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Park Tool | Cn-10 Pro Cable Cutter Cn-10


PARK TOOL CN-10 PRO CABLE CUTTERCUTTING IT CLOSEWhen you're changing your cables and housing on your bike, usually you'll get much more than you need. This means you'll need to cut the excess so your bike looks clean. The Park Tool CN-10 Pro Cable Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing. It has cold forged, heat treated steel handles and strength and the precision-ground cutting jaws ...


Jagwire | Pro Cable Cutter & Crimper Cable Crimper And Cutter

$31.12 22% off $39.99 msrp

Jagwire Pro Cable Crimper and Cutter The Jagwire Pro Cable Crimper and Cutter gives you the clean cut you need every time you slice and with a built in crimper for your cable tips. You will get the perfect crimp each time. The Pro Cable Crimper and Cutter is the great addition for any cyclist who works around bikes. Made from high quality tensile steel Integrated awl to open the ends of cut housing | ...


Pedro's | Cable & Housing Cutter Yellow


Pedro's Cable and Housing Cutter When installing or bleeding your own brakes you are going to need the right tools for the job. Pedro’s Cable and Housing Cutter makes quick work of brake cables, cable housings, derailleur cables and more. The Cable and Housing Cutter is made out of heat-treated tool steel for a super-durable construction that was designed to last a lifetime. A cushioned, ergonomic grip is comfortable to hold and the high-leverage design ...


Jagwire | Incisor Cable And Housing Cutter Yellow


Jagwires Incisor cable and housing cutter slices with precision * Made from high quality steel to provide thousands of clean housing and cable cuts * Integrated awl helps clear the way for smooth cable operation * Adjustable grip size makes the Incisor comfortable for all hand sizes * Wire latch holds handles together when not in use | Jagwire | Incisor Cable And Housing Cutter Yellow


Unior | Cable Housing Cutters Red/orange


Unior Cable Housing Cutters Making The Cut If you're changing your cables and housing, you're going to want to make sure your housing is cut to the proper length. The Unior Cable Housing Cutters are made of high-quality steel and have induction hardening along the cutting edges for longer life. A new style of crimper helps to make sure those cable tips never come off. These are designed specifically for cutting housing. Features High-quality steel ...