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Fizik Arione R1 Carbon Saddle Carbon Braided Black

$219.99 26% off $300.00 msrp

Fizik Arione R1 Carbon Saddle Fizik is a brand that that represents the competitive fire that burns deep within each and every one of ourselves. Whether you're racing at the local pro circuit or a cycling enthusiast commuting from point A to point B. We all have that competitive edge that makes us push ourselves beyond our limits from time to time. With its new line-up of performance/comfort oriented components, Fi'zi:k offers to aid you ...


Fizik Tundra M1 Saddle W/Carbon Rails Black, Carbon 7X9 Rails

$240.00 20% off $300.00 msrp

fi'zi:k Tundra M1 Saddle / Carbon Rails Cross country racers have little expectations of a fast and light component to also be a comfy one. When speed and power are the primary goal, comfort typically falls to the wayside. fi'zi:k and their Tundra M1 Saddle, featuring a carbon composite shell and unique carbon rails, interrupts this mode of thought and provides the speed oriented dirt demons among us some relief. Weighing in at a svelte ...


Fizik Aliante R1 Saddle Black, Carbon Rails

$229.99 23% off $300.00 msrp

Fizik Aliante R1 SaddleThe Aliante series of saddles are the widest and most longitudinally waved of Fizik’s trio of pro-cyclist developed spine-concept model saddles. The R1 saddle is light, flexible, and agile… designed for pros, with pros, and raced by pros. It features a composite-carbon injected shell which provides an optimized stiffness to-weight ratio. The saddle also features Twin Flex technology which combines a strong, stiff carbon layer with a flexible, comfortable carbon layer. ...


Fizik Antares R1 Versus Evo Saddle Black, Large

$149.99 24% off $199.00 msrp

FIZIK ANTARES R1 VERSUS EVO SADDLEWith full-channel comfort and advanced technology, materials and craft, Antares R1 Versus Evo is a leading performance road saddle for riders who want a medium saddle profile and a pressure relief channel.Made for Chameleon riders with medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation while pedaling, the Antares is a neutral profile saddle with support and flexibility so you can move to find your power spot and maintain comfort. The Regular ...