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Foundation Dual Chamber Mini Bike Pump

$6.99 65% off $19.99 msrp

Foundation Dual Chamber Mini Bike PumpA pump is one of the most important items to carry with you while you're riding. Getting a flat while you're riding is a bummer, but not being able to change that flat is even worse. The Foundation Dual Chamber Mini Bike Pump is compact and lightweight, which is extremely beneficial to bring along for the ride just in case you need to fix a flat. The dual chamber design ...


Lezyne Dual Valve Pump Head


Lezyne Dual Valve Pump Head The Lezyne Slip-Fit Dual Valve pump head for Lezyne floor pumps is engineered with durable Composite Matrix and aluminum construction. It features a large, ergonomic aluminum locking lever and a rebuildable design that allows for seals to be replaced. Compatible with all Lezyne high pressure floor pumps, the Dual Valve head is excellent for Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves. Valve type indicators are molded directly into the body. Works as ...


Topeak Mini Dual DXG Pump


Topeak Mini Master Blaster DXG Pump Perfect inflation every time. The Mini Dual DX has a built-in gauge and SmartHead that makes inflating your tires a breeze. The SmartHead is compatible with both schrader and presta valves without swapping parts. A soft Kraton polymer and plastic handle ensure a firm grip while pumping up your tires. The built-in gauge is a key feature as it ensures the perfect amount of inflation. Features: SmartHead works with ...


Planet Bike Versair Mini Dual Pump


Incredibly versatile! It features an integrated footpeg and inflation hose (so you can use it like a floorpump) but its so small its easy to take along with you for minipump use. Dual-action pumping for rapid inflation Inflates road tires to 120 PSI Works for both presta and schrader valves