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Castelli | Superleggera 12 Sock Men's | Size Small in White


Castelli Superleggera 12 SockBecause your feet smellThe Castelli Superleggera 12 Sock is an all-around biking sock that looks good and performs. Made from Meryl® Skinlife yarns, the Superleggera is not only comfortable but also anti-bacterial due to silver microparticles integrated into the yarns. This eliminates the foul odor caused by bacteria as you sweat. The Ultralight diaphanous mesh ankle provides superior comfort, flexibility and ventilation to the ankle, while the midfoot support ...


Castelli | Rosso Corsa 13 Socks Men's | Size Small/Medium in White


CASTELLI ROSSO CORSA 13 SOCKSSTRONG SOCK GAME TIMEIt doesn't matter whether you're racing, riding mountain, or just cruising to the local coffee shop to get a latte, you need to have a strong sock game. Cycling socks are designed to be more breathable and wick moisture better than regular socks. The Castelli Rosso Corsa 13 Socks are made with Meryl Skinlife yarns that feature bacteriostatic silver ions and has a mesh construction that keeps your ...


Castelli | Superleggera T 12 Sock Men's | Size Small/Medium in Black


Castelli Superleggera T 12 SockThe Castelli Superleggera T 12 Socks were designed for hot-weather riding and combine maximum performance and comfort features into one sock. Featuring Meryl Skinlife yarns, the Superleggera T 12 Socks are super-soft and have anti-microbial properties to help keep your socks smelling fresh, even after long rides. These socks are made extra-stretchy for comfort and have a 12-centimeter height. A midfoot support band provides you with arch support and the top ...


Castelli | Free Kit 13 Socks Men's | Size Small/Medium in Dark Grey/Pink

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Castelli Free Kit 13 SocksCastelli’s Rossi Corsa sock was the main inspiration for the new Castelli Free 6 Socks 2019, with a new mesh construction to the cuff to make it a bit cooler for summer. The Meryl Skinlife antibacterial yarns help with keeping odors at bay, while the lightweight constructio9n helps with breathability and comfort. The compression cuff keeps the sock in place, so you won’t experience and slipping. Perfect for those maintaining those ...