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Dimension Basic Heavy-Duty Nylon Pedal Black, 9/16", Nylon


Dimension Basic Mountain Pedal Features and Information Nylon pedals with reflectors; accepts toe clips Item Specifications Color Black Material (Spindle) Chromoly Pedal Type Cage Unit of Sale Pair Weight 330 g Intended Use Mountain Material Nylon Pedal Spindle Thread 1/2" | Dimension Basic Heavy-Duty Nylon Pedal Black, 9/16", Nylon


Dimension City Platform Pedals Gry/Blk, 9/16", Nylon,Resistant Platform

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Dimension City Pedal Features and Information Slip-resistant surface Built-in reflectors, will not accept toe clips Item Specifications Color Gray/Black Material (Spindle) Chromoly Pedal Type Platform Unit of Sale Pair Weight 365 g Intended Use Mountain Material Nylon Pedal Spindle Thread 9/16" | Dimension City Platform Pedals Gry/Blk, 9/16", Nylon,Resistant Platform


Deity Deftrap Pedal Red


DEITY DEFTRAP PLATFORM PEDALSHIGHEST-PERFORMANCE NYLON PEDALPedal choice plays a significant role in your performance and power transfer. Some riders will use clipless pedals, but sometimes having platform pedals is the better option. The Deity Deftrap Platform Pedals are some of the highest-performance nylon pedals ever designed. It features a non-offset symmetrical platform that offers added stability behind the spindle, a true concave pedal profile so your feet sink into it, 10 total ...


Race Face Chester Composite Pedals Magenta


Race Face Chester Composite PedalsAlloy pedals are great for their resilience and visual appeal, but its no secret that most of the time there's nothing lightweight about them. On the contrary, composite pedals may be light, but they also wear out easier and aren't as keen on footing. Race Face's Chester Composite Pedals offer the best of both realms, using its tough and burly nylon composite body to provide a large platform with the same ...


iSSi Thump Pedals Purple, Small, 9/16", 113 x 95 x 19 mm


ISSI Thump PedalsA new composite pedal is taking the trail riding world by storm. Introducing the ISSI Thump Pedals, a nylon composite pedal that offers a lightweight construction and durable components. With chromoly spindles, sealed cartridge bearings and nylon bushings, the Thump Pedals are durable and well built. The body of the pedal features a concave profile for better grip and pedal feel. Nine molded nylon pins per side offer decent grip and traction. ISSI ...


Race Face Ride Composite Pedals Red


RACE FACE RIDE COMPOSITE PEDALSA SLIM NYLON COMPOSITE PLATFORMClipping into your pedals isn't for everyone or every situation. If you're riding aggressively on the trails, sometimes a platform pedal makes more sense. The Race Face Ride Composite Pedals feature a slim nylon composite platform and offers a concave and lightweight design for legitimate performance. The molded traction pins provide excellent grip without the risk of damaging your shoes or shins.FeaturesDurable CroMoly steel ...


HT PA03A Composite Platform Pedals Dark Blue


HT PA03A Composite Platform PedalsComposite pedals are great. Lighter than metal pedals, cheaper than medals pedals, and the repaceable metals pins mean they are just as grippy as metal pedals. The HT PA03A pedals have a huge platform measuring 107mm x 105mm and feature dual sealed bearings and DU bushings that spin around a CNC machined chromoly spindle. If you are looking for pedals that will perform great and leave extra cash in your wallet, ...


Oneup Components Composite Flat Pedals Black


Oneup Components Composite Flat PedalsClass leading weight, size and grip.At less than half the price of the OneUp Aluminum pedals, these composite versions still deliver the same confidence inspiring platform. They have been designed from stealth rubber down and given a very subtle convex profile giving you more grip as it allows the pedal to sit in the natural arch of your midfoot. This shape also creates a razor thin leading edge and the best ...


Chromag Synth Platform Pedals Blue, Synthetic


Chromag Synth PedalsNew for 2018 is the Synth Pedal. An injection molded, nylon reinforced platform that is light, impact resistant and won’t break the bank. Modelled after Chromag’s Scarab pedal, the Synth features a large platform with true concave and their proprietary pin system. It uses the same high-end axle and bearing assembly as on their Scarab and Contact models so you can count on long-life and smooth performance with common serviceability components available from ...


Fyxation Gates Pc Platform Pedals Black


Fyxation Gates PC Pedals With a high impact nylon body, the Fyxation Gates PC Pedals were meant for some serious abuse, and great durability. It hosts re-buildable loose ball bearings to provide easy maintenance. And of course, it is pedal strap compatible for your fixie whip. Fyxation Gates PC Pedals Specifications Color: Green Defined Color: Green Material: Plastic Pedal Spindle: 9/16" Pedal Type: Platform Spindle Material: Chromoly Steel Weight: 418 g | Fyxation Gates Pc ...