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Topeak | Super Chain Tool | Steel | Various


Topeak Super Chain Tool The Super Chain tool is a high quality chain tool for use with all single speed and most multi- speed chains, including 10 speed. The Super Chain tool also has a 5mm and 6mm Allen keys. This handy- dandy tool is perfect for taking with you on the trail. | Topeak | Super Chain Tool | Steel | Various


Foundation | 336 Bike Chain Tool Chain Tool | Nylon


Wrench it yourself with Foundation Bike Tools! From pedal wrenches to repair stands, Foundation Bike Tools offers a collection of quality tools that are essential to keeping your bike in top shape and ready for adventure. Foundation Bike Tools is here to give you an extra set of hands for basic fixes, maintenance, repairs, and installations. The home mechanic's new best friend! Foundation 336 Bike Chain Tool If you don't own a chain rivet extractor ...


Park Tool | Ct-3.3 5-12 Speed Chain Tool Ct-3.3, 5 Speed To 12 Speed


Park Tool CT-3. 3 5-12 Speed Chain Tool No bike shop or garage would be complete without Park Tool's Chain Tool. Made from investment cast steel, the Chain Tool provides the force needed to remove chain pins on all 5 to 12-speed chains including 1/8" and 3/16" single-speed chains and SRAM 12-speed AXS chains. The Chain Tool is a must-have for any home mechanic! Features Fine thread and comfortable size for easy removal of even ...


Pedro's | 6-Pack Chain Tool + 6-Pack Chain Tool +

$11.18 37% off $17.99 msrp

This tool from Pedros includes 5mm hex wrench, flat blade screwdriver, chain tool, and 3. 2. , 3. 2, and 3. 5mm spoke wrenches. | Pedro's | 6-Pack Chain Tool + 6-Pack Chain Tool +


Park Tool | Ct-5 Compact Chain Tool Ct-5, 5-12 Speeds


PARK TOOL CT-5 COMPACT CHAIN TOOLDOES YOUR CHAIN HANG LOWAn unfortunate part of cycling is that stuff happens while you're out on the road or trail. Tires go flat, derailleurs don't shift properly, and chains break. If your chain breaks or you need to replace your chain, you'll want to have a Park Tool CT-5 Compact Chain Tool. It goes anywhere and performs like a shop quality tool. The fine thread, special V-shaped handle, and ...


Shimano | Tl-Cn34 Shop Chain Tool 6/11 Spd Shop Chain Tool 6/11-Speed


Shimano Tl-Cn34 Shop Chain Tool 6/11 SPDThe Shimano TL-CN34 multi-speed professional quality chain tool was precisely designed to remove and install pins on Shimano chains. Built to the most exacting standards, it is the de facto chain tool. Features Compatible with 6-11 speed chains Manufacturer Part Number:Y13098550 | Shimano | Tl-Cn34 Shop Chain Tool 6/11 Spd Shop Chain Tool 6/11-Speed


Shimano | Tl-Cn35 12 Speed Chain Tool For Shimano | 12 Speed Chains


SHIMANO TL-CN35 12-SPEED CHAIN TOOLChain tools are incredibly important when it comes to the installation and removal of chains. Chains typically come longer than what's needed and need to be cut in order to fit properly on a bike. Now with 12-speed drivetrains becoming a thing in the mountain biking world, you'll need a 12-speed chain tool in order to properly size your chain. The Shimano TL-CN35 12-Speed Chain Tool is designed to be a ...


Park Tool | Ib-3 Ib-3C I-Beam Mini Set W/ Chain Tool


Park Tool IB-3The Park Tool IB-3 Multi Tool is a strong, compact and lightweight, making it perfect for stashing into your pack or saddle bag for your next adventure. It features a unique I-Beam handle with ten useful tools for mid-ride adjustments and servicing. Features1. 5, 2, 2. 5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches T25 Torx® compatible driver Flat blade screwdriver Chain tool (for up to 12 speed)One tire lever Dimensions: 90mm ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Encase System Chain + Tire Plug Multitool Tire Plug Tool


WOLF TOOTH ENCASE SYSTEM CHAIN + TIRE PLUG MULTITOOLFIXIN' CHAINS AND PLUGGIN' HOLESTools are incredibly important when you're out riding on the trails. Having a chain tool and tire plug tool will help you just in case they get a puncture that won't seal with just tubeless sealant or if you break your chain. The Wolf Tooth Encase System Chain + Tire Plug Multitool is compatible with all bicycle chains, including 12-speed chains. It comes ...