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Specialized | Air Tool Shock Pump Black


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL SHOCK PUMPPrecise inflation Keeping your suspension pumped up properly will maximize your riding efficiency and performance. If your suspension is pumped up too high or not enough, it will hinder your performance. The Specialized Air Tool Shock Pump is a high-pressure pump that fills up shocks quickly and precisely. It has a flexible hose that is shock-oil resistant. It has a compact design so it's easy to take along with you on ...


Lezyne | Pocket Drive Pump Black


Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump The Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump is the ultimate pump to take with you on rides. All components are custom CNC machined aluminum, resulting in a durable and lightweight design. The valve adaptor works on both Presta and Schrader valves and the ABS Flex Hose makes it easier to inflate tires. An anodized, high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable and the handle has a lightly knurled texture for a no-slip ...


Lezyne | Pocket Drive Pro Pump Neo Metallic, Black


Lezyne Pocket Drive Pro Pump Lezyne's Pocket Drive Pro Pump is the ultimate compact trail pump. All of its components are custom CNC machined aluminum for a durable and long-lasting construction. The Pro version of the Pocket Drive Pump features a custom-built aluminum frame mount for easy on the bike storage. Weighing in at sub 100g means that the pump adds minimal weight to your bike or your riding kit. The built in valve adaptor ...


Lezyne | Micro Floor Drive Hv Frame Pump | Silver | 90Psi, Presta/schrader W/o Gauge


Lezybe Micro Floor Drive Lezyne's Micro Floor Drive HV pump gives you floor pump power in a compact and portable package. The HV is optimized for high volume mountain bike tires. The HV will pump your tire up to 90 psi and with the inline pressure gauge will keep your tires pumped to your desired pressure. The Micro Floor Drive HV can also take a pounding with it's all aluminum CNC construction and the stainless ...


Lezyne | Grip Drive Hv Pump | Black | Medium


LEZYNE GRIP DRIVE HV PUMPA HIGH-VOLUME PUMP FOR MTBWhen it comes to pumping up your tires, larger-barrel pumps are better for pumping up larger tires. If you have a small pump, you'll be pumping your tires up all day. The Lezyne Grip Drive HV Pump is a compact and super-efficient high-volume bike hand pump. It features a knurled barrel for superior grip, an overlapping handle, and an integrated ABS Flex Hose that is both Presta ...


Blackburn | Mammoth 2Stage Anyvalve Pump Silver


Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage Anyvalve Pump Anyvalve, Anybike Blackburn’s Mammoth 2Stage Anyvalve Pump is the ultimate big-volume pump built for big volume tires. Its compact design makes it easy to throw in any bag, pocket, or anywhere else. The pump’s large diameter barrel makes the pump ideal for high volume mtb tires, while the 120psi max ensures it can do double duty for road and gravel bikes as well. Support for preta, schrader, and dunlop valves ...


Lezyne | Tech Drive Hv Small Frame Pump | Black | 166Mm, 90Psi, Presta/schrader


Lezyne Tech Drive HV Frame Pump - Small Lezyne's HV Tech Drive is the premier choice for those looking for the best performance and longevity from their hand pump. Lezyne's HV (high volume) optimized design allows you pump up your high volume, lower pressure tires to your desired pressure with 30% fewer strokes then comparable mini pumps. Lezyne achieves this by using a different volume/pressure ratio in the body, but maintains a slim package for ...