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Tifosi | Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses Men's in Matte Black/Smoke/AC Red/Clear


TIFOSI TSALI INTERCHANGEABLE SUNGLASSESShatterproof ProtectionThe benefits of wearing sunglasses while you're riding are numerous. Not only do they provide sun protection, but they also provide protection from water, debris, bugs, wind, and other objects that could fly into your eyes. The Tifosi Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses come with three interchangeable polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof and provide 100% UV protection. The glasses have a Grilamid TR-90 frame that is ...


Tifosi | Aethon Sunglasses Men's in Matte Black/Smoke/Red/Clear


TIFOSI AETHON SUNGLASSESFULL COVERAGE PROTECTIONNothing is worse than getting up to speed on your bike and then having something fly in your eye. Wearing glasses doesn't just keep the pesky sun out of your eyes, it also helps to prevent things like bugs, debris, and dirt from getting in your eyes too. The Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses provide full coverage protection with a cutting edge sport design that is perfect for those in need of performance ...


Oakley | SUTRO Photochromic Sunglasses Men's in Matte Carbon/Clear Photochromic


Oakley Sutro Photochromic SunglassesGet some clarityThe popular Oakley Sutro has garnered a reputation for style and performance, with the right amount of coverage and exceptional optics for any sport. These Oakley Sutro Photochromic Sunglasses boast the wide viewing angle and clear optics of the Sutro, with a high-tech Iridium photochromic lens. These photochromic lenses transition from clear to black depending on lighting conditions. No more swapping out lenses before or after dark, the ...


Bolle | Lightshifter XL Sunglasses Men's in Black Matte/Clear Platinum

$147.99 26% off $200.00 msrp

Bolle Lightshifter XL SunglassesExceptional Eye ProtectionSunglasses are a necessity when you're out riding. Whether you're on the trails or you're on the pavement, sunglasses will help keep sunlight, debris, water, bugs, and much more out of your eyes. The Bolle Lightshifter XL Sunglasses comes with curved temples and vented lenses. The glasses provide 100% UV protection and feature an interchangeable lens, anti-fog treatment, anti-scratch treatment, and an adjustable nosepiece. ...


Oakley | Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses Men's in Polished Black/Prizm Black Polarized Lens


Oakley Flak 2. 0 XL SunglassesEnhanced Lens CoverageWhen you're out riding the trails or riding on the pavement, you'll want to protect your eyes. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, they also protect your eyes from debris, water, wind, bugs, and so much more. Oakley engineering takes performance to the next level and brings style along for the ride with the Oakley Flak 2. 0 XL Sunglasses, which offer a standard ...


Tifosi | Sledge Sunglasses Men's in White


Tifosi Sledge SunglassesRide in style and maximum performance with the Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses. Their oversized styling provides maximum coverage and an ergonomic face-fit, which suits the fast pace riding involved in racing at the highest levels. Featuring three vented lens options and adjustable temples, Sledge caters to comfort and drives performance. The Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses are perfect for those looking for sunglasses that can match their level of performance when they're pushing ...


Smith | Shift MAG Sunglasses Men's in Chroma Pop Black/Clear


Smith Shift MAG SunglassesBuilt For SpeedThe Smith Shift MAG sunglasses are designed to be top performers, no matter the sport or conditions. Prioritizing light weight frames, quick lens swaps and exceptional coverage, the Shift MAG's won't slow you down. MAG lens change technology is a magnetic closure system on the side of the glasses, designed to make you feel like a race car pit crew. This allows for lightning-quick and fuss-free lens swaps, giving you ...


100% | Hypercraft Sunglasses in Matte Oxyfire/Smoke Lens

$108.50 30% off $155.00 msrp

100% Hypercraft SunglassesLess weight, more speedThe ultra-lightweight, rimless design of the 100% Hypercraft Sunglasses set a new standard for high-performance eyewear. Coming in at a feathery 23 grams, the Hypercrafts are some of the lightest cycling sunglasses on the market. The weight savings is thanks to 100%’s UltraCarbon™ frame technology, which utilizes carbon fibers woven into the nylon frame to create a robust, ultralight structure. The polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant ...


Oakley | SUTRO LITE Photochromic Sunglasses Men's in White


Oakley Sutro Lite Photochromic SunglassesGet some clarityThe popular Oakley Sutro has garnered a reputation for style and performance, with the right amount of coverage and exceptional optics for any sport. The Sutro Lite Photochromic Sunglasses feature a semi-rimless design that is lighter than the original Sutro, with easily replaceable lenses. The Oakley Sutro Lite Photochromic Sunglasses boast the wide viewing angle and clear optics of the Sutro, with a high-tech Iridium photochromic ...


Oakley | CABLES SUNGLASSES Men's in Matte Black/Prizm Black Lens


Oakley Cables SunglassesClassic StyleSunglasses do way more than just protect your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from things like dirt, debris, bugs, water, wind, and so much more. The Oakley Cables Sunglasses takes a contemporary approach to its classic high wrap lens shape. They are made with a lightweight O Matter frame that helps provide all-day comfort. The glasses feature Prizm Lens Technology that enhances color and contrast. FeaturesImpact protection to ...


Smith | Pinpoint Sunglasses in Chromapop Polarized Black


Smith Pinpoint SunglassesKeep Your Eyes ProtectedWhether you're riding the trails, going for a hike, or you're running a marathon, you'll want to keep your eyes protected with sunglasses. Sunglasses don't just protect your eyes from sunlight, they also block bugs, wind, water, dirt, debris, and much more. The Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses feels as good as it looks. They are perfect for riding, running, and days around the town. They feature ChromaPop lenses that enhance contrast ...


Smith | Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses in Chromapop Black/Lt Amber


Smith Attack MAG MTB SunglassesEnhancing Your VisionProtection for your eyes is highly important when you're out riding. Wearing sunglasses not only reduces glare, but also provides protection from water, dirt, bugs, and more. The Smith Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses come with ChromaPop lenses that enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop. It features a smudge and moisture-resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics. The larger, maximum coverage lens features ...