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Chromag | Basis Grips Black Grips, Black Clamps

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Chromag Basis Grips The Basis Grip was molded to a thin diameter to allow your hands to become one with your bars. The dimpled pattern is dense yet tacky for an overall more firm, direct connection that's less prone to surface wear. Employing Kraton based rubber; the Basis pairs a soft 25a durometer with a proprietary additive to further enhance grip and longevity. Anchoring the Basis to your bar is Chromag's unique Split-Teardrop end clamp ...


Chromag | Palmskin Grips | Black | Grips | Black | Clamps


Chromag Palmskin Grips Let your hands go commando! The Palmskin grip offers a softer, spongy feel for riders who prefer to shred gloveless. The ribbed pattern is compliant under the bare skin, and provides exceptional moisture management by channeling it away and into the groove. Constructed from a Kraton based rubber, the Palmskin pairs a soft 25a durometer and a proprietary additive for a stellar combination of tackiness and longevity. Anchoring the Palmskins to your ...


Chromag | Squarewave XL Grips Grey/Red


Chromag Squarewave XL Grips The Squarewave XL employs the same design as the Squarewave, except it has a wider diameter that's ideal for larger hands or riders who prefer thicker grips. The Squarewave XL Grip was molded with a paramount goal of delivering the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The gentle bow fits agreeably in the hand's pocket to promote sustained comfort. The progressive tread is supplest where it meets the outer edges of ...


Chromag | Format Single-Clamp Grips BLACK

$27.00 10% off $30.00 msrp

CHROMAG FORMAT SINGLE-CLAMP GRIPSTHE PROPER FORMATGrips are an often overlooked piece when it comes to your riding comfort. Not all grips are made the same, though. Some grips are tackier while some grips are more comfortable. The Chromag Format Single-Clamp Grips are for those two like to make use of the full width of their bars, allowing riders to run their hands right up to the edge. Chromag designed the sleeve to snugly fit the ...