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Rockshox | Metric Coil Spring Black, 650 Lbs, Length 151Mm, Travel 57.5-65Mm


ROCKSHOX METRIC COIL SPRINGSPRINGTIME ALL YEARCoil suspension is great for gravity-fueled adventures. The Rock Shox Metric Coil Spring is designed for Rock Shox rear shocks that use metric measurements. They are available in various lengths and various weight ratings so you can get the proper spring to fit your rear shock. If you're looking for the best gravity performance out of your ride, then you'll want to get the Rock Shox Metric Coil Spring. Features ...


Cane Creek | Valt Coil Spring, Progressive Rate 45Mm X 500 610Lb


CANE CREEK VALT COIL SPRING, PROGRESSIVE RATEPROGRESSING FORWARDThe way you ride your mountain bike might mean you need an upgrade in your rear shock spring. If you like to charge hard on your mountain bike, you'll benefit from a more progressive spring rate. The progressive rate version of the Cane Creek Valt Coil Spring maintains the sensitivity and "set it and forget it" mentality of a traditional coil setup, but with the progressiveness and ramp-up ...


Cane Creek | Valt Lightweight Coil Spring 3.5" X 350Lb


Cane Creek Valt LW Spring If it ain't light, it ain't right Significantly lighten your current suspension set up while increasing its performance with the Cane Creek Valt shock spring. Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing action or durability, the high-quality steel in VALT allows for less material to be used in the coils. Riders can enjoy the performance benefit and consistency without the weight penalty. VALT's inner diameter is 36. 5mm ...


Rockshox | Vivid / Kage Coil Spring | Gray | 450Lb 9.5"x3"

$30.99 16% off $37.00 msrp

ROCKSHOX VIVID/KAGE COIL SPRINGSPRING FORWARDCoil suspension is great for gravity-fueled adventures. The Rock Shox Vivid/Kage Coil Spring are coil springs that are available in many sizes and weight ratings. If you have a Vivid or Kage aftermarket shock, then you'll want to get a spring to go with it, since they are not included. Features Available in multiple spring weights Available in multiple eye-to-eye/travel lengths Work with the Vivid and Kage aftermarket shocks | Rockshox ...


Rockshox | Boxxer/domain Coil Spring Blue, Firm, 2010-2017 Domain Dual Crown/boxxer Race/rc/team/r2C2


Rock Shox 2010+ 35mm Boxxer Spring Replacement spring for Rock Shox 2010+ Boxxer forks. Available in 4 different spring rates. Replacement springs can only be installed on Boxxer forks already set up with a coil spring, not an air spring. This spring can not be installed on a Boxxer World Cup fork which uses an air spring. Spring Rate:Black: Extra Firm Silver: Extra Soft Blue: Firm Yellow: Soft Red: Medium | Rockshox | Boxxer/domain Coil ...