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Jagwire | Inline Index Cable Adjusters | Black |Alloy, 4.5Mm Housing


JAGWIRE INLINE INDEX CABLE ADJUSTERSThe Jagwire Indexed Inline Adjuster allows you to make easy adjustments of your brakes or shifters without stopping or getting off your bike. They are perfect for bikes with mechanical braking and/or shifting. The indexing feature allows you to dial in the perfect tune and hold it. The 5mm size fits most popular brake housing and the 4. 5mm size fits braided shift housing. Features Indexing adjuster allows you to dial ...


Jagwire | Ez-Bend Brake Housing Segments 6, For 5Mm Pro Compressionless Brake Housing


Jagwire EZ-Bend Brake Housing Segments The Jagwire EZ-Bend Brake Housing Segments are an essential accessory when using Kevlar®-reinforced compression-less brake housing on bikes with drop handlebars. It’s a short and flexible section of housing that tucks neatly next to the handlebar, under the bar tape. Since compression-less brake housing requires the use of end caps, the Jagwire EZ-Bend Brake Housing Segments allows its use with brake levers that do not accommodate end caps. Features ...


Jagwire | 5Mm Sport Brake Housing, 10 Meter | Blue | With Slick-Lube Liner


Jagwire Brake Housing Jagwire Universal Housing kits are the perfect way to spice up your ride while simultaneously enhancing braking performance and durability. The CGX-SL housing is fully lubricated with a low friction polymer lining perfect for all weather conditions. Compatible with all brake systems. Housing Construction: CGX Coil-wound Steel w/Slick-Lube Liner Compatibility: SRAM®/Shimano® Road & Mountain Housing Length:10 meters Outside Diameter: 5mm Small Parts: Bag of Cable Tips ...


Ks | Coupler Housing For Lev Dx Coupler Housing For Lev Dx


KS COUPLER HOUSING FOR LEV DXThe KS Coupler Housing is designed to work with the KS LEV DX dropper post. It goes on the outside of the post to couple the housing and cable. It works on LEV DX dropper posts up to 2018. Features Manufacturer's part number: P5715Useful link: KS LEV DX Exploded View Couples housing on LEV DX | Ks | Coupler Housing For Lev Dx Coupler Housing For Lev Dx