The M5 bolt includes a spherical washer and mates with a cylindrical anchor barrel. This means that threads are always perfectly aligned, ...


Hope Technology | Seatpost Collar | Silver | 38.5mm

$22.50 10% off $25.00 msrp

Hope Seat Collar Hope's seat collar utilizes a CNC machined aluminum clamp with oversized alloy bolt to securely hold your seatpost. Weightfor the Hope Seat Collar is 19 grams and is offered in 6 different colors to match your gear. Measure the outside diameter of your seat tube to determine the proper size. Fixed bolt | Hope Technology | Seatpost Collar | Silver | 38. 5mm


Hope Technology | Quick Release Seatpost Collar | Blue | 31.8mm, QR

$28.80 10% off $32.00 msrp

Hope Quick Release Seat CollarFor those riders who prefer to have a quick release on their saddle, Hope offers this CNC machined aluminum clamp. The lever operates smoothly thanks to an integrated brass washer and holds the post securely. It looks incredible as well. Measure the exterior diameter of your seat tube to determine the proper size. Most companies also have the seatpost diameter of a frame or bike posted on their website. FeaturesWeight: 52 ...