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Park Tool | Tws-1 Torx Wrench Set Green, T9-T40


PARK TOOL TWS-1 TORX WRENCH SETHow many time have you seen a stripped out bolt head? Far too many we are sure. Get the job done right with the right tool. These are Park Tools, shop quality L-shaped, high torque industrial steel Torx® compatible wrenches. Featuring chamfered tips, tight tolerances and a handy portable tool holder for easy access. Features Includes: T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40Chamfered tips for the perfect fit ...


Park Tool | Tht-1 Sliding T-Handle Torx Wrench Set T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 And T40 Torx


PARK TOOL THT-1 SLIDING T-HANDLE TORX WRENCH SETSLIDING ON INTorx bolts are becoming more common in the bicycle world. Having a set of Torx wrenches will make working on your bike much easier. The Park Tool THT-1 Sliding T-Handle Torx Wrench Set comes with a set of eight common sizes of professional quality T-handle star-shaped wrenches built for speed, efficiency, lever, and a perfect fit. The tools are made of Chrome Vanadium and S-2 tool ...


Park Tool | Paw-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" | Blue | 12"


Park Tool PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" The Park Tool PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" features adjustable jaws that open up to 36mm, and a comfortable vinyl dipped grip for added comfort while wrenching away in the shop. It features laser engraved measurement scale to facilitate a perfect fit. The adjustable wrench is forged from carbon steel and chrome plated for an increased longevity and great use for the years to come. Features Powerful, adjustable wrench is ...


Park Tool | Sw Series Spoke Wrenches Sw-0 Black .127"


Park Tool SW Series Spoke Wrenches Don't risk damaging your wheelset with improperly fitting tools. Quality Park spoke wrenches grip the spoke nipple snugly so you can preserve your wheels' integrity and keep them rolling true. In a variety of sizes, these reliable spoke wrenches are built to last. Features SW-0 (Black) For 80 gauge - . 127 nipple (Fits Wheelsmith, DT, Edco, and Marwi nipples) SW-3 (Blue) For 105 gauge - . 156 nipple ...


Park Tool | Torx Wrench T25, T-Handle


Park Tool Torx Wrench The PH-T25 is Parks comfortable "P-handle" with a genuine Bondhus brand T25 Torx® Wrench on both the long shaft (for speed) and short shaft (for high torque) of the wrench. Fits the bolt heads found on many disc brake calipers and rotors. Wrench is made from 8650 chrome vanadium industrial tool steel for long life. Features PH-T25Related Articles:DISC ROTOR INSTALLATION AND TRUINGManufacturer's Part No: PH-T25UPC: 763477005090 | Park Tool | Torx ...