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Castelli | Aero Race 6.0 Jersey FZ 2019 Men's | Size XX Large in Dark Gray


CASTELLI AERO RACE 6. 0 JERSEY FZ 2019SO MUCH AEROWhen every second matters in your race, you'll want to have the aerodynamic advantage. There are many ways to gain an aero advantage, but one overlooked way is the type of apparel you wear. The Castelli Aero Race 6. 0 Jersey FZ benefits heavily from CFD analysis of wake flow in the riding position for fabric and seam placement. It is engineered for aero efficiency at ...


Castelli | Hors Categorie Jersey Men's | Size Small in Dark Gray


Castelli Hors Categorie JerseyThe Castelli Hors Categorie Jersey is the jersey for big days in the saddle. It’s a high performance jersey that values comfort, carrying capacity and convenience, while not ignoring pro race aerodynamics and minimalism. The main body is made from a polyester bland with just a bit of Lycra for the perfect fit and moisture management. The Castelli Hors Categorie Jersey also utilizes VelocityRev3 fabric, which is the same that’s used for ...


Alpinestars | ALPS 6.0 L/S Jersey 2019 Men's | Size Small in Melange Dark Gray/Black


ALPINESTARS ALPS 6. 0 LONG SLEEVE JERSEY 2019A HIGHLY VERSATILE JERSEYWarm weather riding means you need to wear warm weather apparel. Jerseys that are built for warmer temperatures are lightweight, breathable, and feature moisture-wicking properties. The AlpineStars Alps 6. 0 Long Sleeve Jersey 2019 is constructed from an advanced mixed poly-textile for improved durability and colorfastness. The construction promotes high levels of moisture wicking and the fabric features a quick-drying ...


Alpinestars | ALPS 8.0 L/S Jersey 2019 Men's | Size Large in Burgundy Maroon


ALPINESTARS ALPS 8. 0 LONG SLEEVE JERSEY 2019RELAXED FIT AND COOL GRAPHICSLightweight and breathable apparel are where it's at when it comes to riding in warmer weather. The AlpineStars Alps 8. 0 Long Sleeve Jersey is constructed from an advanced mixed poly-textile for improved durability and promotes high levels of moisture wicking. The fabric has a quick-drying treatment which adds comfort and improves the antibacterial performance. The main shell incorporates 4-way stretch fibers that ...


Zoic | Dialed 3/4 Jersey Men's | Size Small in Nova/Dark Grey


Zoic Dialed 3/4 JerseyDial in your styleCasual meets performance with the new Zoic Dialed 3/4 Jersey. Featuring a Performance tailored construction blended into a casual design, the Zoic Dialed ¾ Jersey will look and feel great whether you’re on a ride or at the bar with the boys after a ride. The ¾ length raglan sleeves are comfortable and are styled after a baseball jersey. The relaxed fit ensures the jersey will not be too ...


Castelli | Entrata V Jersey Men's | Size Medium in Light Steel Blue


Castelli Entrata V JerseyCastelli has incorporated a lot of their pro racing technology inot the Castelli Entrata V Jersey, which is an all-around performance jersey. It’s an all-around performer for everything, from weekend racing to long days in the saddle. Even for a quick ride to the coffee shop. The Castelli Entrata V Jersey features a ProSecco GT main body fabric construction that effectively wicks away moisture to help keep you dry while you ride. ...