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Castelli | Polare 3 Bibtight Men's | Size Large In Black


Castelli Polare 3 Bibtights Uncompromising warmth for challenging winter weather Castelli’s warmest bib tights, the Polare 3’s are perfectly-suited for the dedicated cold weather cyclist. The Polare 3 utilizes Castelli’s Gore-Tex Infinium™ Windstopper® X-Fast fabric at the front of the bibs to insulate and provide excellent wind protection where it’s needed most. The rear of the Polare 3’s features Nano Flex 3G fabric for water-resistance, keeping you protected from road spray—while the ...


Castelli | Tutto Nano Women's Bibtight | Size Extra Small In Black

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Castelli Tutto Nano Women’s Bibtights Proven performance in all conditions The Castelli Tutto Nano Bibtights are designed to protect you from inclement winter weather, whether it’s dry and cold, or wet and rainy. Castelli’s own Nano Flex 3G fabric is developed to be exceptionally breathable and insulated. Water resistance by way of nanotechnology make Nano Flex 3G some of the most advanced bibtight fabric available. These full-length tights feature reduced seams and soft fabric for ...


Castelli | Sorpasso Ros Bibtight Men's | Size Small In Black


Castelli Sorpasso Ro S Bibtight Overtaking The Cold Weather Riding in winter conditions can be difficult if you're unprepared. When you have the right apparel, you can easily ride in any condition. The Castelli Sorpasso Ro S Bibtight is a bit faster, better, and more comfortable. It is made with Nano Flex 3G fabric that provides a mix of warmth, stretchy compression, softness, and water repellency. The Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric panel on the ...


Castelli | Entrata Bibtight Men's | Size Extra Large In Black


Castelli Entrata Bibtight Enter Comfort Castelli keeps pushing innovations in cycling shorts that have become industry standards in the past and it’s no different now. The Castelli Entrata Bibtight is where Castelli brings all their knowledge and experience into cycling tights that just work. It’s constructed with Thermo-Flex fabric, which provides warmth and comfort, and is just the right weight with just the right stretch and with a matte finish that looks just about right. ...


Castelli | Sorpasso Ros Wind Bibtight Men's | Size Large In Black


Castelli Sorpasso Ro S Wind Bibtight Serious bibs for cold weather warriors The Castelli Sorpasso Ro S Wind bibtights are designed for dedicated all-season riders who need high-tech cold weather riding gear that won’t let them down. Castelli uses multiple fabrics to achieve this goal. A fleece-lined Gore-Tex Infinium™ Windstopper® front panel takes the bite out of bitter cold wind without excess bulk, while the panels not exposed to wind utilize Nano Flex 3G and ...