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Niterider | Lumina Pro 1300 Headlight With Nitelink 1300 Lumens | Nylon


Nite Rider Lumina Pro 1300 Headlight With Nite Link A premium mountain bike headlight with wireless sync capabilities. The Nite Rider Lumina Pro 1300 Headlight With Nite Link is equipped with a max output of 1300 lumens and eight different light modes, giving you the perfect light setting and output for any type of riding. Harnessing four light modes, three daylight flash modes and a walk mode, this versatile headlight spits out anywhere from 200 ...


Ravemen | Pr2400 Headlight 2400 Lumens


Ravemen PR2400 Headlight All the light you’ll ever need The Ravemen PR2400 is an impressive, feature-packed headlight for MTB and road cycling, with a massive lumens output, a high-capacity battery, and wireless control, the PR2400 has everything you need for those late-night trail sessions or endurance races. The PR2400 features a 5 LED design that outputs a whopping 2400 lumens, with an anti-glare flood mode for road riding, and a Hi Lo beam for MTB ...


Ravemen | Cr450 Headlight 450 Lumens


Ravemen CR450 Headlight Durable, reliable lighting for the daily rider The Ravemen CR450 Headlight is a bright, long-lasting, and durable headlight for daily commuters, road riders, and everyone in between. The CR450 features a unique T-shaped beam pattern and an anti-glare lens, illuminating the road ahead with a long-distance spotlight, and a close-up floodlight, for ideal light spread without glare. The durable anodized aluminum construction with an IPX6 water resistance rating makes the ...


Niterider | Lumina Max 2500 Headlight With Nitelink 2500 Lumen | Nylon


Nite Rider Lumina Max 2500 Headlight Introducing the Nite Rider Lumina Max 2500 Headlight, a sophistiacted and Versitile handlebar-mounted headlight. Equipped with a max output of 2500 lumens and harnessing five light modes and three daylight flash modes, the Lumina Max 2500 Headlight gives you the perfect light setting and output for any type of riding. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery has run times from 30 miutes to 16 hours depending on the light mode and ...


Lezyne | Hecto Drive 500Xl Headlight Black


LEZYNE HECTO DRIVE 500XLA CYCLING LIGHT WITH A MACHINED ALUMINUM BODYWhether you're riding on the streets in the daytime or late at night, you're going to want a light to increase your visibility. Lights significantly improve your visibility to motorists. The Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL is a compact, durable cycling light with a machined aluminum body. It features built-in cooling fins and cutouts for side visibility. In Blast mode, the light produces 500 lumens of ...


Lezyne | Ebike Micro Drive Light Black


Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light The Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light is a small and compact, handlebar-mounted, or fork-mounted front light that features a max output of 500 lumens. The E-bike Micro Drive Light connects directly to your E-bike’s battery, which helps save weight to the absence of the battery and allows for longer run times than traditional headlights. The light features a CNC machined aluminum alloy construction for a lightweight and durable light. Two ...