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Maxxis | Dth 26" Tire 26X2.30 | Dark Tan | Folding, Exo

$46.00 9% off $51.00 msrp

Maxxis DTH 26" Tire Drop The Hammer The tires you use on your bike play a significant role in your performance and ride quality. With the right tires, you'll easily be able to conquer any ride. The Maxxis DTH 26" Tire has a grooved slick design that is suited to a variety of BMX, dirt jumping, and pump track situations. It is a folding tire that has a single-layer compound. Features Grooved slick design that ...


Maxxis | Dth 26" Tire 26X2.15 60A Kevlar Bead | Rubber

$42.00 8% off $46.00 msrp

Maxxis DTH 26” Tire Drop The Hammer The Maxxis DTH 26" Tire is a popular BMX and dirt jump tire that features a grooved, slick tread design. Thanks to the versatile tread design, this tire rolls fast on the pavement and has traction on hardpacked dirt, allowing you to Drop The Hammer wherever you may roam. This tire is fitted with Maxxis's single compound rubber which has the best of both worlds of durability and ...


Schwalbe | Billy Bonkers 26" Tire 26X2.1 Performance- Addix

$44.64 7% off $48.00 msrp

Schwalbe Billy Bonkers 26" Tire Go bonkers with Schwalbe’s super-fast hybrid tire that excels in a variety of conditions. The Billy Bonkers 26” tire is a small and lightweight tire that features a small-block, uniform tread that provides excellent traction on dirt, gravel and asphalt. The ramped center tread improves rolling resistance and the blocky tread curves all the way down the sides for improved cornering. This tire is made to go fast and fly ...