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Chromag | Doctahawk Frame 2021 | Raw | Medium


Chromag Doctahawk Frame 2021Longer, Lower, Slacker, Faster, Stronger, SlackerWork it longer, make it lower, do it slacker, makes it faster, more than ever, hour after hour, rides are never over. The Chromag Doctahawk Frame is the evolution of the Rootdown, with a more aggressive geometry and 170mm of travel on the front. The frame is made of 4130 chromoly steel and has a 62° head tube angle and a 76. 5° seat angle. The frame ...


Chromag | Stylus Frame 2021 Large, Rover Olive

$712.94 14% off $838.00 msrp

Chromag Stylus Frame 2021Aggressive, Low-Slung GeometryWhen it comes to trail and all-mountain riding, many people will look at full-suspension bikes. Hardtails are perfectly capable of blowing away the competition when it comes to aggressive riding. The Chromag Stylus Frame features aggressive, low-slung geometry built around a robust chromoly tubeset. It is a do-everything trail bike that is incredibly versatile and ready for anything from all-day trail riding to big burly lines. The ...




CHROMAG ROOTDOWN FRAME 2022Rooting for the RootdownAll-mountain steel hardtails have always had a soft spot in our hearts. They’re playful, confidence-inspiring, and just downright fun. We can say without a doubt that Chromag’s Rootdown certainly fits the bill. It’s made out of 4130 Chromoly, which is renowned for its no-nonsense durability and general reliability. With modern geometry in the form of long reach and a 64-degree head tube angle, you’ll feel plenty confident while bombing ...


Chromag | Monk Bike Frame X-Long, Black Gold


CHROMAG MONK BIKE FRAMETHE SILENT MONKDirt jumping can be rough on your frame and components. This means you'll want to have incredibly durable parts that can withstand the impacts. The Chromag Monk Frame is made of 4130 chromoly steel and has a unique steel horizontal dropout system for minimal complications with single-speed and disc brakes. The custom chainstays are paired with a dedicated geometry that offers a light and highly stiff rear triangle. The frame ...


Chromag | Primer Frame 2021 | Matte Red | Medium/Large

$1,445.94 14% off $1,700.00 msrp

Chromag Primer Frame 2021Prime Time RidingMany mountain bike frames are becoming more versatile. They are able to run both 29" and 27. 5+ tires. The Chromag Primer Frame is built with geometry designed for aggressive all-mountain riding. It features short chainstays, lower than ever BB height, a steep seat tube with a slack head angle, a low stack headtube, and a long front center. The 4130 steel frame is designed for 150 to 170mm of ...




CHROMAG MONK FRAME 2022The Classic Dirt JumperThere’s something so iconic about a classic steel dirt jumper. Chromag’s Monk frame is a truly special dirt jumper that just makes you want to hit the pump track and send it. Its 4130 Chromoly steel tubing is designed to offer excellent ride quality while also being able to take big hits without flinching. Throw in Chromag’s custom chain stays and dedicated DJ geometry and you’ve got a super ...