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Continental | Race King V2 29" Tire 2.2" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / Tr

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CONTINENTAL RACE KING V2 29" TIREThe type of tire you're using for the trail can increase or hinder your performance. Different tread patterns will perform better or worse depending on where you're riding. The Continental Race King V2 is a perfect tire for the cross-country mountain bike racer or marathon rider. It has a low rolling resistance, good self-damping, and low weight. It features excellent puncture resistance thanks to the Pro Tection technology, and excellent ...


Continental | Ruban 29" Tire 29"x2.6", Shieldwall, Foldable Skin Sl | Rubber


Continental Ruben 29" Tire Whether you are tearing up the trails or commuting to work, the Ruben is home wherever you take it. With a fast-rolling, small-block center tread, siping on all tread and large, angled side knobs, the Ruben rolls fast, corners nicely and provides loads of traction. Continental stuck the Ruben with their Pure Grip compound, which falls just behind their Black Chili Compound in grip and provides a durable, grippy and long-lasting ...


Continental | Cross King V2 29" Tire 2.3" Fold Protection + | Black | Chili / Tr

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CONTINENTAL CROSS KING 29" TIREThe type of tire you use while you're riding can hinder or improve your performance. The Continental Cross King 29" Tire is designed for hardpack, dry, allround, and loose conditions. It features an easy-rolling profile that is versatile enough for any surface. The Pro Tection layer provides excellent puncture resistance and the Black Chili Compound provides excellent grip, efficient rolling, and improves the mileage of the tire. The Continental Cross King ...