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Foundation | V2 Pedal Wrench Black


Foundation V2 Pedal Wrench The Foundation V2 Pedal Wrench is a versatile bike tool that features a 15mm pedal wrench on one side and a 6mm and 8mm double-sided hex key wrench on the flip side. The small and compact size of the wrench makes it a great option for bringing with you on your ride and the versatility of the design makes the V2 Pedal Wrench a multi-use tool. Features15mm pedal wrench 6mm and ...


Feedback Sports | Spoke And Valve Extender Wrench Polished


Feedback Spoke and Valve Extender Wrench The Feedback Spoke and Valve Extender Wrench is the perfect ride saver that’s so compact you’ll forget you’re carrying it. It’s CNC machined and features a 4 in 1 spoke wrench and valve extender tool that can restore a wheel knocked out of true and change a valve extender during a flat repair. It might not look like it, but the Feedback Spoke and Valve Extender Wrench is a ...


Fix Manufacturing | Wheelie Wrench Pro Bike Tool Black


FIX MANUFACTURING WHEELIE WRENCH PRO BIKE TOOLCOMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHTIf you plan on riding far away from home, you're going to want a multi-tool just in case you need to make an adjustment or something breaks. Unfortunately with most multi-tools out there, the more tools it includes, the bulkier the tool. The Fix Manufacturing Wheelie Wrench Pro Bike Tool has 20+ tools in one. It is compact and lightweight and is compatible with Payload Pocket carry ...


Feedback Sports | Range Torque Wrench 14 Pc. Kit, 2Nm - 10Nm


Feedback Range Torque Wrench The Feedback Range Torque Wrench features a 2-way ratchet and torque wrench on opposing sides of the same tool. The wrench is constructed on an aluminum body that is lightweight and strong and the torque head features a range of 2Nm to 10Nm. Included in the case are 14 steel bits comprised of the most common sized tools for modern bikes. If you are looking for a tool that can accurately ...


Lezyne | 3-Way Spoke Wrench Polished Silver


Lezyne 3-WAY Spoke Wrench The Lezyne 3-way Spoke Wrench is a shop quality tool that features a compact and ergonomic design. The tool is constructed out of cast steel and features CNC machined slots for precise engagement. Features Wrench Sizes: 3. 22, 3. 30, and 3. 45MWeight: 29g | Lezyne | 3-Way Spoke Wrench Polished Silver