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Shimano | Fh-9000 1.85Mm Cassette Spacer 1.85Mm Low Spacer, Shimano | # Y4T724000


Shimano Fh-9000 1. 85mm Cassette Spacer This 1. 85mm cassette spacer will eliminate any play in your cassette providing you with clean shifting performance. Features1. 85mm low spacer Manufacturer part number:Y4T724000 | Shimano | Fh-9000 1. 85Mm Cassette Spacer 1. 85Mm Low Spacer, Shimano | # Y4T724000


Problem Solvers | Cassette Spacers Black, 3.5Mm Thick 37.5Mm Od

$4.99 35% off $7.75 msrp

Problem Solvers brand cassette spacers. Beats a pvc pipe any day! | Problem Solvers | Cassette Spacers Black, 3. 5Mm Thick 37. 5Mm Od


Surly | Single Speed Spacer Kit Set Of 6 Spacers


SURLY SINGLE SPEED SPACER KITHaving gears is a great way to be able to ride in rougher terrain with ease. For some of those braver riders, single speed is a better way to go. Having a single speed setup means you never have to worry about shifting because you are always in the right gear. The Surly Single Speed Spacer Kit comes with a set of 6 spacers for converting to single speed on Shimano ...


Wheels Manufacturing | Singlespeed Kit Ssk2 Kit, W/spacers, Angled Spacers, 16T


This might be the BEST spacer/conversion kit for singlespeed use on the market! The SSK-3 kit actually creates a "channel" for the chain to run in, preventing it from popping off the cog. SSK-2 is a basic kit with clean, angled spacers, lockring, and 16T cog SSK-3 is Wheels Manufacturings top-end kit, featuring an integrated "guide" shaped spacer that helps prevent your chain from falling off. Same spacers, plus the "Guide" spacers, lockring, and 16T ...


Wheels Manufacturing | Alloy Chainring Spacer Bag/20 2.0Mm


WHEELS MANUFACTURING ALLOY CHAINRING SPACER BAG/20Chainring spacers help you adjust the chainline of your inner and middle chainrings. If your chainline isn't properly lined up with your cassette on the rear, it can cause shifting and performance issues. The Wheels Manufacturing Alloy Chainring Spacer Bag comes with a pack of 20 spacers so you can adjust the chainline on the inner and middle rings. These spacers come in either an 8mm or 10mm inner diameter, ...


Sram | Bottom Bracket Spacer Kit Dub Mtb/road V3 Kit With 2 Standard Bsa 68 Al Spacers


SRAM Bottom Bracket Spacer Kit DUB MTB/Road V3Spacing Out Sometimes your chainring doesn't match up perfectly with your cassette, so you need to space it out to get the proper chain line. The SRAM Bottom Bracket Spacer Kit DUB MTB/Road V3 is designed to work with SRAM DUB BB30, BSA, PF, PF30, and T47 bottom brackets. It comes with 2. 0, 4. 5, 5, 6. 0, 6. 5, 7. 5, 8. 5, 9. 0, and ...