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SRAM Centerline Center-Lock Rotor 140mm, Rounded Edge

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Sram Centerline Center-Lock RotorThe new SRAM Centerline Rotor was designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation, thereby minimizing vibration and offering consistent performance and a quiet ride. Take advantage of the latest in SRAM disc brake rotor technology with the SRAM Centerline Rotor.Cutting edge 2 piece design maximizes performanceAvailable sizes: 140mm, 160mm, and 180mmLocking ring not includedNot intended for intense useWeight: 117g (160mmm) | SRAM ...


TRP Centerlock-25 Rotor 140mm


TRP Centerlock-25 RotorTRP's Centerlock-25 Rotor is a little more advanced than a standard rotor. The two-piece rotor offers superior heat dissipation due to an aluminum center and excellent stiffness to provide you with the most confident braking possible. TRP's design with six recessed slots creates channels for dirt and debris to fall through. If you want to increase your stopping power and experience better heat dissipation, upgrade to a larger rotor.FeaturesSizes: 140, 160, 180, ...


Shimano XT SM-RT76 6 Bolt Rotor 6 Bolt, 160mm


Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT 6 Bolt Rotor The Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT brings 2-piece rotor construction to the masses with an innovative design trickled down from XTR. The two-piece rotor is lighter, stays cooler, and resists warping better than previous versions. The SM-RT76's aluminum spider saves weight, dissipates heat like a champ, and increases overall stiffness while the steel construction rotor resists wear for the long haul. A cooler rotor means better braking performance and ...


SRAM Centerline XR Rotor 140mm, 6-Bolt


SRAM Centerline XR RotorThe SRAM Centerline XR Rotor provides unparalleled cooling capacity and high-powered braking functionality. Exceptional heat management is provided by strategic vents across the braking surface. This provides better braking consistency and modulation. The 12-spoke design of the rotor also prevents warping and lateral bending. The rotor is available in 6-bolt or Centerlock configuration and comes with stainless steel rotor bolts.FeaturesDual material rotor is ...


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Magura Storm HC Rotor 203

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Magura Storm HC Rotor Magura established itself early on as a pioneer of hydraulic brakes for bikes. Since introducing their first hydraulic disc brake in 1987, Magura has continued to evolve as a company, refining products year after year with the kind of German precision that continues to raise the bar. The newest Magura Storm HC rotor utilizes a 2.0mm thickness for optimum performance and features enhanced cooling performance in various conditions resulting in a ...