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SRAM | 4mm Derailleur Cable Housing 4mm Derailleur Cable | Black | 30M Box


SRAM 4MM DERAILLEUR CABLE HOUSINGNEW HOUSING DAYEventually parts on your bike will begin to wear out with regular use. These parts will need to be replaced in order to keep your bike working properly. When you change out your shifting cables, you should also consider changing out your shifting housing. The SRAM 4mm Derailleur Cable Housing is designed to work with shift cables. It comes with 30 meters of cable for multiple bikes. FeaturesDesigned to ...


Foundation | Shift Cable Kit Smoke


Foundation Shift Cable KitWhen your Shifting needs a little bit of routine maintenance it a good idea to replace the cables. Buy a few Foundation Shift Cable kit to ensure you have what you need for the job and restore your bike with precise shifting. Each pack contains exactly two shift cables and housings for each cable. Features P. T. F. E. coated cablesShimano/SRAM compatible Front: 1. 2 mm X 1500 mm Rear: 1. 2 ...


Jagwire | Black | Housing Liner 30 Meter Roll, Fits 1.8mm Cables


Jagwire black housing liner fits inside older style cable housing without Teflon liner. It can also be used as a sheath or frame protector where your cable runs exposed along your frame. Fits cable up to 1. 8mm in diameter. Comes in a 30 meter roll. | Jagwire | Black | Housing Liner 30 Meter Roll, Fits 1. 8mm Cables


Jagwire | Sport Derailleur Housing Roll | Black | 4mm X 10 Meters with Lubed Liner


JAGWIRE SPORT DERAILLEUR HOUSING ROLLWith regular use, your cables and housing will wear out and will need to be replaced in order to ensure your bike's shifting remains optimal. With worn out housing, your shifting performance will take a significant dip. The Jagwire Sport Derailleur Housing Roll is a 25 foot roll of Jagwire derailleur housing. It features L3 with a continuous Teflon lubricated inner liner that provides incredibly smooth shifting and it includes the ...


Jagwire | 4mm Sport Derailleur Housing 10M Roll | Yellow | Slick-Lube Liner, 10 Meter


JAGWIRE L3 25 FEET DERAILLEUR HOUSING ROLLOver the course of time, your cables and cable housing will wear out with regular use. When these pieces begin to wear out, you might have significant shifting and performance loss. In order to ensure your bike's shifting performance stays top-notch, then you'll want to replace your cables and housing. The Jagwire 4mm L3 Derailleur Housing is Pre-Lubricated (L3) allowing for easier and smoother shifts. It comes as a ...


Shimano | SP41 Derailleur Housing 50M Box Gray, 4mm X 50M, Derailleur Housing

$84.99 18% off $104.00 msrp

Shimano SP41 Derailleur Housing in a Box Jenson USA offers 50 meters of Shimano SIS and SP41 derailleur housing in a roll. The housing is 4mm wide and is available in black or gray. Save money and buy in bulk, as this roll is enough for dozens of bikes! Black Color The best cable housing on the market! 4mm diameter housing 50 meter / 164 ft length | Shimano | SP41 Derailleur Housing 50M Box ...


Jagwire | 2x Elite Link Shift Cable Kit | Black | SRAM/Shimano, Polished Ultra-Slick Cables


Jagwire 2x Elite Link Shift Cable KitExperience the ultimate combination of durability and attention-grabbing looks with the Jagwire 2x Elite Link Shift Cable Kit. It’s been designed to improve shifting performance and look good while doing so. The Jagwire 2x Elite Link Shift Cable Kit uses a series of aluminum links to provide a compressionless system for precise shifting performance. But unlike typical compressionless housing, its flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking. It’s ...


Jagwire | Housing Damping Foam For 4-5mm Housing, 10 Meter Roll


JAGWIRE HOUSING DAMPING FOAMRATTLING SUCKSInternal routing is a great thing, but sometimes your cables can rattle inside your frame. This can get annoying over the course of your ride. The Jagwire Housing Damping Foam is designed for internally routed frames. It reduces the noise and vibration from your cables rattling for a quieter ride. FeaturesSlides over brake and shift housing or hydraulic hoses to reduce noise10-meter roll to take care of all your cable rattling ...


Jagwire | 5mm Sport Brake Housing, 10 Meter | Silver | with Slick-Lube Liner


Jagwire Brake HousingJagwire Universal Housing kits are the perfect way to spice up your ride while simultaneously enhancing braking performance and durability. The CGX-SL housing is fully lubricated with a low friction polymer lining perfect for all weather conditions. Compatible with all brake systems. Housing Construction: CGX Coil-wound Steel w/Slick-Lube LinerCompatibility: SRAM®/Shimano® Road & MountainHousing Length:10 metersOutside Diameter: 5mmSmall Parts: Bag of Cable TipsPlease ...